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(93.9 Lite FM)   Great news, scientists report that champagne consumption can counter memory loss. Now what was it that contributes to blackouts?   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, University of Reading, time use research, spatial memory  
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2013-05-09 01:21:04 PM  
If only Leela hadn't drank that cham-paggin', she wouldn't have to remember shagging with Zapp all the time.

/Well, at least until Zapp reminds her, again
2013-05-09 02:12:14 PM  
How about sparkling wine?
2013-05-09 02:16:13 PM

It will help counter the effects of the roofies.
2013-05-09 02:53:13 PM  
Isn't this a repeat?

/clearly I need to drink more champagne
2013-05-09 02:56:17 PM  
Subby needs more champagne.
2013-05-09 02:56:38 PM  
Memory loss ... poor peoples problems.
2013-05-09 02:57:23 PM  
Switch the mods from Bourbon to Champagne, stat.
2013-05-09 02:58:39 PM  
Helps you make memories and her forget what happened ...
2013-05-09 03:00:38 PM
2013-05-09 03:04:52 PM  
Interesting considering (for me anyway) champagne hang-overs are the worse.
/like not being able to hold down water bad
2013-05-09 03:08:57 PM  
So essentially it kills off the bad brain cells that would just forget stuff, leaving only the fittest brain cells to remember things.
2013-05-09 03:15:07 PM  
Did subby just say something????
2013-05-09 03:15:44 PM  
If you don't question the events of the night before then you my friend are not drinking alcohol correctly.
2013-05-09 03:18:13 PM  
You're not drunk till you're on the floor and holding on.
2013-05-09 03:20:09 PM
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