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(Live Science)   The time is now to buy robot insurance, not when an "accident" happens   ( divider line
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1222 clicks; posted to Geek » on 08 May 2013 at 9:15 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-05-08 09:17:19 AM
2013-05-08 09:22:18 AM  
2013-05-08 09:26:38 AM  
When will Glenn Beck get on this conspiracy? Drones, Skynet, and now this? Obama is not a muslim, hes a ROBOT!
2013-05-08 09:29:16 AM  
Meh, I'll be old by the time robots are as intelligent as humans.  Even if the most optimistic estimates are true, I'll be at least 50.  But more likely I'll be in my 70's before robots have the capability to take over.

If a robot wishes to 'terminate' future 70-something year old me, I can live with that.  I'll have had my chance at life by then.

/Hopes to get finished off by a sex bot.
//Death by snoo snoo!
2013-05-08 09:29:52 AM  
Can we have sex with it?
2013-05-08 09:37:02 AM  
Doc Daneeka:

Even without the usual Fark allusions, this is one of the great SNL short films/commercials. I still smile at it.

But seeing that screen capture really emphasizes how old it is... Especially with the "younger" Sam Waterston.
2013-05-08 09:40:58 AM

2013-05-08 09:44:50 AM  

Phelyx: Can we have sex with it?

If its intelligent, the answer will be probably no.
2013-05-08 09:50:51 AM
/The future of the human race...
2013-05-08 10:23:56 AM  

Doc Daneeka: [ image 415x317]

I have shiatty generics, robots won't touch me.  :D
2013-05-08 10:37:06 AM  

HindiDiscoMonster: [ image 540x330]
/The future of the human race...

shiatty movies with Sammual Jackson in them?
2013-05-08 10:43:47 AM  
Population control via sex bots.... because the robots don't want to many kids.

/rape rape rape rape
2013-05-08 10:57:35 AM
2013-05-08 11:05:51 AM  
Does it cover Roombatism?
2013-05-08 11:19:59 AM  
Is this insurance for my robot, or against general robot-related calamities?
2013-05-08 11:29:27 AM  
My policy already covers death by sexual misdventure.
2013-05-08 12:19:31 PM  
2013-05-08 12:35:38 PM
2013-05-08 01:39:02 PM  
As someone who had a robot perform surgery on me a couple weeks ago, I'm getting a kick, etc.

Removed a tumor from my kidney.
2013-05-08 03:38:50 PM  
By then we will be partially robotic and we will just upgrade to the newer better parts (except the fundies who will wallow in the dark ages)
By then I will hopefully have a new spine and a few other upgrades, better lungs, improved heart. etc.

Looking forward to it.
2013-05-08 05:51:21 PM  

Kenji Urada (born c. 1944, died 1981) was notable in that he was one of the first individuals killed by a robot. Urada was a 37-year old maintenance engineer at a Kawasaki plant. While working on a broken robot, he failed to turn it off completely, resulting in the robot pushing him into a grinding machine with its hydraulic arm. He died as a result.
2013-05-08 09:40:09 PM  
If a robot violates one of the three laws I'll just sue.
2013-05-09 06:00:50 PM  
And when artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence, one of its most frequent uses will be figuring out how to get rubes to buy more junk food, junk clothes, junk bling, junk cars, junk everything.
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