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(ABC)   Let the survivor stalking begin: "Cleveland girl born in captivity eating popsicles"   (abcnews.go.com) divider line 254
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2013-05-09 11:19:56 AM
Aw, Fark it, correction time.

JAHOCG did not quote the link.

He's just missed it the three time it was posted or quoted within the hour before he posted the fifth reply to the remarks about the original link.  Which means he had the opportunity to read it from me, and see the link about the video he claims wasn't provided quoted by two other posters, as well as my offending commentary, before he opened his pie-hole.

Not sure that's better, but my earlier rant contained inaccuracies, so, Management regrets the error.

That said, I stand by my remarks about how he chooses to conduct himself, here.
2013-05-09 11:29:25 AM

hardinparamedic: Just Another OC Homeless Guy: Thank you.

Hey, if you're gonna GO GOR you should do it up right.

/The Priest Kings demand that it be so.

Ah, Gor. The Erotic Diaperfurs of the BDSM world.

2013-05-09 11:54:27 AM

Deucednuisance: Just Another OC Homeless Guy: I don't listen to Limbaugh all that much, but I seriously doubt that he said that. Could you, you know, give some evidence for that statement? Or was it just typical libtard babble? Citation of just STFU when the adults are talking. Please.

Hey, Asshole.

I linked to the farking video of him saying it in the very post you quoted.  STFU, yourself, for once.

Just Another OC Homeless Guy: Love your little stereotyping there.

It's your handle, and it's your writing that makes the character that you choose to portray.  It's not my fault that that character is a jerk.  Don't like how you're received, here?  Try a little editing.

Just Another OC Homeless Guy: she basically tells me just now that the main thing she hates about other liberals is they thing they are farking mind-readers

The only thing I've "read" here is what you write.  Unlike you, because somehow you've missed a video link in a post of mine that you've quoted, twice.

Just Another OC Homeless Guy: Or 12-14 year old boys trolling and being "with it" and kewl (progressivism is the new in thang for all the kids; impresses the crap out of the girls [why yes, I DID get lots of pussy in the 60s and 70s by being one of those radical types; even had an old army jacket with a peace sign on it]) from daddy's computer.

This is supposed to make me think that you don't just spout off whatever fevered notion pops into your head?

Try a little editing.

>>>>>>>Hey, Asshole.

Ooohhhh, I must have struck a nerve there. You mad bro? LOL!

>>>>I linked to the farking video of him saying it in the very post you quoted.

Um..... no, you didn't. That isn't what he said. What he was saying was stupid, granted (comparing the Cleveland thing to an old Hawaii 5 0 show), but he didn't say what you said. But your link was to Media Matters. Such an objective source (that's sarcasm). Media Matters suffers from leftie Drudgeism (inflammatory headlines that often do not match the actual contents of the article). I may be wrong, but I'd bet that you simply read the headline and ran with it. Try actually reading the transcript or listening to the audio.

BTW, It would be sooooo helpful if you could learn to, you know, actually use the link tools provided by Fark. Like this.

>>>>>>It's your handle, and it's your writing that makes the character that you choose to portray.

You assume that I am portraying a character? Seriously? As in role play? Is that a projection? LOL!

  >>>>>The only thing I've "read" here is what you write.Au contraire mon cheri. Every word dribbled from your keyboard shows that you constantly base your "thinking" on stereotypes, ascribe motives based on stereotypes, and assume the worst possible motives of your targets. That, in my book, is mind reading.

2013-05-09 11:57:24 AM
http://mediamatters.org/video/2013/05/07/limbaugh-connects-cleveland-k idnappers-to-obama/193946

Ok, deucednuisance, I'm gonna apologize to you on the link comment. Didn't work for me either. I get a "Throwing away URL because its web server didn't send a 'Content-Type:' header: http://mediamatters.org/video/2013/05/07/limbaugh-connects-cleveland- k idnappers-to-obama/193946: 403 Forbidden" msg from Fark.
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