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(Telegraph)   How are you supposed to blow off steam during Finals Week if your school bans girls in bikinis from wrestling in jelly?   (telegraph.co.uk) divider line 106
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2013-05-07 04:35:17 PM
"What's wrong with being sexy?"
2013-05-07 05:11:51 PM
This is not a bookmark.
2013-05-07 06:39:45 PM
They should ban beaches and pools as well.  I've heard some women dress shamefully there.  Why not just go ahead and admit they want sharia law?

/just like with racism, it often turns out the only sexist in the room is the one crying sexism
2013-05-07 07:12:52 PM

SpaceBison: Let the games begin!
[shermanscrossing.spacebison.com image 850x637]

What the hell?  That ain't in AR 350-1, FM 21-20 or FM 7-22 that I recollect.
2013-05-07 10:45:31 PM

morgantx: A job doesn't make you who you are, whether that job is stripping or anything else. That being said, certain jobs tend to attract certain personality types and issues. People attracted to high-risk investment banking are more likely to be greedy, a little shady, competitive, and intelligent. In the case of strippers, it's a job that pays well that has no background check (usually), no drug testing (usually), and encourages a "party" atmosphere. Therefore, if you're a felon or a drug addict, stripping is a great profession for you. It doesn't mean that ALL strippers are felons or drug addicts, but it's one of the few jobs available for women with a checkered past.

But quit trying to say there's something moral or exploitative about it. There isn't. And unless you're at a crappy club with crappy managers, it can be very empowering. I remember when I'd walk out of the dressing room into my club, it was MY club. I felt every bit as at home there as in my own living room. If I had a customer doing something I didn't like, all it took was a word to the manager and they were gone. I set the rules about what was and was not allowed with me, and my managers/bouncers helped me to enforce those rules if necessary.

And maybe it's because I'm more of a conversationalist than a party girl, but I'd say that at least 70% of my customers weren't even all that interested in the sexual or party aspect of it. Most of my customers wanted a little company, a little conversation, and a little companionship. I've had customers pay me $20 a song just to hug them. I've had them cry on my shoulder in the VIP room as they told me about their experiences in Afghanistan or the murder of their grandfather. I've spent time in the VIP room or champagne room discussing politics, current events, or even (in one particularly unusual case) having an hour-long conversation about the history of the early Christian church and the role of Constantine in establishment of Biblical canon. I've even repaired ...

I think I'd rather pay for a listener than a wiggler. You're cheaper than shrinks, that's for sure.
2013-05-08 12:03:27 AM

EyeballKid: Mr Guy: More like, what sort of woman is willing to consider her body and modesty a commodity in the first place.

[www.bridalguide.com image 600x600]

I believe two months' salary is the going rate, right?

no farking way I am spending that much money on a ring
plus, I still have the last ring and I can just reuse it ... right?
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