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(   Zilwaukee, Michigan men over the age of 21 must grow a beard until June, or pay for a $10 permit to not have a beard   ( divider line
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20844 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Dec 2003 at 12:55 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-31 09:34:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-31 09:36:44 AM  
If I had a beard and I lived in this particular town, I would shave it off straight away. You want my $10? From my cold, dead hands... ahaha
2003-12-31 09:36:44 AM  
I live in Michigan, but not in the Saginaw area. Funny thing, I've lived here most of my life and never been to Saginaw.

This law is rediculous however. What's next? A license to take a bath?
2003-12-31 09:37:50 AM  
Roll Call: Traverse City, moved to Southern California

Zilwaukee sucks? Has that been covered? Ok well, uh...yeah.

And personally speaking, I would refuse the 'fine' and I'd sue. F'real. That's the kind of guy I am.
2003-12-31 09:41:57 AM  
They have a similar law in shamrock texas. There is a hilarious documentary about it here.
2003-12-31 09:43:45 AM  
How much interest will be added to the fine if I'm 5 years behind schedule in growing my beard?
2003-12-31 09:44:52 AM  
Remember the beard growing contest on Cheers. I'll never forget Sam telling Frasier he looked like the guy on the deviled ham can!
2003-12-31 09:54:00 AM  
Asako: believe me, you're not missing anything.
2003-12-31 09:57:48 AM  
Peter the Great surrenders...
2003-12-31 10:06:28 AM  
Moustache rides 5 cents
2003-12-31 10:09:04 AM  
How about dippin' your whiskers into a frosty mug of Zilwaukee's Best?
2003-12-31 10:12:27 AM  
Its really not time to break out the peace flags and start burning your beards in the street.

haha, that cracked me up. Burn your beards gents!
2003-12-31 10:16:37 AM  
Dammit CaptainBenzo, you beat me to it.
2003-12-31 10:24:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-31 10:26:53 AM  
oh criminey.

/thank goodness i live in ann arbor
2003-12-31 10:27:49 AM  
111 posts and no one has mentioned Tittabawassee?
2003-12-31 10:31:05 AM  
BWAHAHAHAHHAA. I love giving people directions that involve that road.
2003-12-31 10:33:31 AM  
Michigan roll call:

Rochester in the hizouse here.
2003-12-31 10:33:32 AM  
/waits for lawsuits
2003-12-31 10:39:01 AM  
dsmo: what do you do down in Rochester?
(M Go Blue!)
2003-12-31 10:42:15 AM  
I love it when I call for the number of *any* business on Tittabawassee (IE: Outback) and the Verizon 411 operator goes "Um yah, I have no clue how to say this road"... Then they try for like 3 min screwing it up each time...
2003-12-31 10:45:25 AM  
Michigan roll call:

Born/raised in NE MI on the sunrise side, been in the Lansing area for 12 years now

/laughs uncontrollably at the flatlanders who go 'Up North' to Mt. Pleasant and whine about any drive over 20 minutes. If you're south of US-10, you're downstate.
2003-12-31 10:46:30 AM  

/The Great Cornholio

Roll Call: Chesaning, SW corner of Saginaw County. I love Saggy. Go Spirit.
2003-12-31 10:48:45 AM  
Tittabawasee: Tit-ta-ba-wah-see. It's a popular road and a river filled with turd bass.
2003-12-31 10:49:36 AM  
damn, tri-cities representing. didn't realize there were that many farkers around here.

Mt. Pleasant = "up north"? BWAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAaaa
Copper Harbor rocks.
2003-12-31 10:52:35 AM  
Go Bucks, beat Michigan!



However, you guys better beat those pansy ass pretty boys from USC in the Rose Bowl. Go Big Ten!
2003-12-31 10:58:07 AM  

hehe whatever, your team got OWNED this season :-)
2003-12-31 10:59:43 AM  


2003-12-31 11:00:45 AM  
Who wants a mustache ride?
2003-12-31 11:01:12 AM  
I'm 31 and still can't grow anything resembling a beard. Native American ancestry, don'tcha know.
2003-12-31 11:03:13 AM  
I can grow a goat, that's about it for me.
2003-12-31 11:07:32 AM  
Yeah, gotta love my ol' Native American genes. After three months, I can have what appears to be the beginning of a goatee and that's it. That's why I can never live in a place like Afghanistan or, apparently, Michigan
2003-12-31 11:16:10 AM  
I, for one, welcome our Zilwaukee beared overlords; we welcome you with a hot cocoa sampler box, boobies, beer, and Dr. Pepper.
2003-12-31 11:19:40 AM  
Zilwaukee bridge: most ridiculously huge bridge over most ridiculously small river.

do boats -that- big really go down the Saginaw anymore? or did they just figure boats would only get taller?
2003-12-31 11:21:38 AM  
That's not just stupid, that's FDUCKING stupid!

Give me a to not have a beard. How about the city pay the people to grow one since that's a lot of trouble.
2003-12-31 11:24:58 AM  
oh, and before i forget: fark ann arbor. fark stirling heights, fark royal oak, fark rochester, fark grand rapids, and fark the whole UP.

i'd hate on the rest of the state, but to be fair i haven't lived there yet, so i reserve judgement.

i'm a se mi nomad currently. i'll call a particular place home when i stay there more than a couple years.
but you 'upstate' peeps can keep your desolation... it's hard enough finding a decent tech job down here, let alone up there.
2003-12-31 11:26:19 AM  
ForceMcCocken: I've never understood the need for that bridge either. I don't remember traffic on I-75 ever stopping to let a boat through before the Z-bridge went up.
2003-12-31 11:26:33 AM  
fyi: zilwaukee only has a few hundred residents, and the $3 fine is optional. it's just a publicity/tourist stunt ... and since they're already getting press - i'd say it's working, and will be copied in kind in short order.
2003-12-31 11:29:42 AM  
that's what i'm saying - it's not like it's the 75 to 80-90 connector downstate by ohio. the Z bridge never went up. not that i ever saw or heard of.

now that connector - christ every time some jackass friend of mine gets a road trip to cedar point together they go that way and the damn bridge is up.
2003-12-31 11:29:44 AM  
yeah, whodathunk an article on Zilwaukee would get 130+ responses?
2003-12-31 11:34:40 AM  
Rollcall: I'll complete the tri-city trifecta...I'm from Midland. The chemical (spill) city.

And I've been over the Zilwaukee many times, but I've never seen the city. I always wonder where it is. Maybe it is inhabited by trolls under the bridge. Then it would make sense because trolls need to have beards.
2003-12-31 11:45:04 AM  
If men must be bearded then so must the women
2003-12-31 12:14:38 PM  
Rollcall: Grew up in Port Huron, but spent last 5 years in Mt. Pleasant. Recently stuck in the South.

I hated that bridge. Until I moved to Charleston. Then I learned the new meaning of the "I need a ciggarette to go over the bridge" rule. ( I can't spell)
2003-12-31 12:19:42 PM  
Checking in from Rochester (grew up in Saginaw though). Left Saginaw in 1993, never happier.
2003-12-31 12:21:23 PM  
Checking in from Rochester (grew up in Saginaw though). Left Saginaw in 1993, never happier.
2003-12-31 12:22:23 PM  
Checking in from Rochester (grew up in Saginaw though). Left Saginaw in 1993, never happier.
2003-12-31 12:24:22 PM  
Oh, I *so* did not mean to post that three damn times.

/feeling like an ass...........
2003-12-31 12:25:21 PM  
Oh yeah. I forgot. FIRE UP CHIPS! (I'm a loser)
2003-12-31 12:27:47 PM  
Rollcall: Roseville
2003-12-31 12:31:17 PM  
That's Sikh
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