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(AZCentral)   Don't you hate it when you're getting drunk with your buddy and he starts play fighting with you so you start play fighting back and you get him in a playful hold and he playfully passes out and you playfully drop him and he hits his head and dies   ( divider line
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2013-05-05 01:23:08 PM  

Fade2black: doglover: Sinto: doglover: Subby, have you ever seen a choke hold? If it's done right, it's REALLY fast. Just a few seconds and boom, out like a light. And we all fall, right? Since when is falling from arm height fatal to anyone over 8 and under 80?

This could easily have been a exactly that: just playful fighting with no intention of harm.

I think what subby was trying to say was that if you're an adult it's a little gay if you get drunk at a bar and start play fighting with your buddy

Don't be racist against gays. Straight guys do it too.

I'll feed the troll and ask the question anyway...since nobody can be this stupid.

What race are gays called?  I was unaware I could be racist against an entirely new species.  My intolerance must know!

2013-05-05 01:39:14 PM  
According to one martial artist I've met, LAPD stopped using sleeper holds to control unruly people after one or two people with alcohol in their blood actually died.
2013-05-05 01:56:55 PM  
In school we visited the prison to hear stories from the prisoners. One of the guys was in jail for leaving a party after a drunk guy was pushed (not by him) fell and later died. I was surprised you could go to jail for that, but there you go. "Leaving the scene" or something like that he said.
2013-05-05 02:55:55 PM  

banandar123: skinink: Why did he let his friend just drop to the ground?

Well he was under the influence of the same substance that makes you plow through bushes and cars and pedestrians when you try to drive. He wasn't thinking rationally, and he farked up.

But 2nd degree murder? Really? The cops even admit that it was just playfighting...Isn't this more of a manslaughter case?

At worst.

Really, the punishment he'll inflict on himself knowing that he killed his friend (according to the article, his close friend) by accident because he was too farking drunk to pay attention is far worse than any prison cell.

Overzealous prosecutor much? Seriously, jail time isn't going to do any good here--go prosecute a real crime. There are plenty of actual murders to be solved. The state can't punish this dude any more than he'll punish himself. Sentence him to some serious therapy and maybe some kind of alcohol treatment if it wasn't a one-off on the being that drunk (as in, getting that drunk is a regular occurrence for him). Prosecutor still gets a win on his record and some actual good gets done.
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