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(Kinshay)   William Shatner to record an album with Henry Rollins. And the sun became black as sackcloth, and the moon became as blood   ( divider line
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5566 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2003 at 6:27 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-30 02:51:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-30 02:55:54 PM  
What does Revelations have to do with Henry Rollins or Bill Shatner?
2003-12-30 02:56:39 PM  
Maybe it's not as complicated of a joke as I thought.
2003-12-30 03:09:37 PM  
Lucy in the sky surrenders?
2003-12-30 03:44:06 PM  
Henry Rollins? I am guessing that G.G. Allin was his first choice, but for some odd reason, he hasn't been answering the phone.
2003-12-30 04:04:42 PM  
"In this package is a genuine ray gun. It was fired only once, to prevent William Shatner from making another album."

--Comic Book Guy

Or something like that, anyway.
2003-12-30 04:14:06 PM  
I like Rollins, but someone needs to explain to him that some things are just wrong.

"My problem is I can't say the word 'no' to work" - Mr R.
2003-12-30 06:29:51 PM  
Random Henry Rollins Qoute:

"If life gives you lemons, scream 'Hell yeah! I love lemons, what else you Mutherf*@$ers got?'"
2003-12-30 06:32:24 PM  
Both of these people act better then they sing. Neither can act.
2003-12-30 06:32:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-12-30 06:33:15 PM  
Mister Tamborine Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!
2003-12-30 06:33:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Now men, we are about to go on a very dangerous mission. It is highly likely that one of you will die. The crew that will go with me are Spock, McCoy and Ensign Ricky."

"Aw crap."
2003-12-30 06:33:38 PM  
2003-12-30 06:33:45 PM  
2003-12-30 06:33:57 PM  
Now we just need to add Sammy Hagar, Billy Joel, and Neil Peart, and then we would have a complete farkup.
2003-12-30 06:34:01 PM  
"What does Revelations have to do with Henry Rollins or Bill Shatner?""

That passages foretells of doomsday
2003-12-30 06:34:34 PM  
Another Random Rollins Quote:

"If I were gay there would be no closet to come out of - I
would have taken an axe and chopped it for kindling. Hell
I would take out an ad:

"Wanted: aging alternative icon. Needs dick now...and
lots of it." - Come on, just run at me with that thing."
As for the combo of Rollins and Shatner? I would like to
hear the new version of Rocket Man.
2003-12-30 06:36:11 PM  
for those who don't read the article, Ben Folds is producing the album. Rollins is guesting on one track.

I'm not sure what that means.
2003-12-30 06:38:39 PM  
Clever way of slipping Ananova links past the Admins. But perhaps not clever enough...

*waits for the hammer to fall*
2003-12-30 06:38:56 PM  
The track Shatner did with Ben Folds was actually pretty good.
2003-12-30 06:39:01 PM  
Has there ever been a more convincing argument for nuking Canada?
2003-12-30 06:39:02 PM  
I would think that Rollins is more likely to bash Ben Folds into a bloody pulp than appear on one of his albums.

WHY Hank OH WHY!?!
2003-12-30 06:40:00 PM  
I've always liked Rollins spoken word but never cared much for the music. However, he's not putting out an album with Shatner, so the article says, he's just appearing.
2003-12-30 06:40:15 PM  
for those who don't read the article, Ben Folds is producing the album. Rollins is guesting on one track.

I'm not sure what that means.

It means it will suck because Shatner is singing.
2003-12-30 06:40:27 PM  
Henry Rollins? I am guessing that G.G. Allin was his first choice, but for some odd reason, he hasn't been answering the phone.

Yeah, because GG Allin and Rollins have sooooo much in common ideologically.
2003-12-30 06:41:45 PM  
Three words: Off-Road Tattoo...
2003-12-30 06:41:53 PM  
I'd like to hear Shatner's take on "TV Party."
2003-12-30 06:42:21 PM  
allow me to be the first to say...

2003-12-30 06:43:36 PM  

Another item to add to my "this gift tells you what i really think of you" list.
2003-12-30 06:45:38 PM  

Three words: Off-Road Tattoo...

What's funny about that is that Steve-O stole Rollins' girlfriend and got her hooked on dope. I think.
2003-12-30 06:46:05 PM  
Bones...Spock...Be...Cause Ima..........Liar.
2003-12-30 06:46:47 PM  
It was the best of speakers, it was the worst of speakers...
2003-12-30 06:47:48 PM  
NEW YORKCNN affliate WPRE reporting canine and feline representatives holding peace talks in lower Manhattan.
2003-12-30 06:47:54 PM  
they should get spock to sit in and harmonize on another Bilbo Baggins smash hit with Rollins screaming and Kirk wimpering. I welcome death.
2003-12-30 06:48:37 PM  
It's music Jim, but not as we know it...
2003-12-30 06:48:46 PM  
HaHa blankman! That's awesome!
2003-12-30 06:49:16 PM  

No whats really funny is that Steve-O stole anyone's girlfriend.
2003-12-30 06:49:31 PM  
2003-12-30 06:52:28 PM  
Why god why?!
*shakes fist at sky*

Hell who am I kidding, I was gonna shake my fist at the sky anyway today. See? It was penciled in. Right after "Murder She Wrote."
2003-12-30 06:54:29 PM  
Nothing will ever top Leonard Nimoy's 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins'.
2003-12-30 06:55:14 PM  
William Shatner does not sing for a reason. If William Shatner sung, and his singing voice turned out to be decent or excellent to the ears, the sheer absurdity of it would cause many people's brains to short circuit.
2003-12-30 06:58:53 PM  
Maybe Pat Boone will do backup...

/in a metal mood
2003-12-30 07:09:45 PM  

....only the heroic genius of Hasselhoff can save this one.
2003-12-30 07:12:08 PM  
In 2003 Wesley Willis dies.
In 2003 William Shatner returns to the studio.
Coincidence? I think not!
2003-12-30 07:17:24 PM  
Aw, c'mon, give Shatner, Rollins, and the rest a chance. It will most likely be camp gold.

This album furthers my hypothesis: Shatner is the Pre-Gen X version of Christopher Walken, just not as blatant and more 'Tongue In Cheek'.
2003-12-30 07:17:59 PM  
2003-12-30 07:19:00 PM  
Okay. New Shatner album, produced by Ben Folds with guest appearance(s?) by Rollins. Who else thinks this could be the best freakin' album ever?
2003-12-30 07:20:35 PM  
What is so odd? Those two old-ass egomaniacal preachers who don't play an instrument working together seems almost obvious.
2003-12-30 07:22:27 PM  
2003-12-30 07:27:19 PM  
Winston: "And the seas boiled, and the skies fell."
Ray: "Judgement Day"
Winston: "Judgement Day"

/what? no one else stepped up to the plate
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