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(TC Palm)   "Pills typically are kept in medicine cabinets, as opposed to anuses"   ( divider line
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2013-05-03 10:48:44 AM  
My colon is a oxycontin maraca, your argument is invalid.
2013-05-03 10:50:49 AM  
Isn't it anni?
2013-05-03 10:51:55 AM  
Oh yeah?

What about suppositories, huh?
2013-05-03 11:34:29 AM  
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Begs to differ
2013-05-03 11:36:07 AM  
I highly recommend all of Mary Roach's books, but in this case the newest book "Gulp" is deeply, probingly, all-encompassingly apt.
2013-05-03 11:58:07 AM  
How unremarkable. It IS Florida, after all.
2013-05-03 12:06:57 PM  
"...which are kept in Florida."
2013-05-03 12:36:03 PM  
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2013-05-03 12:44:26 PM  
Damn straight, that's where my pennies go.
2013-05-03 12:44:36 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: Oh yeah?

What about suppositories, huh?

You sound French.
2013-05-03 12:44:36 PM  
I keep my anus in a medicine cabinet.  Is that wrong?
2013-05-03 12:45:19 PM  
The oil prohibits them from staying put.  Everyone knows that.
2013-05-03 12:47:28 PM  

Mugato: Isn't it anni?

Not normally, importing a word from a foreign language doesn't imply you have to import their pluralization rules for that word as well. Which is a pretty good thing, otherwise english would be even more of a disaster zone of hundreds of special case exceptions to every rule than it already is. I mean in the worst case you would probably end up with numerous homonyms and homographs that pluralize differently depending on which meaning is intended and therefore what language they were imported from and all sorts of other weirdness.
2013-05-03 12:52:57 PM  
I always keep my anuses in my medicine cabinet. Am I doing it wrong?
2013-05-03 12:54:01 PM  

Mugato: Isn't it anni?

I always hated that nickname. Do you think Tarkin ever called him that?
2013-05-03 12:54:33 PM  
Not in MY house.
2013-05-03 12:55:36 PM  
Of course, that's where I keep my oil.
2013-05-03 12:55:46 PM  

BumpInTheNight: Damn straight, that's where my pennies go.

I like you. I think it's the confidence you exude.
2013-05-03 12:56:25 PM  
Ha! He keister'd it lol
2013-05-03 01:02:16 PM  
Keister eggs.
2013-05-03 01:03:37 PM  
At least he keeps his ears clean.
2013-05-03 01:03:45 PM  
2013-05-03 01:04:19 PM  
No clicking. I smell Greenlee in this farticle.
2013-05-03 01:19:33 PM  
Oh. Oops. Well, now I know.
2013-05-03 01:21:28 PM  
Damn near killed him.
2013-05-03 01:24:53 PM  
it specifically says on my bottle to "keep out of sun light," and my momma always told me where the sun don't shine.
2013-05-03 01:28:05 PM  
Well then how the hell do you take YOUR Anusol?
2013-05-03 01:29:44 PM  
2013-05-03 01:40:02 PM  
"Kamon stated he 'may have some needles between his cheeks,'" an affidavit states. "Upon searching that area I located a bag of unused needles."

Holobaugh also said he "believed there was more pills in his anus." He said he wished to extricate those to avoid additional charges at the jail.

"After moving around for a little bit, a small clear plastic baggy was found near his feet," an affidavit states.

Is it any wonder why Hollywood loves depicting the glamour of police work?
2013-05-03 01:45:55 PM  
i42.tinypic.comView Full Size
2013-05-03 01:46:21 PM  
This idiot again. I farking loathe his writing. He makes me want to slit my own throat.
2013-05-03 01:48:02 PM  

brap: My colon is a oxycontin maraca, your argument is invalid.

Shake it baby.
2013-05-03 01:50:51 PM  
Stephen Lynch laughs at your shenanigans and says "pussy "

"I call you from my car to say I'll be there in awhile A short plan ride and I will get to see your pretty smile. There's nothing on the radio; I'd fiddled the dial Then I see a sign: the airport is just another mile I check my bags and think about how much I hate to fly, And as I near security I almost start to cry.
Well I hope the law enforcement agent's can't tell from my face, I got three balloons of coke in an uncomfortable place. I'm sweating and I'm nervous and I need a little air, 'Cuz with four balloons of heroin, it's getting crowded up in there. Crowded up in there.

My mind is all a-jumble and my blood is cold as ice. I dread the thought of having to unload this merchandise. Relax, I say, it's not so bad; it might be kinda nice, Besides who hasn't had a finger up there once or twice. I must remember don't leave any drugs inside the host; I did that once and a girl who tossed my salad overdosed.
Well I say a little prayer "Hail Maria Full Of Grace", I've got three balloons of coke in an uncomfortable place. I'm sweating and I'm nervous and I need a little air, And i swear i'm farting lines of blow into my underwear. Ooh, from my derriere.

I was a little eager when I loaded up my stash Five balloons of ecstacy, six balloons of hash, Eight balloons of LSD, nine of sexy mild, A box of Chinese fireworks, a Guatemalan child. I made it to the gate and now my joy I can't contain. I board the aircraft, take my seat in the cockpit of the plane-
As I taxi down the runway I get a smile on my face, And I've got three baloons of coke in an uncomfortable place. Flight crew, prepare for takeoff, as I lift us the air, And by the way does anyone want to buy a Guatemalan child. Oh, from my derriere.
I got Three balloons...
I got Three balloons...
I got Three balloons..."

 Stephen Lynch
2013-05-03 01:51:56 PM  
Good news, everyone!

It's a suppository!
2013-05-03 02:15:33 PM  
Is it just me, or is anuses just a really awkward plural form of anus? I vote that from here
on out, multiple anuses will henceforth be referred to as anii.
2013-05-03 02:16:52 PM  
Everyone from his graduating class stated "oh, that figures"
2013-05-03 02:39:03 PM  
There is all kinds of fail with that whole situation. That guy needs to give up doing drugs. He's just not very good at it.
2013-05-03 04:38:02 PM  
Maybe in your conformity factory of a world, subby. But I am not a prisoner of convention. Oh sure, tongues may wag and the upstanding citizens may cluck disapprovingly. But I'm free by God. I'm free.
2013-05-03 05:46:50 PM  
somos asi
2013-05-03 06:03:44 PM  

theorellior: Mugato: Isn't it anni?

I always hated that nickname. Do you think Tarkin ever called him that?

Not if he wanted to keep his trachea.
2013-05-03 06:44:52 PM  
Geez, am I the only person who had to use rectal painkillers? I'm starting to think my doctor was into the kinky stuff.
2013-05-03 11:07:13 PM  
i4.ytimg.comView Full Size

Sir, the pills go in your mouth.
2013-05-04 08:47:40 AM  
images2.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

good news!  it's a suppository
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