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(The Verge)   FARK: Google Glass will allow people to secretly record video and take pics by winking. Ultra FARK: It knows when you blink because it has a second camera always watching you   ( divider line
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2013-05-02 09:02:27 PM  
1 vote:

StoPPeRmobile: pxlboy: Google Glass Threads are the new Facebook threads.

Facebook makes me think of old people.

I thought my meaning would be clear:

Someone coming into these "these" threads again only to spout off about how superior they are because they don't do/like/listen to X.

It's tiring.
2013-05-02 03:48:01 PM  
1 vote:
I look forward to all the people professing they'll be committing assault complaining in a post-glass release thread that the video footage was used to get their conviction.

It is a video camera, you did say you were going to commit assault.  How do you morons think that's going to work out?

But I strongly suspect they won't have the balls to carry it out, in which case they should STFU.
2013-05-02 02:23:22 PM  
1 vote:
Clearly, we're going to have a society where people with Google Glass will hang out together, and people without will avoid those creepy f♥ckers like they have a contagious disease.

Enjoy your glorious wearable PC future, guys.
2013-05-02 02:12:27 PM  
1 vote:

Slaxl: ZeroCorpse: They'll have to accept that they can be Google searched   right there, while they're talking to the person.

Okay, I can see how people might have a problem with the fact that they could be recorded and uploaded in the blink of an eye, once we get unlimited data plans, but what's with the searching? Who's searching for what? I don't understand that one.

Unlimited data plans? Hahah
2013-05-02 01:40:16 PM  
1 vote:

BumpInTheNight: LasersHurt: I think this hits the core of it. People seem to be projecting it all at Google Glass for whatever reason, high profile I guess.

Still in conversational settings I had always assumed you'd set them aside or on your head, putting it aside like we do with Cell Phones now. Etiquette will still exist, in most cases.

But how will other people in the restaurant/coffee shop/artisian faire know you own a pair if they're set aside next to you on the table? :)  These devices are designed for an always-on always-available kind of thing, they're marketed to be worn at all times during your day so its always there, I'll appreciate the people who do set them aside during social situations but we both know that's not the angle they're going for and not the type of people they're after.

And that's not even considering that Google said people will be able to integrate the Google Glass with their prescription glasses. That mean they WON'T be setting them aside or taking them off. It means people who deal with RX Google Glass glasses will have to just accept that the person they're facing has the ability to record every word, upload it to Google's servers on the Internet, and later even edit it if they so choose. They'll have to accept that they can be Google searched   right there, while they're talking to the person.  They'll have to accept that nothing about their conversation is not potential YouTube fodder.

At least with a cell phone camera, there's no subtle way to record someone. You can act like you're texting or reading the screen, but that becomes obvious after a moment when you have the phone tilted up and facing someone instead of tilted down like you normally would when texting.

And with traditional spy cameras like button cams, hat cams, glasses cams, etc. there's usually a limit to how much you can do with them, and they certainly don't have the ability to do web searches, upload the recording to the Internet, or even surreptitiously call a friend and have them see what you're seeing while you're interacting with someone.

People WILL be using these to play pranks, "bust" people, trick people into agreeing to things on camera, and capture embarrassing moments for YouTube or blackmail. Guys will be using these to record women in public without having to deal with the risk of being caught walking around with a camera phone in hand.

It will take SECONDS for something you do in front of these glasses to be uploaded and shared. And once it's on the Internet, it's out there forever.

So HELL YES there's a privacy concern.
2013-05-02 01:27:30 PM  
1 vote:

Fubini: I'm not sure how Glass is more disruptive than smartphones/cell phones. You haven't had privacy in public spaces for decade now.

If I was in a bar drinking with friends and one of them started keeping his cell phone camera pointed at us at all times we would ditch him. So you are right, google glasses are about equivalent to some choad who keeps his cell camera pointed at you all night.

And I am sure women won't find it creepy either.

But please, don;t let me stop you.
2013-05-02 12:52:50 PM  
1 vote:

BafflerMeal: Figuring out my personal rules.

They won't be allowed in my home or business without specific permission
Generally in public, I will avoid people who wear the tech as is possible
Won't interact conversationally friends, family wearing them.  Want to talk to me?  Take them off.

/already dislike the proto-glassholes who try to record me with mobile video

I agree with all of this. While it seems cool when you're the one doing the recording, a moment later you realize that anyone who has this tech will be able to record every conversation, every facial expression, every gesture, every faux pas, and every easily-edited moment of their interaction with you.

How long before we see court cases regarding some serious privacy issues when dealing with Google Glass users?

So yeah, I like your rules, which basically boil down to:   Stay the f♥ck away from me with your freaky privacy-invading cyborg glasses.
2013-05-02 12:37:10 PM  
1 vote:

LasersHurt: BumpInTheNight: I know I will be openly hostile to anyone that tries to interact with me while wearing one of these devices.

Thanks for warning us that you're a douchebag.

The guy who needs a camera and a screen on his face, at all times, is not the douchebag? You gotta be kidding
2013-05-02 12:07:05 PM  
1 vote:
cpsc.govView Full Size
2013-05-02 09:39:17 AM  
1 vote:

Aarontology: It's getting more and more likely that I'm going to have to choose to never be in the room with someone who has one of those things.

why cause you whip your junk out in public?
2013-05-02 09:35:45 AM  
1 vote:
It's getting more and more likely that I'm going to have to choose to never be in the room with someone who has one of those things.
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