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(CNN)   "Hi, we're your credit card company. We'd like to verify a few charges. Shell Station, $24.36." "Yep." "Ok, good. OK, this next one is the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, for $605,000." "Um, what?"   ( divider line
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2013-04-29 11:42:51 PM  

meow said the dog: What is the most surprising thing for me is why this was the surprise to the credit card company as yes it does seem to be quite the expensive thing at $605,000 but it was also the meeting with Timothy O'Cook and as is known by we everything that is the Apple product is overpriced and the thing upon which causes the sad face of the disappointment.

Now let me say this about the protection of the credit cards.  I have these under seventeen different names but only one of these is the actual card of me.  This is the reason for this and that is that if the individual did the stealing of the card for me to pay for the overpricing meeting with the overrated individual such as Timothy O'Cookingham of the United Kingdom branch of the Apple IIe Computer Company then it would be the 1 in 17 chance that the card they are actually using really was taken out in the name of one of the ten most wanted of the FBI.  Then when the individual is caught for this what will be said by me is PWNED ENJOY THE CELLMATE OF BUBBA JOHNSON OF YOU BIATCHO!

The moral of this is that you should not do the stealing of the credit card because until you use this it is the Throwdingers kitten and is simultaneously the card that will get you the product and the card that will get you the prison and you do not know which this is until you run this through the scanning software.  Will you take the chance with this?  I do not think you should do this of course!

You should come to the next Apple vs. Samsung thread. This makes exactly as much sense as most of the anti-Apple propaganda that gets regurgitated there.
2013-04-29 11:51:40 PM  

Jim_Callahan: Um... a higher utilization typically increases your credit score, though, unless you're running it like 1% under the wire every month.

Not so, at least if my bank's credit score estimation tool is to be believed.  1-20% gives you the highest grade, with your credit rating dropping as you go up in utilization from there.

The only time increasing utilization helps improve your credit score is if you're very close to 0%.  Below 1% is as bad as above 60%.
2013-04-30 07:00:46 AM  
My little Costco Amex certainly has a limit, though they just arbitrarily raised it a few months ago.
2013-04-30 08:33:29 PM  

Rwa2play: UsikFark: Tom_Slick: Katolu: Tom_Slick: I'm trying to figure out whose card was stolen, there can't be that many people with a limit high enough to process a $605,000 charge.

American Express Black card?

The requirements to have one of those are so exclusive if it was it had to be a person of note.

"The company's promotional material describes centurion members as "super-affluent high net worth individuals on a continual quest for the best and most exclusive. They own companies and frequently travel. Exceptionally discerning and style-conscious, they live vicariously through themselves. Centurion members are global players who gain truly worldwide access to the inaccessible."
Sounds exciting.

So IOW if you're not worth at least $50 Million, you're not getting AmEx Black.

Something in me never wants one of those.  I'd like unlimited credit.  Everyone knowing that I had unlimited credit?  Not even if my face were well known, I don't think.

Besides, the look on the Costco people's faces when I brought in my rebate would be priceless.
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