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(Rocky Mountain Collegian)   There are three kinds of college parties: big parties, massive parties, and parties that are so big that it takes 15 police units, a SWAT team and tear gas to break up the ensuing 800-person riot   ( divider line
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2013-04-29 03:43:32 PM  

Igor Jakovsky: Fubegra: One of the scariest single experiences in my life was the crowd on Green Street in Champaign-Urbana on Halloween, 1985. Even though it was peaceful, the sheer population density was such that one spark could have set off a disaster. Once I worked my way out of the crowd, I got the hell away from that scene.

ive only felt like that once. it was on bourbon street on new years eve. the crowd was so densely packed that when it moved you moved with it and had no choice. had something set off the crowd people would have been stampeded.

That's exactly how it was in C-U. I'm not normally claustrophobic, but I had to fight down a rising sense of panic when I was in that crowd. Even the gigantic Taste of Chicago/July 4 fireworks crowds were nowhere near as bad.
2013-04-29 04:47:53 PM  

We had a riot on Saturday.  500 people requiring 20 police cars from several towns. /1 30429282/-1/FOSNEWS0102&template=GreatBayRegion
2013-04-29 05:28:44 PM  

cefm: One particularly annoying tactic that police sometimes use in this situation is to seal off the area first, preventing anyone from leaving, then go through making arrests.  That pretty much CAUSES the riot.

In this case, the riot didn't start until cops shut off the music.
2013-04-29 09:10:20 PM  

Ann Arbor was better, at least. The wild stuff that happened there wasn't quite so loaded with stupid. Full Size
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