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(Chicago Trib)   Jilted lover does the sensible thing and runs over her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend   ( divider line
    More: Dumbass, ex-boyfriends, broken arm, skin lesions, girlfriend  
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10208 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2013 at 12:47 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-04-29 12:18:39 AM

"Dafuq you lookin' at? Do I need run yo ass over too?"

2013-04-29 12:50:56 AM  
Good lord she's got "biatch" written all over her face.
2013-04-29 12:52:25 AM  
Silly girl, you're supposed to run over your ex-boyfriend.
2013-04-29 12:52:53 AM  
Nothing can stand in the way of true love.

2013-04-29 12:57:17 AM  

Good Behavior Day: Silly girl, you're supposed to run over your ex-boyfriend.

You shut your mouth, sir. YOU SHUT YOUR FARKING MOUTH.
2013-04-29 01:04:54 AM  
Damn biatch, chill the fark out.
// now when new potential boyfriends google your name, guess what comes up :P
2013-04-29 01:05:47 AM  
Hell hath no fury ... and all that,
2013-04-29 01:06:40 AM  
biatches be crazy.
2013-04-29 01:08:48 AM  
New Carrie Underwood song?
2013-04-29 01:08:51 AM  
Well, that's sure to make him come running back once you get out of jail.
2013-04-29 01:09:06 AM  
♫ I ran my car into the side
of that pretty little trollop whore alive
Hard with my Subaru Legacy♫
2013-04-29 01:19:01 AM  
Now that's a girl who takes ACTION.  Gotta respect that!
2013-04-29 01:29:36 AM  
Love it!  Love it! Love it!
2013-04-29 01:30:19 AM  
Shameless did it. Not surprisingly in Chicago.
2013-04-29 01:32:27 AM  
2013-04-29 01:37:13 AM  
"Who's flat now, biatch?!"
2013-04-29 01:51:15 AM  
I first read 'Alexius Keys' as 'Alicia Keys'...I can't be the only one.

Also, I wonder what she was thinking when she first got it in her head to do this...what reaction she was going for. What was he supposed to do, call her up and say, "You know, I didn't want to be with you anymore...but that was before you ran down my new girlfriend with a car and broke a bunch of her bones. It's like we were meant to be!"

It sounds like he spotted her crazy early on, and tried to cut her out of his life before he had to witness it/more of it. Poor guy.

We're going to start needing special dating licenses/protective helmets as a society, or something, if things like this don't stop happening every 48 hours.
2013-04-29 02:11:25 AM  
Left-Eye Lisa frowns down on these amateurish shenanigans.
2013-04-29 02:17:01 AM  
Meh. I've seen that episode...
2013-04-29 02:17:28 AM  

Glenechocreek: Left-Eye Lisa frowns down on these amateurish shenanigans.

To be fair she didn't realize that the bathtub was fiberglass.
2013-04-29 02:18:03 AM  

illannoyin: Meh. I've seen that episode...

[ image 850x425]

Me too. I even mentioned it a few posts up.

Ah, I see you are probably from Chicago, makes sense now.
2013-04-29 02:34:37 AM  
I wonder if she was driving Alexius

/rim shot
2013-04-29 02:38:31 AM  
Please be crazy hot please be crazy hot... *click* *blergh*
2013-04-29 02:49:52 AM  
That's some fine lighting / camera work there, Lou.
2013-04-29 03:03:19 AM
2013-04-29 03:08:50 AM
2013-04-29 03:10:13 AM  
Jesus. Sometimes if you stick your dick in crazy, crazy keeps sticking its dick into you...
2013-04-29 05:30:20 AM  
Well, dayum.  Now I have to scratch another thing off my to-do list.  I'm running out of options here, people.
2013-04-29 06:23:19 AM  
I bet the guys will be hitting up on her now.
2013-04-29 06:57:24 AM  
Wonder if she farked up her rims or ground effects while running the victim over
2013-04-29 07:02:26 AM  

phrawgh: Nothing can stand in the way of true love.


I used to believe that too, but now I have to introduce myself to my neighbors whenever I move.
 Needless to say, getting caught can stand in the way of true love =(
2013-04-29 07:21:41 AM  

what about the unlucky homeowner's lawn?  won't anybody think about the lawn?  It probably has tire tracks and ruts in it now, thanks to this stupid coont.
2013-04-29 07:23:30 AM
I keeps it real.
2013-04-29 08:15:33 AM  
I'm sure he was worth life in prison. Idiot.
2013-04-29 08:18:27 AM  
Chicago black people problems.  This is every day stuff around here and not really news worthy.
2013-04-29 08:59:23 AM  
Anyone else think that this was a net gain for society?
2013-04-29 10:27:09 AM

I can understand her envy. She clearly saw her rival with a jaundiced eye.
2013-04-29 10:29:00 AM
This is how black people get back at the Japanese for Ganguro fashion.

2013-04-29 10:31:36 AM
2013-04-29 11:16:22 AM  
She looks yellow.
2013-04-29 11:48:38 AM  

bim1154: Chicago black Chinese people problems.  This is every day stuff around here and not really news worthy.

2013-04-29 12:25:43 PM  

emeraldine: I first read 'Alexius Keys' as 'Alicia Keys'...I can't be the only one.

Alicia Keys was the one who doused the girl in gasoline and lit a match.  Then she wrote a song about it.
2013-04-29 03:54:46 PM  
Alanis Morrisette?
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