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(Some Guy)   Quebec has a ban against yellow margarine   ( divider line
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5863 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2003 at 7:23 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-29 05:08:59 PM  
I remember yellow margarine being banned in Wisconsin in the '60's. Had to do with it being America's Dairyland and all that crap. They felt it competed with real butter. My uncles used to boot leg it in from Michigan all the time. Or you could buy white margarine that would come with a little tube of yellow food dye that you would squirt on to the stick. It was stupid.
2003-12-29 05:28:48 PM  
didn't, and won't RTFA...but it just sounds silly.
2003-12-29 05:29:34 PM  
Don't eat the yellow snow either
2003-12-29 05:35:02 PM  
"whatdaya say fellas, how bout we hook him up with another lemon snowcone?

"No thanks guys, the last one you guys gave me tasted like lemon at all. It tasted like..... oh, you guys are asses!"
2003-12-29 06:16:27 PM  
Quebecers find only white margarine on shelves at Provigo and Couche-Tard stores...

I'm not sure I'd want to shop anywhere named Couche-Tard.
2003-12-29 06:19:00 PM  
you get your cows in order, then worry about what colour your fake butter is
2003-12-29 06:24:58 PM  
I only made it as far as the word "kerfuffle" right under the headline. Then I had no choice but to stop.
2003-12-29 07:25:37 PM  
Eh, it's Quebec. Who cares.
2003-12-29 07:29:13 PM  
Yellow margarine is a scourge.
2003-12-29 07:29:48 PM  
Can we have a ban on yellow people?
2003-12-29 07:30:04 PM  
Personally, I think Quebec is just trying to get a
rep for being pissed-off about the most unimportant
and nonsensical things imaginable.

And it's working!
2003-12-29 07:31:55 PM  
I, for one, welcome our white-margerine overlords.
2003-12-29 07:33:27 PM  
it's all the green lantern's fault, he's paranoid.
2003-12-29 07:33:44 PM  
Well, Quebec can suck it.
2003-12-29 07:35:26 PM  
It's just silly'ole Quebec trying to be as annoying as France again.
But those Quebecers are still way too friendly to put up a good challenge to the French.
2003-12-29 07:36:27 PM
2003-12-29 07:38:29 PM  
Old news.

They even have margarine police, whose sole job is to go around measuring the yellowness of margarine and fine those who aren't complying with the regulations.

In short, protectionist strategies for the agricultural industry are stupid.
2003-12-29 07:38:31 PM  
2003-12-29 07:39:12 PM  
Yup, they did that in the late 40's and early 50's in Washington State. I remember my mom mixing yellow coloring into the margarine. In the 60's in Washington State, they weren't allowed to use the word "butter" in margarine ads, so all the margarine ads, like "I can't believe it's not butter" and the one that had the margarine saying "Butter!" when the bread was pulled up replaced the offending word with "Beep Beep". Imagine my obscene delight at hearing the uncensored ads in some foreign state with obviously looser morals.
2003-12-29 07:40:18 PM  
hey you bunch of Couche-Tards.
2003-12-29 07:41:02 PM  
mmmmmmmmmm..... yellow margarine
2003-12-29 07:41:40 PM  
Butter is better for you and more versatile than margarine anyway. I'm not sure how banning one color of margerine specifically helps prevent confusion anyway (unless people from Quebec can't read). Butter can be white too, as the color depends on what the cows are eating.
2003-12-29 07:43:00 PM  
Your margazine is not ze correct color. Let me zee your papers!
2003-12-29 07:43:09 PM  
Is it just me, or is real butter whitish, not yellow at all?

I thought they originally added the coloring to distinguish more easily so you knew the yellow stuff wasn't real butter.
2003-12-29 07:44:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The sad thing is, he really can't believe it's not butter.
2003-12-29 07:47:29 PM  
French chemist Hippolyte Mge-Mouriez, mixed suet, sheep stomach, cow udder and milk to make margarine.

Great. Now I'm hungry.
2003-12-29 07:48:03 PM  
"The winner, French chemist Hippolyte Mge-Mouriez, mixed suet, sheep stomach, cow udder and milk to make margarine."

Just like the French to camoflauge this inedible poopooree, it should be red.

My women wear Butter only or nothing at all!
2003-12-29 07:48:38 PM  
History taught us that the road to independance starts with the slight discoloration of quasi-dairy products.
2003-12-29 07:50:31 PM  
When is Canada going to get this renegade province of theirs under control?
2003-12-29 07:50:58 PM  
Son of Thunder: Quit reading the article, you're giving farkers a bad rep!

Dude, just kiddin'
2003-12-29 07:53:52 PM  
We all live in a yellow margarine, a yellow margarine, a yellow margarine!
2003-12-29 08:02:12 PM  

Please tell me someone besides me read all three pages of that article... it was about interprovincial trade barriers and the ineffectiveness of the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). Basically saying Canada has more trade barriers between its own provinces than any other country in the world. People who live in certain provinces can't work in others, etc.

So yeah...

2003-12-29 08:02:54 PM  
There's no Canada like French Canada, it's the best Canada in the land, and the other Canada is a bullshiat Canada if you lived here for a day you'd understand!.................

I think you understand..........

You understand.
2003-12-29 08:05:01 PM  
Margarine goes back to the Napoleonic days. It was a substitute for butter that the average French soldier was issued.

It was probably one of the reeasons Napoleon was sent to Elba.
2003-12-29 08:06:35 PM  
Also, in Quebec there is no right turn on red as there is everywhere else in Canada and the U.S., excepting New York City (and thay might have changed recently, IIRC?)

Though I have never visited I am glad that Quebec is there, not to scorn but because difference is neat.
2003-12-29 08:07:25 PM  
Ever notice that whenever a story bashing Quebecers comes up, not a single Quebecer shows up to defend himself?

I can only conclude that they don't have computers there yet.
2003-12-29 08:08:42 PM  
DilldoBaggins: Totally open minded thinking like yours is why I always like to say, the French suck. Thank you.
2003-12-29 08:10:42 PM  
Spanish_Inquisition: Canada is all about barriers. Except if you are gay or French-- a lot of similarity, don't ya think?
2003-12-29 08:13:37 PM  
KERFUFFLE: kurf'uful [n] a disorderly outburst or tumult; "they were amazed by the furious disturbance they had caused"

Oddly enough, the example didn't use the defined word. The authors must have been having a kerfuffle.
2003-12-29 08:14:23 PM  

There's a opportunity there. A Quebec FARK!

Tout en Francaise!

Ce n'est pas des nouvelles, il est
2003-12-29 08:15:06 PM  
I read the headline as "Quebec has a ban against yellow magazine" and I thought "...what?"

Not really funny, just confusing.
2003-12-29 08:16:28 PM  
Day_Old_Dutchie: wouldn't the URL be ca.qc.FARK? Bet it burns the french that the .com on the net is always at the end. Ha ha.
2003-12-29 08:23:12 PM  
those poor couch tards
2003-12-29 08:24:45 PM  
There's a opportunity there. A Quebec FARK!

There's a photoshop contest there.

Quebec Fark listings:

TREZ OBVIOUS Merchant hangs sign in english. Tabernac ensues.

STUPIDE Woman eats white butter. RCMP quick to react.
2003-12-29 08:30:58 PM  

Napoleon III, not quite the same as Napoleon Bonaparte.

2003-12-29 08:31:00 PM  
I fill all pervaliged an stuff cause of how rhiannon toll me bout this long time of go.
2003-12-29 08:31:28 PM  

DilldoBaggins's post was a South Park reference.

Hate the French. But hate them for the right reasons.

[obscure drew cary reference]

Weeeeeeeeee hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em.
Yes we hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em.
And we'll hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em
'Till they box 'em up and crate 'em.
Weeeeeeeeee hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em HATE 'EM!

[/obscure drew cary reference]
2003-12-29 08:33:14 PM  
Son of Thunder: O
2003-12-29 08:37:32 PM  
I stand corrected.
2003-12-29 08:39:44 PM  
There is "turn right on red" in Quebec except for Montreal. They can't allow here because of the rampant jaywalking. If it was allowed, people would have to keep scraping dead bodies off their windshield.
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