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(WTSP)   Boy Scouts vaporize a watermelon with a ping pong cannon capable of launching a ping pong ball through the watermelon at supersonic speeds   ( ) divider line
    More: Cool, table tennises, supersonic speed, Des Moines, Iowa, Plastic pressure pipe systems, watermelons, speed of sound  
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7797 clicks; posted to Geek » on 28 Apr 2013 at 6:18 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-04-28 01:22:40 PM  
Enjoy your homeland security watch list merit badges.
2013-04-28 01:33:06 PM  
vaporize? wouldn't that mean nothing would be left?
2013-04-28 01:42:07 PM  

utah dude: when, exactly did science=engineering and engineering=science and both neq evolution ?

Evolution caught sayof?
2013-04-28 01:46:15 PM  

basemetal: Enjoy your homeland security watch list merit badges.

2013-04-28 03:10:44 PM  
That was pretty neat, but was it really necessary for the TV station to cover 1/3 of the video with some stupid-assed graphic?
2013-04-28 03:13:07 PM  

nmrsnr: Rincewind53: Not really the ping pong ball that blew it up, but the shockwave from the barrel.

That's what I was thinking. Could the ping-pong ball even survive the pressure required to launch it at supersonic speeds?

Still far cooler than anything I built as a kid.

Also the melon didn't "vaporize". For a story intended to highlight the scouts engineering the reporter could have done a better job of getting science nailed down.
2013-04-28 04:38:45 PM


2013-04-28 05:06:52 PM
/hot bubble gun
2013-04-28 05:26:21 PM  

Betep: One of my Den Mothers was a Hot Yacht Club Trophy Wife MILF.

She still looks good 40 years later.

Hey Burt, your Mom is hot!

Shut up Ted!
2013-04-28 05:56:20 PM  
Technically, the watermelon was not vaporized. It was blown off by the shock wave of the moving air, and the presence of the pingpong ball had zero effect in the experiment.
2013-04-28 05:57:14 PM  
Call me when the girl scouts attempt the same thing but without the cannon.
2013-04-28 06:13:07 PM  
man... The height of my boy scout experience was when we glued different shaped dry noodles onto a board. :-/
2013-04-28 06:44:28 PM  
880 MPH?  Did it require 12.1 gigawatts?  Where did they get the plutonium?
2013-04-28 07:02:27 PM  

Vodka Zombie: Meaningless display of force. The Scouts are merely rattling their sabers.

Have they asked for anything yet? Big League Chew? Jello?

All of the jerky. All of it.
2013-04-28 07:28:47 PM  
Better video

My son and I built a hydrolyzer and used the H2/O2 mix to fuel a water rocket.  That baby soared!
2013-04-28 08:30:54 PM  
2013-04-28 09:59:11 PM  

hogans: [ image 607x330]

Mayor Bates: Daryl, he wouldn't hurt a fly. I know my son, Colonel. He's not the guerrilla type.

Colonel Ernesto Bella: According to records, Mayor... your son is a prominent student leader.

Mayor Bates: Yes, well... he's a leader, but not in a violent or physical way. You see, Daryl... he's more of a politician, like his father.

Colonel Ernesto Bella: A member of an elite paramilitary organization: "Eagle Scouts."

Mayor Bates: Yes, but that's not military. If he's alive, he's scared, he's hungry... and he's just as anxious to avoid conflicts as you and me. He's not a troublemaker.

Colonel Ernesto Bella: Then who is?

Mayor Bates: ...It runs in some of the families.

Colonel Ernesto Bella: [to an aide-de-camp] This community is indeed fortunate to have a shepherd like him.

Mayor Bates: Well, I just want to see this thing through, Colonel.

Nice find!
2013-04-28 10:00:17 PM  

Desmo: Wait:
[ image 400x348]
I guess the old ideas are the best

Wow. That looks a lot cooler than this piece of crap:
2013-04-28 10:53:40 PM  
I'm confused. Do I drink the beer or not?
2013-04-28 11:22:03 PM  
It's amazing what one atmosphere can do.
2013-04-29 02:47:54 AM  

Torion!: [ image 263x379]
/hot bubble gun

Pretty much a depressing end.
2013-04-29 09:23:52 AM  
Are they still discriminating against gays and atheists? Yes? Well then they can shove their watermelon exploder up their Mormon fellating ass.

/still bitter
2013-04-29 10:54:17 AM  

did that and more when I was younger; and we didn't do it for no engineering badge pr or any honor; we did it for the science.
2013-04-29 02:37:38 PM  

wildcardjack: I'm calling BS to the 880 mph claim.

I'd have to break out my old fluid dynamics text to find the equation, but Ernst Mach figured out that it's hard to get gasses to move at supersonic speeds.

Considering they are using a Chronograph at the end of the barrel, I'm fairly certain it's accurate. 

\That's what the contraption is with the curved white plastic
\\Makes my potato gun jealous
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