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2013-04-26 11:13:19 PM  
2013-04-26 11:14:50 PM  
try it again
2013-04-26 11:16:17 PM
2013-04-26 11:18:00 PM
2013-04-26 11:22:42 PM

2013-04-26 11:27:43 PM

2013-04-26 11:39:03 PM
2013-04-26 11:40:15 PM
2013-04-26 11:48:20 PM
2013-04-26 11:49:11 PM
2013-04-26 11:50:08 PM
2013-04-27 12:20:52 AM
2013-04-27 12:24:50 AM  
2013-04-27 12:26:57 AM
2013-04-27 12:28:14 AM
2013-04-27 12:29:56 AM
2013-04-27 12:30:59 AM
2013-04-27 12:35:00 AM
2013-04-27 12:35:43 AM  

quantum_jellyroll: I'm here, I'm here.
It's been a busy day.
The momma unit celebrated her 88th birthday today.
I took her out for a late breakfast or early lunch (depending on your time zone).

Hello there!  Good to see you.  :)

Sending very happee birfday wishes to the very special birthday girl!

Sorry to hear about the DL thing though.  That's gotta suck, especially on one's birthday.  :(
Oh well.  Hope she has a fun enough weekend to make up for it!

By the way, I just found one of your baby pictures.  Hope you don't mind me sharing it here.  What an adorable kid you were.  :)

How are you feeling now that you've had your implant for a little while?  Have any cyborgs come by to tell you you'll be assimilated?
2013-04-27 12:49:33 AM  
spinach gunk:
By the way, I just found one of your baby pictures. Hope you don't mind me sharing it here. What an adorable kid you were. :)

How are you feeling now that you've had your implant for a little while? Have any cyborgs come by to tell you you'll be assimilated?

OK, that picture got a loud enough laugh out of me that it woke mom up!

The posting earlier in the thread with the tissue paper "hat" dispenser with the
label saying "These are not hats" also got a *huge* laugh out of me. I was sitting
on the front porch, sacrificing the fatted stogie; and a couple in electric wheelchairs
were just passing when I saw that picture. I hope they didn't think I was laughing at them.

As for the implant, I go in Monday at 2pm for my initial check.
They're going to check the data collected and see if they need to tweak it.
I have to say, the difference in having it is amazing.
I cannot describe it. It's that huge of a difference.
2013-04-27 01:00:03 AM  

quantum_jellyroll: [ image 605x534]

**anti-gravity cat**

THAT'S MY LARS!!!  Dawww.... that was when he was small and stuffs... Before I even knew him.  :D
2013-04-27 01:16:49 AM  

CrankyAndi: in2it: TGIF!

[ image 768x1024]

I need that.  Three.  was a not so fun day today.

I had a call from a coworker in Seattle.  he tells me that he had dinner with the client and she commented about me.  Seems she heard that one of her employees was talking to me and he told her that 'she had 3 glasses of wine'.    well, excuse me.  I am AT is my house, it is my free time, I will have a glass of wine on MY TIME.  I don't give a rats ass if you call me or not, it is MY FREE TIME.

I was not happy to hear the condescending tone in coworker's voice, he knew it.  I am beyond ticked.

My VP (of my group) is in town next week.  She will be in the office on the 30th.  convenient.  May be layoffs.  I am fully expecting it.

Yeah, I am ticked.  I'm going to wallow tonight, get up in the morning and go for a 2.5 mile walk (at least) and start to work on ME.

Boys got their Barkbox this week. Dyson (who hurt his leg last week) is doing better.

[ image 800x600]

I am so sorry you are having such a craptastic week sweetie.  Just remember that we love you, and Hoover & Dyson love you too.  I am glad that Dysons leg is feeling better too.  Good luck with the suits next week!
2013-04-27 01:18:57 AM  

The Ice Queen: [ image 850x637]

Awwwww!  The mewbies are growing up so fast!
2013-04-27 01:20:20 AM  

Salem Witch: A couple of days ago I was squeezing some lemons, Suzy was right there to help (as she always is when I'm in the kitchen).

I lowered my hand so she could get a good sniff and she decided to give the lemon a little try. After a few seconds of smacking her lips and thinking it was not too bad, she gave my hand a big ol slurp.

I wish I was able to get her reaction on video. She was clearly shocked and not amused. I however, was highly amused.

[ image 640x482]
What a not amused Suzy might look like.

Awww!  Hi Sweet Suzy!  Who's the pretty girl?  You're the pretty girl!  Mwaaa!
2013-04-27 01:25:13 AM  
Everyone enjoy Caturday and the next few Caturdays everyone.  I'll be up in Ohio for a few weeks with my dad getting some things taken care of and sorted out.  He's anti-computer, so no going on line while I'm up there.  Things will be taken care of down here while I'm gone, so I'm not concerned about that.  At least my car keys, slippers, shoes, and socks won't disappear or have cat hair all over them while I'm gone.
2013-04-27 01:38:44 AM  

quantum_jellyroll: [ image 700x466]

I love that picture, but it always makes me want to cry.
2013-04-27 01:53:26 AM  

akimbotoo: quantum_jellyroll: [ image 700x466]

I love that picture, but it always makes me want to cry.

Same here.
2013-04-27 01:58:55 AM  
I love that picture, but it always makes me want to cry.

Same here.

I have wondered about that picture many, many times and have also wondered
how everything worked out with that kitten.
2013-04-27 02:15:48 AM
2013-04-27 02:17:11 AM
2013-04-27 02:24:51 AM
2013-04-27 02:27:55 AM
2013-04-27 02:29:44 AM
2013-04-27 02:31:21 AM
2013-04-27 02:32:55 AM
2013-04-27 02:34:33 AM
2013-04-27 02:35:43 AM
2013-04-27 02:37:17 AM  
2013-04-27 02:41:42 AM
2013-04-27 02:47:58 AM
2013-04-27 02:48:39 AM
2013-04-27 02:50:24 AM

2013-04-27 02:51:14 AM  
A Yankee candle for cat owners...
2013-04-27 02:53:44 AM  
The folks on the space station are in for a surprise...
2013-04-27 02:56:16 AM
2013-04-27 02:57:30 AM
2013-04-27 02:59:30 AM
2013-04-27 03:01:09 AM
2013-04-27 03:03:06 AM
2013-04-27 03:06:03 AM  
Four hundred...
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