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(Some Guy)   Springfield decides to exterminate 80,000 strong muder of crows. Take that East St. Louis   (springfieldnewssun.com) divider line 91
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2003-12-28 01:40:23 PM
SanchezSucio sez: "canyoneer----> Who is the hater there? I've been around enough reservations, sad but true and worse"

I grew up in New Mexico with Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo people. From my perspective, this is a grotesque generalization. I remember a guy from Zia who lived up the street from us when I was a kid. He worked at Sandia Labs (physicist) and drove a Porsche 911, for example. Needless to say, he didn't sit around the res drunk all day.

One of the network guys where I work is a Pine Ridge Lakota, and he's as sharp or sharper than your average white boy, besides having had to face ten times the obstacles faced by your average white boy to get where he is.

I think most Indians have it bad enough even without all the scorn heaped on them by guys like ajint_ornj. I stand by my jab at the citizens of Springfield, grumpy as it was. Pest problems can virtually always be traced to stupidity or slovenliness among the afflicted.

ajint_ornj sez: "...runningbear is in a little plot of land that my people allowed him? if they were more clever they wouldve been a little further along than cavemen when we got here. They were like oh him floatem on water in big boat. wow. how."

I can recommend a few good science books to inform your ignorance about human history. But they might have some big words in them and that might scare you off.

"Guns, Germs, and Steel" - Jared Diamond

Be warned: this book will not feed or reinforce your distasteful prejudices.
2003-12-28 01:42:38 PM
I missed the Canadian thing! Wow. So your (that's the proper usage there smackboy) self esteem seems entirely reliant on the accidents of your birth (race, country). Typical among people who have serious personality defects.
2003-12-28 01:54:37 PM
canyoneer: Guns, Germs, and Steel was an oustanding read. Right on.
2003-12-28 01:55:19 PM
virgosnake: I'd hate myself if I lived in Milwaukee, too.
2003-12-28 01:57:55 PM
You know how many blond hair blue eye indians I meet that are about 95% white? Then they talk about how they hate whitey when that's what they are.
The best way to keep a group of people down or emasculate it, is to put them on welfare, I've seen it with other groups around the world, the reservation is no different. I'm a son of sharecroppers, and a little Cherokee (everyone thinks I'm Mexican), never had a handout. How many indians on thier special welfare don't take a fraction of the free opurtunities given to them that the regular American doesn't have these days, and still wind up a toothless criminal. Reservations are fundamentaly flawed
2003-12-28 02:01:09 PM
RagingLeonard: I wish everybody would read it, but the truth is lots of people would be badly shaken by it. Lots of people cherish their prejudices and their romantic fantasies of history and their paleolithic superstitions far too much to have them exposed for the nonsense they are.
2003-12-28 02:03:49 PM
canyoneer: yeah, we all need to look down on others to make ourselves feel better about our lot. I live literally less than one mile from Detroit. At least they have great rock n' roll there.
2003-12-28 02:03:51 PM
This thread has gone in a very strange direction...
2003-12-28 02:11:24 PM
SanchezSucio: Uh, I think it is clear that the reservation system was a mistake. Not like that is a newsflash or anything. After all, it was the deliberate ghettoization of what was considered an inferior race; it was official government racism in a time when racism was understood and never questioned. The Indians I grew up with were real Indians. Virtually no white blood, not even Spanish. And I've seen plenty of lazy bum white folks in my life, too. Does that make the white race inferior?

But hey, you're on "The World Tour." Maybe you can edify us with your sage opinion!

Who's worse: Indians or hajis?

Or does Uncle Sam screen your email for officially uncool terms like "haji?"
2003-12-28 02:23:15 PM
virgosnake: Some of us are lucky and end up under the big dry Western sky. Of those lucky ones, many even appreciate it.
2003-12-28 02:24:10 PM
SanchezSucio: Yeah, white folks don't take handouts. Try googling "Halliburton".
2003-12-28 02:25:45 PM
I don't hate race, I hate ignorant cultural values, some are worse than others and all cultures have them. We tend to overrate the great ancient indian, like a dead spouse. They had all the same problems as whitey, but not the same immune system. For the most part the indain as a group is dead. Most of them lost there culture when the modern reservations began, I applaud the ones that haven't sold out. But they are rare.
Big brother screens alot with an iron fist, notice no real name or email address? Haji is actually OK. It is just a nickname for someone that made the pilgrimage to Mecca, Mericunns just call em all haji, not hateful.
2003-12-28 02:27:27 PM
virgosnake is just damn funny.
2003-12-28 02:32:08 PM
Canyoneer: I've driven all around the Western U.S. Truly beautiful.
2003-12-28 02:39:17 PM
The way to exterminate any major concentration of birds is to fly over them and spray detergent-laced water on them. They did it in Hopkinsville KY a long time ago and it worked like a charm. It takes the oil off their featheres and they freeze to death.
2003-12-28 02:50:21 PM
I went to college in Springfield, Ohio. Seeing the city undertake anything this big is... well... funny.
2003-12-28 02:52:19 PM
Dude, WTF I'm confused. Are you:
1. seriously racist
2. Trying to be funny and going too far
3. Having a fit of Tourets.
2003-12-28 02:54:00 PM
ajint_ornj is a nonperson.
Great work, mods.

/vanishes in a path of logic
2003-12-28 02:55:28 PM
Hooray Mods!!!!!
2003-12-28 03:15:23 PM
Soo that's how bannation works?
Should all their comments really be pulled?
I mean you can't look back and say what an ass that guy was. Can they make a MOD comment saying Whoshisnutz is banned for his last post. Someone please educate me?
2003-12-28 03:19:44 PM
I dunno. His post in other threads, like the lawyers for Saddam thread, is still there.
2003-12-28 03:28:07 PM
SanchezSucio sez: "...Haji is actually OK. It is just a nickname for someone that made the pilgrimage to Mecca, Mericunns just call em all haji, not hateful."

Hmmmm. I've heard tell that for many it is the equivalent of "gook" in the Vietnam days, and maybe that is true for some. But you're on the scene and I'm not, so I won't gainsay you.

As to overrating the ancient Indian, I doubt they were rated much at all, much less overrated. Their heyday passed quickly without a whole lot of documentation, unfortunately. Many have a romantic view. I don't as I was raised with Indians of several tribes. But one thing nobody needs is to be run down by the likes of ajint_ornj.

BTW, Good Luck over there. No matter what one thought of the whole idea, everybody should tip their hat to you guys for the job you're doing in tough circumstances. I hope you're all home safe soon.

2003-12-28 03:28:50 PM
That may be a record for getting banninated. He only created that account on 12-24-03. (grins)
2003-12-28 03:37:59 PM
Just remember, handicap is a bad word now in PC land. Everyone gets a nickname. When someone shoots at me, I garrauntee I'm not using nice language. I think you earn that right to use derrogatives when someone of that race is trying to kill you. thanks for the support.
Gook comes from Korea. Gook means country/nationality
Korea is Han-gook
China is Chi-gook
America is Mi-gook
It doesn't mean anything bad in Korea, Vets just took it with them to Nam.
The word for Pole in Polish is Pollack (spelled different).
2003-12-28 03:49:57 PM
All well and good and all perfectly understandable. As long as the feeling doesn't overpower the effort to win hearts and minds. After all, that is what it's all about. Lose that part, and we may as well forget the whole thing, and be worse off than before.

Anyway, I'm outta here.

2003-12-28 03:51:11 PM
Hello muder, hello fader...

Oh wait we're talking about racial epithets now. My bad.
2003-12-28 04:00:50 PM
These the crows from East Saint Louis you talking about?

2003-12-28 04:06:44 PM
My vote for the most inexplicable headline ever. It misses on so many levels it could be an introductory course at a liberal arts college.
2003-12-28 04:14:38 PM
Are you saying they only want to get rid of the crows because they are black? Me confused.
2003-12-28 04:18:56 PM
Sorry, when I'm in a foul mood my humor gets very dark...
2003-12-28 04:21:17 PM
So I was right. Don't get banned.
2003-12-28 04:32:35 PM
Yeah, like my pearls of wit & wisdom garnered from the experience of living most of my life in left field would actually be missed by this bunch...
2003-12-28 05:45:34 PM
Firstly, these are no ordinary crows, these are the very rare 13-line bucktooth prairie crows. They are endangered not because there are few of them, but rather because scientist estimate that there should be about 300 billion of them. Kind of similar to the way saguaro cactus are considered threatened in spite of there being about a trillion of them. My bet is that the EPA will make each citizen of the town build a shelter for them, and donate 10% of their gross earnings towards feeding them.

To frighten away the crows, the city has used pyrotechnics similar to louder bottle rockets and firecrackers, as well as recorded crow distress calls played over a speaker system.

Yes, this will be much less annoying than the crows - we plan to scare the crows away from residential areas by continuous cannon blasts and simulated crow shrieking at 140 dB.

The poison won't affect animals that eat the dead birds.

What kind of poison is that - oh yeah, they are going to use that new magic poison.

I wish they'd do that in my city here. Damn crows are the rats of the sky.

Actually, bats are the rats of the sky.

And as far as the Native American discussion threadjack, I would just like to point out that this continent was not some disease-free utopia prior to Columbus. Some people will claim that whitey brought this disease or that disease, IN SPITE of the fact that the natives already had a name for it in their own language. Furthermore, the mode of transmission of said disease is almost always stated to be some method known to NOT be a possible mode of transmission. And then there is this bit about Native Americans being so environmentally conscious that they used every part of a buffalo. Please, someone tell me what they used the inferior iliac process for. On the other hand, the Natives would have taken some time before they worked up the nerve to nuke themselves.
2003-12-28 09:35:36 PM
IN SPITE of the fact that the natives already had a name for it in their own language

Name for what disease in particular? Talk about doublespeak, sheesh.

Furthermore, the mode of transmission of said disease is almost always stated to be some method known to NOT be a possible mode of transmission

WHAT?????? How does that make any sense? First of all, WHAT disease are you talking about? Secondly, are you trying to say that Europeans didn't bring ANY diseases to the Americas? That those diseases didn't kill millions? You better read up on your history buddy.

Suggested starting point: The Spanish conquest of the Aztecs. 80% of the Aztec population was wiped out by various diseases brought by the Spanish.
2003-12-28 10:05:38 PM
Wacking day, oh wacking day!
2003-12-28 10:43:57 PM
I have Guns, Germs, and Steel. Diamond makes some good
arguments. especially about the lack of suitable large
domestic animals in some parts of the world.
I think he goes too far with his theory in that he
give no thought to the influence of culture. Even on the
Eurasian landmass there existed certain cultures up untill
fairly recent times which never got much above the
neolithic level (except where they used borrowed tools
and weapons.
Also I think culture best explains the advance of Europe
after about the year 1600. China and the moslem world
had a more advance material culture untill about that
time. The introduction of new ways and new ideas during
the enlightenment removed many barriers to progress.
BTW crows stink
2003-12-28 11:14:58 PM
(Sung to tune of "Jingle Bells")

Jingle bells .410 shells, Mr. Crow is Dead.
Crosshair took a .22 and shot him in the head.
PETA Girl, PETA Girl tried to save his life.
Crosshair Joe, Commando, Laughs into the night.

(Would love to involve more diabolical ending, but I fear the admins, feel free to make up your own.)

PS. No my name is not Joe
2003-12-29 12:37:54 AM
Is it 'the birds' or 'dark half'?
2003-12-29 02:03:00 AM
"My vote for the most inexplicable headline ever. It misses on so many levels it could be an introductory course at a liberal arts college."

It's funny AND true!
2003-12-29 04:17:25 PM
Please, someone tell me what they used the inferior iliac process for.

For torturing pedants.
2003-12-29 10:15:43 PM

Of course, nevermind the REAL reason they're shooting the crows...

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