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(Christian Post)   Man claims Jesus appears in t-shirt fabric softener stain. "I've heard you can find comfort in Jesus but I've found Jesus in Comfort"   ( divider line
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2013-04-22 10:06:26 AM  
Great slogan for Southern Comfort.
2013-04-22 10:21:23 AM  
Looks like a juggler wearing a propeller beanie
2013-04-22 10:37:13 AM  
More like Robert Downey Jr.
2013-04-22 11:20:39 AM  
He has a fresh, clean scent, too
2013-04-22 11:38:45 AM  
Lucky bastard. Jesus is always giving me static.
2013-04-22 11:47:43 AM  

I_Am_Weasel: Lucky bastard. Jesus is always giving me static.

Doesn't he give that up for Lint?
2013-04-22 11:47:48 AM  
Clearly Doug Henning and the Illusion of the Floating Testicles
2013-04-22 11:48:15 AM  
Fabric softener?  Looks more like bleach stains.
2013-04-22 11:52:23 AM  
It also extends the life of your fabric.  Just look at the Shroud of Turin.
2013-04-22 12:26:34 PM  
Jesus, look at all the blocked scripts on that page.
2013-04-22 12:29:47 PM  
img197.imageshack.usView Full Size

"You should sell that shiat on Ebay".
2013-04-22 12:30:03 PM  
Pray to the bald Jesus.
2013-04-22 12:32:56 PM  
Jesus dried for our sins.
2013-04-22 12:33:08 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: Fabric softener?  Looks more like bleach stains.

My thoughts exactly.
2013-04-22 12:33:32 PM  
Since when is bleach a fabric softener?
2013-04-22 12:36:36 PM  
Worst.  Jesus.  Ever....
2013-04-22 12:38:17 PM Full Size

Snuggle Bear died for your sins.
2013-04-22 12:39:15 PM  

EvilEgg: Looks like a juggler wearing a propeller beanie

Exactly what I saw...a Juggler.

I guess it could also be a Wizard levitating objects in the air for a show...but I guess that would just be a type of juggling...
2013-04-22 12:40:09 PM  
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visualphotos.comView Full Size

/clowns need Jesus too
2013-04-22 12:43:20 PM  
So...Jesus is too busy to intervene during a marathon bombing...but he IS making appearances on people's shirts?

/Your Jesus sucks
2013-04-22 12:43:44 PM  
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biography.comView Full Size
2013-04-22 12:44:25 PM  
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2013-04-22 12:46:52 PM  
Coming soon: The History Channel Theme park. Just a soon as Branson or Kissimee is finalized. It's the museum to end all museums.

Take the Shroud of Turin ride when you're three sheets to the wind or the Masonic Temple of 'Sroom 3D ride when you have the 3rd Degree burns from grabbing the bong from the wrong end.
2013-04-22 12:48:30 PM  
images.christianpost.comView Full Size

OH! OH! Its a Metroid in a dark alley!
2013-04-22 12:51:53 PM  
Why is Jesus juggling?
2013-04-22 12:55:22 PM  
Well, Subby, I'd rather have this bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

/Southern Comfort
2013-04-22 12:56:43 PM  
That is one farking happy Jesus.
2013-04-22 12:57:38 PM  
What a shirt-stain!
2013-04-22 12:58:53 PM  
2013-04-22 01:05:33 PM  
looks more like a bad tie-dye accident, but aren't they all
2013-04-22 01:08:26 PM  
Jesus has really gone to shirt...
2013-04-22 01:14:26 PM  

MaudlinMutantMollusk: I_Am_Weasel: Lucky bastard. Jesus is always giving me static.

Doesn't he give that up for Lint?

Hang it outside in the sun for three hours and it should be immaculate.
2013-04-22 01:15:27 PM  

unfarkingbelievable: Why is Jesus juggling?

Cause he can.
2013-04-22 01:37:20 PM  
2013-04-22 01:38:47 PM  
Thanks for the new exclamation! "Holy juggling Jesus"
2013-04-22 01:50:06 PM  
Bruthas and sistas, I have seen the light! The tide is turning, and soon we will all be of good cheer. Jesus will spray-n-wash all our sins away in the glade by the river.
2013-04-22 01:57:40 PM  

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2013-04-22 02:15:16 PM  

BarkingUnicorn: Great slogan for Southern Comfort.

adrants.comView Full Size

If I grow up I wanna be this guy
2013-04-22 02:20:13 PM  
Jesus Christ on a cracker!

.... oh wait, that's something different

Never mind, carry on.
2013-04-22 02:41:48 PM  
forums.pelicanparts.comView Full Size

/Hot like a dog's butt
2013-04-22 03:01:29 PM  
Looking for a bleach stain on your shirt?  Why not Zoidberg?
2013-04-22 03:28:41 PM  

Counter_Intelligent: Looking for a bleach stain on your shirt?  Why not Zoidberg?

cause he's a Red Lobster

redlobstercouponsz.netView Full Size
2013-04-22 04:27:13 PM  


Ironically, it has more to do with evolution than religion.

2013-04-22 05:11:59 PM  
That's a dick going into a pussy from behind, with the curve of ass cheeks and the asshole in the middle. Full Size
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