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(Slate)   Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Boston bombing suspects: "They grew up in the United States; their attitudes and beliefs were formed there. It is necessary to seek the root of this evil in America"   ( divider line
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2013-04-19 03:57:19 PM  

Walker: Go read about this guy. He's a psycho killer, crazier than the bombers.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?
2013-04-19 04:07:36 PM  

spentmiles: Thanks Captain Obvious.

I was at Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt place, yesterday.  They staff nothing but snotty seventeen year old kids who think customer service has something to do with them receiving tips.  Anyway, this little biatch with black eye make-up and her uniform shiat tied in a not to show her belly button was working the register.  I brought up my typical 55 ounce waffle cone, half peanut butter, half mint chocolate chip.  She was a skinny little thing, so she looked at me and my ailing thyroid like I'd crawled out of the sea.  I wanted to scream at her about how I walked on the treadmill for almost twenty minutes - EARNING MY TREAT - but I knew the concept of working to earn something meant nothing to her.  Then disaster struck - while reaching for my wallet, I lost my balance, nearly toppled over backward, and simultaneously dropped my entire beautiful cone on the floor.  I'd spent a lot of time making it perfect, a little pride in my work - another concept foreign to this little twit.

First thing she says, lips snarled, "You still have to pay for that, you know."

Ok, fine.  I dropped it.  My bad.  But don't you think you might say, "Oh, I'm so sorry your beautiful cone fell on the floor.  That could really mess up your day.  It's like you got eyelid cancer and the only cure is removing them.  Not mortal, but boy, that sure stings.  I'M SORRY."

Instead I get, "You still have to pay."

I almost stormed out, but my blood sugar was so low from exercising all morning that I had to bear her judging glare as I lowered myself to the ground and used just my lips and mouth to eat the part of the yogurt that wasn't touching the ground.  I didn't even bother cleaning up the few millimeter barrier; instead, I went and made myself a decent cone and paid for them both.  I guess you could say that I showed her!

I applaud your effort. You most assuredly have a extra dense skeleton as well, given your obvious thyroid disorder. The labor you invested in salvaging some of that frozen yogurt was probably wasted on the self-absorbed twit.
2013-04-19 04:08:13 PM  

spentmiles: Thanks Captain Obvious.

Wow spentmiles- you're working up to the level of PocketNinja- you'll definitely get some nibbles from the peanutbutter and mint remark
(ughhhh... shuddering from that)
2013-04-19 05:13:20 PM  
photo.parismatch.comView Full Size
2013-04-19 07:05:39 PM  

worlddan: Well, the president is right. The root of evil is in America. If nothing else the response the last 12 hours proves that. The only way we know how to respond to an over-the-top action is with an even more over-he-top reaction. Whatever happened to," stay calm. breathe"? We "lock down" an entire city in the search for one man; people at the bus stops were told to go home and they went; that is the a cavern capitulation to evil. Yesterday a bomb blast in an Iraqi cafe killed 27 people. Life went on.

Only when we stop the drama will the drama stop.

Very insightful post. The idea that we should continue on living through terror and violence has ended all strife in countries like Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia, Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Chad... Eff this. You get my point.

/in case you didn't
/My point is that you're an under informed moron making gross generalizations about the nature if conflict around the world.
2013-04-19 07:31:14 PM  

bungle_jr: Somacandra: Oh please. A large segment of the American public cannot deal with the idea that a Black President born in Hawaii is a "Real American." Do you really think they're going to buy that a Muslim born in Chechnya who attacked Boston is an "American?" Pardon me for being cynical, but biatch, please.

these "birthers" obviously are stupid and/or ignorant enough to believe that there aren't extensive background checks performed on folks who hold high offices in our country. heck, i work for the gov't...just a lowly entry-level worker bee...and they did a thorough background check on me, including contacting people i know to gain info about me. to accuse the usa of allowing someone who was not born in the usa to become president is just asinine.
truth: obama was born in hawaii
truth: he has family in, and has lived himself in, kenya
he is by far not the first american to have family in, nor to live in, another country outside the usa

But this does raise a question about why the left is so gung ho about background checking Americans who want to buy a gun but do not want back ground checks done on people that want to come here to live.
2013-04-20 03:29:27 AM  
The kid is named after Tamerlane; the sword of Islam and the man responsible for the complete destruction of Christianity in Asia, and an historical that is hated even in much of the arab world because of the atrocities he carried out. I wonder what kind of values his parents brought him up with.
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