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(Digital Spy)   Apple reports the iPad 5 will give the iPad 4 self-image issues   ( divider line
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2013-04-20 02:48:43 PM  
I bet the cost would even out once you get a data plan for your tablet.

It really depends on how retarded your carriers are.  At one point in the UK voice was cheap, data was reasonably cheap but voice+data was 'bite down I'm coming in dry'.

Now it's very much "Voice?  Who cares, here's more minutes than you could ever use and totally unlimited data for £30p/m (about $55us I think)".  Even my iPad has like 100min of voice on it... and it can't make phone calls.  It's just there because nobody cares about it and meh.

Throw the slate on to a data plan and the phone on to PayG (again assuming your carriers aren't retarded about how they implement PayG).
2013-04-20 05:31:05 PM  
Apple jumped the shark with the iPhone 4S and the 4th-gen iPad. They're sellers, but the stock price isn't what it used to be, and the hegemony on mobile devices cracked when they left LTE out of the 4S, leaving them dead last in that category behind Android and Windows Phone.

The future of mobile devices isn't one spec of software and one spec of hardware. It's one spec of software and multiple specs of hardware. Apple has never done that, and they're now in the situation where they have to defend the market they created. With the exception of the iPod and iTunes, they've never done that successfully.
2013-04-20 06:25:19 PM  

Muta: StrikitRich: If they shrink the iPad and reduce the battery life I think that would be a step backward.

But it's getting a new hat!

.....I want it I want it I want it I want it!!!
2013-04-20 06:31:57 PM  

Orgasmatron138: I have a tablet, and I'm thinking of getting rid of the smartphone.  The things I like about the smartphone are better on a bigger screen.  At this point I could save a lot of money by just going back to an old flip phone for calls and texts, and using the tablet for the other stuff.

Is there a simple phone that I can use for calls, camera and to tether a Nexus 7?
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