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(Vice)   In Australia, a country peopled for hundreds of years with the undesirables of Britain and possessing a culturally suppressed conquered native population that has turned to social scavenging to survive, they are having a problem with racism   ( divider line
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2013-04-18 01:53:25 PM  
3 votes:

links136: it has a historically horrible racist context, and there's no way to change that now.

Horribly racist context in the USA.  Other countries don't have the same rules, and despite perceptions, Australia isn't part of the USA.  Sort of like how the Swastika now has horrible context for 'Western' civilizations, but not for Eastern ones.  That's why I said 'consider global opinion'.  Do we really want to have to worry how Middle-Eastern and African nations will take stuff we broadcast mostly internally?

Besides, I gave an example of a white actor dressing up in blackface and getting a good reception - Tropic Thunder.

Don't let the racists make us have whole books of actions we have to be careful not to do in order to not associate ourselves with them.
2013-04-18 11:32:35 AM  
3 votes:

Walker: Oh, here's a picture of it. The guy playing Michael Jackson was in white face. This was 2009 folks.
[ image 635x418]

You know, I have to wonder if this is a case of us getting butthurt over nothing?  We don't complain when people all over the place reenact "the thriller".  We didn't complain when Downey was playing a black man in 'Tropic Thunder'*.  I mean, the idea of a group of white people doing the 'Jackson 5', with the guy playing MJ in <i>whiteface</i> is getting into social commentary/parody on a number of levels, keeping in mind that he was an international figure.  Peruse political cartoons and you typically don't see a whole lot of subtly.

Roughly speaking, free speech isn't free if you're not free to offend people.  It still isn't free if you have to analyze WORLD OPINION for everything you're going to do.

*Though that might have to do that he did a really good job at it.
2013-04-18 11:16:26 AM  
2 votes:
.. No mistreating the abbos... If anyone's looking. Too right, Bruce.
2013-04-18 02:46:39 PM  
1 vote:

Gothnet: Walker: There aren't many black people in Australia (they don't count the Aborigines as black). It is still mainly a white country. I have friends there and see pictures on Facebook they put up of their kids playing sports and kids at school and it's mostly all white kids (mostly blonds). In 2009 on an Australian TV talent show a group of white guys (all highly educated doctors) performed in black face as the Jackson 5. The world was outraged and Australia was like "What? Was that wrong?"

Don't forget that 'Coon' is a major brand of cheese over there too...

Aborgines do count as black, the tv show dedicated to aboriginal affairs over there is called "Living Black". It's just that there aren't enough black folks of African descent in the country to have a category of their own. Or historically there haven't been, I think the demographics are shifting slightly.

Wasn't Coon the last name of the fellow that created the cheese?
2013-04-18 01:54:52 PM  
1 vote:

Walker: Oh, here's a picture of it. The guy playing Michael Jackson was in white face. This was 2009 folks.
[ image 635x418]

That offends you?! You devote brain space to worrying about things like that?
2013-04-18 12:09:30 PM  
1 vote:

Walker: stonent: Walker: Oh, here's a picture of it. The guy playing Michael Jackson was in white face. This was 2009 folks.

I believe Harry Connick Jr. was one of the judges (could be wrong) and he just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Later he said that we don't do stuff like that in America.

Yeah, he was the one who pointed out it was wrong. The Aussies didn't get why he was offended at first.

Obviously, he was offended by the historical inaccuracy.

I mean, everyone knows Michael Jackson still appeared to be black when he was with the Jackson 5... Even at the Motown 25th performance.
2013-04-18 12:08:58 PM  
1 vote:
A country that had an official policy to steal aboriginal children from their parents and force them into domestic servitude up until the 1970s, may have a racism problem?
2013-04-18 11:50:07 AM  
1 vote:
*crosses Australia off my to-visit list*

New Zealand is prettier and gayer anyway.
2013-04-18 11:49:05 AM  
1 vote:
Maybe I'm thick today (it's been a very bad month indeed) but what the heck is "social scavenging"?
2013-04-18 11:18:44 AM  
1 vote:
In America, a country peopled for hundreds of years with the fundies of Britain...etc, etc
2013-04-18 11:18:21 AM  
1 vote:
I'm just glad we're not a country settled by the cast-offs of Europe.
2013-04-18 11:13:17 AM  
1 vote:
"Arkansas with a Beach"
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