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(YouTube) Video "We've run out of lemon juice", he said bitterly. (language Not safe for work)   ( divider line
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3586 clicks; posted to Video » on 18 Apr 2013 at 10:13 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-04-18 10:36:35 AM  
joeballcompany.comView Full Size
2013-04-18 10:48:47 AM  
Furious Pete needs to take a dirt nap.
2013-04-18 10:54:34 AM  
Done in one.
2013-04-18 10:55:05 AM  
that dude is going to have the runs big time after that much lemon juice.
2013-04-18 11:25:41 AM  
How does this crap get greenlighted? Future "featured partner"?
2013-04-18 11:41:36 AM  
I think he said it well in the video description;

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2013-04-18 11:58:30 AM  
I would have thought he would have been sour about it.
2013-04-18 12:25:46 PM  
I kept waiting for him to lose a finger or two with the way he was handling that knife.
2013-04-18 12:44:02 PM  
2013-04-18 12:57:02 PM  

prjindigo: i v&src_vid=lxlJrMRkfEw&v=3AyFmXJ8qBU

fark the previous video
check out the chick in this one

There was no chick in the video you linked.
2013-04-18 01:09:30 PM  
I got heartburn just watching that.

drugline.orgView Full Size
2013-04-18 02:24:27 PM  
His balls are probably the size of peas.
2013-04-18 02:29:58 PM  
did he not say at the beginning the challenge was 4 shot glasses of lemon juice?
4 shot glasses = 3 giant bottles?

I'd imagine the inside of his stomach probably looks like this:
memeorama.comView Full Size
2013-04-18 02:32:50 PM  
He is very pretty

But his cursing makes me think

That the juice of the poor lemon

Is impossible to drink.
2013-04-18 03:27:19 PM  
Dear Pete, Please put on a proper shirt.
2013-04-18 08:18:23 PM  
Dude he's such a bro. I'm sure he has a bunch of cool stories
2013-04-18 09:11:16 PM  
What the hell has gone wrong with the world?
2013-04-18 10:56:41 PM  
4 seconds. I got through the "AHHHH" part.
2013-04-18 11:18:30 PM  
You know you drink a bit  too much when you can down a bottle of lemon juice, and breath at the same time.
2013-04-18 11:42:34 PM  
Bitter is a whole other taste than sour.
2013-04-19 03:14:22 PM  
I shut it off at the part when he didn't accidentally slash his wrist using a farking meat cleaver to open a plastic bottle. Beefcake meatheads never change.
2013-04-19 04:14:01 PM  

prjindigo: i v&src_vid=lxlJrMRkfEw&v=3AyFmXJ8qBU

fark the previous video
check out the chick in this one

At least now I know that its not just the 1 video of his thats gay and not funny.
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