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(The Daily Caller)   Congressmen introduce legislation to repeal the USDA healthy meal requirements for school lunches, because requiring a kid to salute the flag or pray before a football game is one thing; but teaching them to eat right? Well mister, that's socialism   ( divider line
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2013-04-16 06:44:26 AM  

Magorn: a possible answer starts rearing its head.

More than one. Given the lack of controls in your data and the fact that you focus on one explanation without discussing alternative hypotheses and why they explain less, I qualify this as "sciency" thinking at this point.

This is not to say that it is necessarily wrong, or that you are being an idiot, by the way. Only that this hypothesis is pretty damn weak, particularly when you realize that "African" is meaningless at the genetic level, and that various people of African descent have more genetic distance between their groups than they do with european caucasians. Race itself is a meaningless term when we consider the human genome.
2013-04-16 07:37:49 AM  
So if I got this straight, kids should be bootstrappy and feed themselves, except for the nation's young football players, who should each have a personal nutritionist and chef.

The amount of poutrage over school lunches is an excellent indicator of how easy it is for the GOP to distract rubes.
2013-04-16 09:15:46 AM  
gotta' keep that sozalism out of Freedom and crony capitalism.
2013-04-16 01:37:41 PM  

thamike: Empty Matchbook: thamike: Empty Matchbook: Featured Farker: Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

We ACTUALLY used to have Subway Sandwiches available for purchase. I think they were from some kind of "reject" bunch because, despite the fact that it said "Turkey" on the menu, they were basically mayonaisse sandwiches on sourdough bread with a bunch of shredded, pale lettuce and two THIN cut slices.

The pizza that tasted like it was made from industrial plastic was more appetizing (and likely healthier...)

We used to get surplus McRibs.  Disgusting?  Yes, but it was a reprieve from Taco Boat Tuesday.

Did they at least have the Sauce?

Yes, but being able to see through time didn't make them any less horrible.

Fair dues.
2013-04-16 03:40:59 PM  

I_Am_Weasel: "The voluminous menu that's good enough for the federal bureaucrats' cafeteria should be good enough for our children's school lunchroom," Huelskamp said

[ image 200x200]

No, no, this is a great idea.  I'd back that right up with "the lifetime comprehensive health care for the federal bureaucrats should be good enough for our children"
2013-04-16 06:13:25 PM  
Give the kids all they want to eat.
Put a treadmill under each desk, or a pedaling machine.

Lets make it fun.

Machines are hooked up to a generator. As kids burn calories, they power the generator. Generator powers school.

Kids are fed, fit, calmer, and cheap power.

My husband says I'm building a "working class" by doing this, but I think it has potential.
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