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(ABC7)   650 lb. woman pleads guilty to embezzling $60K. Money "may have gone to food"   ( divider line
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2001-11-28 02:37:43 PM  
$60K?? How did she eat the rest of the week?
2001-11-28 02:38:03 PM  
Customized bed???

Free weight loss????

Saving her life????

And she stole $60,000.

What a deal!
2001-11-28 02:39:46 PM  
In other news, health officials cite an interesting link between a new and popular weight loss program and an increase in crime.
2001-11-28 02:40:39 PM  
Now aren't you glad Rebecca Gayheart didn't go to prison? She would have wound up in this woman's colon.
2001-11-28 02:42:21 PM  
ahhh the smell of fresh posts
2001-11-28 02:42:29 PM  
2001-11-28 02:44:55 PM  
60k is a lot of McDonalds.. I don't know how someone can love food that much, that's really gross.
2001-11-28 02:45:01 PM  
The fact they left if up to speculation: "the money could have gone to food"...
2001-11-28 02:45:22 PM  
Wow, jail time sounds like a perfect weight loss program... unless she starts killing people who steal her food... hmmm

World Wide Wank- Well put
2001-11-28 02:51:29 PM  
The sad thing is that prison foods are high-starch, high-calorie so that prisoners will put on weight and become lethargic. The fact that this woman is losing weight indicates how wretched her diet must have been.
2001-11-28 02:54:04 PM  
Also in the news today, prison officials note an alarming rise in cannibalism.
2001-11-28 02:58:30 PM  
I think the other inmates are cozying up to her in hopes of being smuggled out of prison in a fold.
2001-11-28 03:06:50 PM  
What a fat, stupid pig. I have no sympathies for people that weigh more than my car. She doesn't deserve anything but a diet. ...and that includes 2 airplane seats. If you can't fit, that's your problem. Get off the airplane so it can take off.

2001-11-28 03:07:44 PM  
Ha -- This was the ad when i read it

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-28 03:09:14 PM  
Oh, I screwed up. But it was an ad for something something like "Dr. Food"
2001-11-28 03:11:13 PM  
fancy jacket - ack!
2001-11-28 03:15:56 PM  
yeah I bet the other inmates are "helping" her lose weight. I would like to watch that women's prison movie.
2001-11-28 03:18:25 PM  
wouldnt she need a special toilet too?
2001-11-28 03:19:35 PM  
Fancy Jacket, that picture just ruined my life
2001-11-28 03:22:17 PM  
That is one of the few types of people I have pretty much no respect for. Unless you have a bad disease that makes losing weight impossible, you've got to be really lazy and eat a ton to get that fat..
2001-11-28 03:26:15 PM  
I read about this in yesterday's local paper. The thing is, jail is the best thing for her, healthwise. They can monitor her food intake, and force her to get exercise. However, she's so out of shape, her exercise consists of walking around her bed, once.
2001-11-28 03:26:19 PM  
Where are all the defenders of the fat/ugly from yesterday's lingerie thread?
2001-11-28 03:26:20 PM  
Yeah Jinx, I'll have to agree. I know for a fact that a person's genes can greatly control how likely a person is to be overweight, but not to that extent. With any luck, this will be one of the "success stories" from our penal system, where she comes out of there light enough to get another job & not eat on my dime after that.
2001-11-28 03:26:24 PM  
Where did you get that picture of Fb's wife?
2001-11-28 03:26:43 PM  
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

His MOTHER !!!!!!!!!!!

2001-11-28 03:34:57 PM  
Why aren't we doing this for all hugely fat people?

Until it's safe for children to play in the vicinity of a Ben & Jerry's, the terrorists are winning.

Fat Camp For ALL!
2001-11-28 03:35:17 PM  
Of course it went on food. If she blew the money on $60K of crack she'd weigh 65 lbs.
2001-11-28 03:40:33 PM  
McChina just went bankrupt
2001-11-28 03:44:40 PM  
Molet2003 - I think it was for Mr. Food - he's on channel 7 news
2001-11-28 03:51:25 PM  
Mr. Food is a nationally syndicated food news dude guy thing.

you can see him on most channels prescribing to that network.
2001-11-28 03:58:45 PM  
Disgusting. The grossly obese should all be thrown in jails or at the very least, well-guarded fat farms.
2001-11-28 03:58:56 PM  
JEEEESUS! How the hell did "it" even fit through the prison gates?
2001-11-28 04:00:25 PM  
Blurred for the safety of your retinas.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-28 04:01:55 PM  


That was just mean...I just finished lunch and now...
2001-11-28 04:02:37 PM  
maybe she didn't take the money
sorry someone had to say it

thats kind of scary though, the fact that our tax dollars are paying for a special bed for that woman, as well as helping her lose weight.
2001-11-28 04:02:45 PM  
looks like there's 3 pretty girls in there fighting to get out...
2001-11-28 04:12:07 PM  
Bigpeeler has rendered me sterile. Ah well...
2001-11-28 04:13:23 PM  

I highly recommend Cellblock Sister. Fine, quality cinema.
2001-11-28 04:13:25 PM  



2001-11-28 04:21:45 PM  
my eyes hurt!
2001-11-28 04:35:56 PM  

I'd rather have my balls pounded flat with a ball-peen hammer than have seen that
2001-11-28 04:43:37 PM  
My eyes are bleeding
2001-11-28 04:45:51 PM  

I ah, well, I ahhhhh. Wow.

She looks to be actually posing for that picture like she is proud to show herself.
2001-11-28 04:47:14 PM  
FARKING YIKES!!! Big Peeler, thank you so very much. I have to resort to typing by Braille for the next week.
2001-11-28 04:51:29 PM  
That's not from your "private collection" is it?
2001-11-28 04:52:14 PM  
Roll her out and sell the greese. that is what homer would do.
2001-11-28 04:55:10 PM  
Haw haw:

"And other inmates help her exercise." chasing her with razor blades stuck in toothbrushes tying a bag of Cheetos to the back of the fastest guard dog
2001-11-28 05:17:52 PM  
Unless a person has a medical condition where they cant get out of bed or something........I can't understand how people can let themselves get so huge. Put down the cookies, take a walk. Do something. FAT and LAZY people make me farking sick.
2001-11-28 05:28:04 PM  
Kylie--I agree totally. I'm 65 lbs overweight myself; however I don't look THAT bad. I look anorexic compared to that pig in Bigpeeler's picture! My problem is I'm addicted to carbohydrates; if I cut those out I'm fine. I was just starting to lose weight when the pregnancy test came up positive. :) Well, once the baby's born, I can work on getting it off again. Take the kid and a stroller and walk around the mall a few times....
2001-11-28 05:41:37 PM  
There, but for the grace of god, go I.
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