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(Newser)   Most kids curse before they learn the alphabet. I learned it from you dad ...I LEARNED IT FROM YOU   ( divider line
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2013-04-14 07:11:19 PM  

JameZZ82: DragonIV: Molavian: I went the extra mile and taught my son when it's acceptable to swear.

This, and so did I.  Especially since I have a potty mouth anyway.

3rd'ed with my two kids.  My 3 year old knows that "daddys my little biatch" is only said at home and not in front anyone but mommy and daddy

4th'er with my two. My daughter also claims I told her what the words meant. "You're welcome, all part of your education kids."
2013-04-14 07:12:45 PM  
My 4 year old once said "hey daddy are we going to the fu(king grocery store"?   Of course I told her she was not to use that word, but was proud of her perfect grammar.  Left the room and laughed my ass off.
2013-04-14 07:33:37 PM  
This is true for  my second kid , the first not even close.
2013-04-14 07:34:47 PM  
We need to protect our foul-mouthed children from all the swearing on television! Save us FCC!
2013-04-14 07:46:53 PM  
 My two year old hasn't cursed yet, which I consider truly amazing given what potty mouths Mr. and Mrs. Rootus can be, but she knows her ABCs all the way through and can count to 20.
2013-04-14 07:57:59 PM  
My son (10) won't even say something is stupid, dumb, or sucks.  My sister's kids (10, 1, 3mo) curse like it's their native language.  Well, the baby doesn't...yet.  Same for my sister-in-law's kids.  It's not cute to see a 3 year old girl say, "biatch, whatever! You can kiss my ass!" or "Act like a ho, get treated like a ho."

Kid could be smart as a whip, but they're going to be treated differently by their teachers in kindergarten and beyond.  It puts them at an unnecessary disadvantage.
2013-04-14 09:01:50 PM  
Here is the NSFW version of the Reading Rainbow theme song where I'm sure so many kids learned a bad word or two.">http://w
2013-04-14 09:38:13 PM  
Kids learn to talk by imitating what they hear, and I was a good listener since a very young age. My mother tells me that once when I was 2, she put me in the car seat to drive to the store. As was sometimes the case with our old Datsun, the engine wouldn't turn over at first, and after a couple unsuccessful tries she heard my voice from the back yelling "Dammit!"
2013-04-14 09:40:38 PM

Watch your mouth, Mister!
2013-04-14 09:44:22 PM  

penthesilea: It's not cute to see a 3 year old girl say, "Act like a ho, get treated like a ho."

Maybe not, but that's hilarious.
2013-04-14 11:12:37 PM  

Molavian: I went the extra mile and taught my son when it's acceptable to swear.

1) Never at or around small children.

2013-04-14 11:39:36 PM  
Look "up" three posts, and notice the unecessary profanity in a blog about pimiento cheese sandwiches. My kids may have learned some words from me, but nothing compared to the filth they are exposed to daily on the internet and television. I just had them turn off the MTV movie awards for the same reason. It's a losing battle.
2013-04-15 02:10:37 AM  
Yep - I can't get my two year old to stop saying, "goddamnit!"
2013-04-15 02:20:31 AM  

rkiller1: When I was five or six my parents made me say, "I was born on a pirate ship" whilst holding my tongue.  Hilarity ensued, until I walked around grandma's house saying it one hundred million billion times.
/Of course played the same trick on my son.

Your parents should be ashamed. Not because the language is offensive, but because the joke is painfully trite.
2013-04-15 03:36:47 AM  

Hunter S. Farkson: Yep - I can't get my two year old to stop saying, "goddamnit!"

Last night at the dinner table, my (almost) 2 year old, surprised by my ability to open the ketchup bottle she had been working on for a good 20 minutes, happily exclaimed, "daaaamnnnn!"

I figure if that's the worst thing I've taught her, I'm probably doing ok...

/Parenting is just about 90% finding ways to suppress your urge to giggle. Because, if you laugh, you have lost that battle *forever*...
2013-04-15 08:04:19 AM  
My two year old has Star Wars sheets. Naturally, the first thing we teach her is what is on the sheets... Pretty good with "Tie Fighter" and "X-Wing." "Millennium Falcon," on the other hand... Well, I'll let you guess what that sounds like when your kid can't say "L" properly yet.
2013-04-15 09:48:48 AM  
you mean a kid will learn one succinct word before they learn the order of 26 different letters? GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE!
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