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(ESPN)   Peyton Manning drops pants, moons trainer, writes book, gets sued, settles case, releases news through his daddy on Dec. 24, just in time for no one to notice today   ( divider line
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11210 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Dec 2003 at 9:06 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-25 09:09:43 PM  
Yeah, go ahead and listen to the idiot kicker.
2003-12-25 09:09:58 PM  
I for one, welcome our new pant-dropping overlords.
2003-12-25 09:10:01 PM  
2003-12-25 09:10:04 PM  
Good. Can I go back to sleep now? Thank you.
2003-12-25 09:14:00 PM  
WOMEN training MEN? excuse me while i go get in my spaceship!
2003-12-25 09:14:02 PM  
I suppose she was brutalized by the cops... and oh, didnt she get trampled at wal-mart to? if you ask me, just sounds like another gold digger... she must have spent the 300k already
2003-12-25 09:15:23 PM  
May you have a Merry little Christmas.....
2003-12-25 09:22:21 PM  

Yeah, go ahead and listen to the idiot kicker.

Now there's a job I could excel at. There's certainly no shortage of idiots deserving a good swift kick...
2003-12-25 09:25:14 PM  
The self-proclaimed "ambassador of college football" did this?! With a role model like Coach Phat Phillip Phulmer to look up to (or try to look around, anyway) at the time? I am shocked.
2003-12-25 09:26:36 PM  
At first, I thought it said Preston Manning.
2003-12-25 09:27:04 PM  
more like peyton mooning. right? right?
2003-12-25 09:27:36 PM  
Here's an angle of this story I hadn't heard before. I think I'd sue if Peyton did this to me too.

"Jamie Ann Naughright said that while she was examining Manning's foot he pulled down his pants and placed his testicles and "naked butt and rectum" on her face."

Ewwwww. From this site I've never heard of.
2003-12-25 09:28:28 PM  
go jets!
2003-12-25 09:43:28 PM's impossible to place a rectum on anything.

Unless ol' Peyton actually did the ol' sit-on-her-head-like-that-one-elephant-did-to-that-guy-on-that-one-fun​ny-mpeg routine. If so, what an audible!
2003-12-25 09:55:09 PM  
If he placed his rectum on her then he is more talented than he realizes. Might want to watch out if he tries to put his head between his legs.

/obscure 'Meet The Feebles' reference
2003-12-25 10:00:54 PM  
She's a whiny biatch.
2003-12-25 10:03:07 PM  
Peyton Manning? Doesn't he have his own Place?

2003-12-25 10:12:36 PM might think it quite odd of me...

/slaps FarkingLikeIts1999 5 for obscurity
2003-12-25 10:16:42 PM  
whats the big deal?
2003-12-25 10:32:22 PM  
In other news, everyone without a U.S. passport will be fingerprinted when entering the U.S.

All Hail Big Brother!
2003-12-25 10:34:31 PM  
Way off topic, but what's with that spine on the SbB girl?
2003-12-25 10:42:31 PM  
Holy shiat, that SbB girl's back is giving me night terrors already.

This trainer beyatch sounds like a gold-digger. Next thing you know, she'll be suing for TN players dropping their pants in the locker room to take a shower.

/Looking forward to a charged playoff game between Pats and Titans.
2003-12-25 10:43:35 PM  
Rectum? Damn near killed him.

2003-12-25 10:53:51 PM  

But that spine is wicked disturbing...

almost looks like a candy cane... hmmmm
2003-12-25 10:54:31 PM  
This guy wrote a book? How many chapters did he include the phrase, "I did not force my testicles and rectum on my trainer's face"? What else is he going to write about?
2003-12-25 11:03:22 PM  
I'm not sure what it's like at the 1-A level, but I'd imagine that of a training staff of 3-4 @ the high school level, probably 1 of the girls is seriously interested in sports medicine.

The others just like the idea of getting to rub down some football players. My wife has some minor anecdotal evidence to support this, and the above two paragraphs are mere conjecture based on my knowledge of teenage girls and their desire to be around attractive teenage boys and sometimes slightly older men.

Now, of course, the players are getting treated like demigods and assuming all women would love to have their faces rubbed by their (the players') testes. Enough women permit this to give the players a certain attitude about women, in general.

Such attitudes are only made worse by the fact that one of the trainers probably DID permit such things to happen to her body; she may well have actively encouraged and solicited the players to do this.

Of course, if the girl did get harassed while at UT, and the administration ignored this to protect their prime studs, then UT deserve to pay through the nose.
2003-12-25 11:05:25 PM  
That spine makes me think of Alien 4: Resurrection.
2003-12-25 11:17:56 PM  
What, no pic??

(I guess that was obligatory...)
2003-12-25 11:30:48 PM  
Methinks someone is just after the money.

If Peyton Manning had been, oh... let's say... Gino Torretta, we would have never heard of this woman. Err, except when she went after Tennessee to get some money.
2003-12-25 11:34:33 PM  
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SMACK! what a whiney biatch this chic is.... ho ho ho
2003-12-25 11:39:19 PM  
I hate the Mannings.
2003-12-25 11:42:23 PM  
Wow, I'd take 300,000 to have his testicles and ass exposed to me.

I guess Manning is an asshat but that trainer didn't need 300k to settle the problem. I think an apology would have sufficed.
2003-12-26 12:21:32 AM  
He moons her, Coach says "Hey dumbass, apologize to her and give me ten laps" okay, problem solved, right? Nope, it's lawsuit time! Somehow I don't think seeing some guys ass is the biggest problem in that chicks life.
2003-12-26 01:12:36 AM  
Just saw the SbB girl. And yes, I too am reminded of the Aliens movies...
2003-12-26 01:30:30 AM  
It's not like he could say he slipped.

Sorry about the whole Testicle/Rectum/Face thing.
Really sorry.

Hey Puffy Didn't Toretta go to Miami?
2003-12-26 01:32:20 AM  
These quarterbacks today are just a bunch of punks. We need more guys with class like the old days. You know, guys like Joe Namath.
2003-12-26 01:45:34 AM  
If I had to pay a dime for every time I mooned some woman as a frickin joke, well, I guess I'd be out about $3.50 ...
2003-12-26 02:39:57 AM  
Peyton was a college kid... the main point being 'kid' (even if he was over 18). It's no different than any college kid would do. Funny though, how he gets sued for millions in emotional damages after he becomes an NFL quarterback. Methinks this suit would have never materialized if Peyton had become a 7-11 clerk or a dog catcher or something.
2003-12-26 03:28:21 AM  
Yea, leave the guy alone (and I'm a 49ers fan). We're riding Barlow all the way next year!
2003-12-26 05:47:00 AM  
I'd audible it.
2003-12-26 06:44:17 AM  
I like the way he droped his pants for the broncos this sunday better
2003-12-26 06:51:15 AM  
I got nothing but respect for Peyton. I was at the '97 Orange Bowl when the Huskers rocked his world. He tried hard, but the NU defense just had his # all night.
I gotta say, Vol fans are some of the most gracious fans in college football. I talked with some after the game and they were very cool about losing. Not like those whiny Gator fans back at the Fiesta Bowl.
But I gotta say, I was at the KSU game in Memorial Stadium this year. My cousin and I sat next to some PowerKitty fans and had a good time. Even when we were gettin the snot beat outta us, I stayed calm. Just kept thinking, we can't win, but I'm still gonna clap when the teams leave the field. But that last TD that put em up to 39 was too much and I decided I couldnt watch anymore. We bid the KSU fans a safe trip home and good luck against MU the following week.
Hehe, but they did me a solid in the Big XII Championship. The stomping they gave OU made people think that maybe NU wasn't so terrible, after all OU was undeafted and got slaughtered just a little bit worse than Nebraska. Hell, at least we made it look interesting the first half.

P.S. Not sorry Solich lost his job. He went out with a huge win over Colorado (excellent game!), plus he gets his contract bought out, so he made about $1 mill in that five minute meeting. Pederson gets paid to make calls like that. I'm actually surprised he wasn't canned after the 7-7, 2002 season.
2003-12-26 08:03:04 AM  
COOL another husker fan!
2003-12-26 08:52:01 AM  
I'm sorry, but that's just Naughright. (I bet she's a cow).
2003-12-26 09:23:31 AM  
I gotta say, Vol fans are some of the most gracious fans in college football.

Awwww. There are a few asshats, but most of us are fairly decent. Large consumptions of alcohol numb the pain after losing. :D

I'm going to have to agree with theory that this is just a ploy for money.
2003-12-26 09:32:28 AM  
Tennessee fans may be gracious in defeat, but they are insufferable in victory. Fortunately, Georgia fans have not had to put up with their bad behavior for four straight years.

Our secret? Dining on raccoon meat the eve of the game.
2003-12-26 10:40:08 AM  
She filed sexual harrassment charges because Manning mooned another player and she happened to see it.....

This could only mean one thing........

She must be one ugly biatch, cuz those are the ones who do this type of shiat. Ever notice how fugly the women complaining about the exploitation of other women are? Its like, "just cuz we dont wanna see your ugly ass..."
2003-12-26 12:19:37 PM  
What a stupid c*&t. I mean, come on now, if Peyton dropped his pants for me, I tell him to back it on up... my way. Mreow!! I'd like to tell that woman to suck it up, quit her whining. He's the whole reason I started watching football... for that fine piece of ass.
2003-12-26 01:20:50 PM  
Heh. I was at the '97 Orange bowl too. DAMN what a party. Drove down from Knoxville on New Years blistered at Hooters watching the FL-GA game (I think).

The Georgia Satellites played at the pre-game tailgate party before the TN-Nebraska game. We stood around all day watching the festivities, drinking free Coors Light. Got on Tracy Lawrence's tour bus for a while.

Watched the Huskers beat TN, then more drunken activities ensued. Skinny-dipping in the hotel pool, etc.

It was a LONG ride back to Knoxville the next day.

Beergod, if you are lurking this thread, THANKS for that trip. A helluva good time.
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