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(The New York Times)   50 former Nazi prison guards may be tried for war crimes. This is not a repeat of 1946   ( divider line
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2013-04-12 04:13:32 PM  

OnlyM3: For the most part we didn't really punish those involved at the end of the war. Yes there were a few exceptions, but we put a kid with a joint in jail longer than many of those responsible had to serve.

We executed a lot of those who were responsible.  We just didn't, at least at the time, generally consider the lowest peons responsible, and they're virtually all that remain at this time.  In addition, we were a lot saner with sentences back then, depending upon your morality.  Personally, I think that a 'kid with a joint' shouldn't spend any time in jail.

It has a lot in common with Rwanda, I think.  They've mostly decided that reconciliation is better than witch-hunts to place blame and punishment.

silvervial: However, the people who caused so much destruction and death only 10 years ago have gotten off scott free and in most cases much wealthier. Only some people condemn them, and only some people think the entire thing was a bad idea and no lessons were learned. If we really want to punish people for war crimes, then Iraq is the place to start, not 90-year-old former Nazis.

First, I'm assuming that you're talking about the USA for 'the people' and the conflicts in Iraq and/or Afghanistan for the 'destruction and death', if not please let me know which people and conflicts you're talking about.  As such, I'd argue that the 'so much destruction and death' from a decade ago is a lot more legitimate than what happened during WWII.  Pure military generals generally didn't get executed even back then.  Those that ran the death camps were.
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