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(Yahoo)   The five biggest flop, worst-selling car models of all time. It's not surprising that the Pontiac Aztek is on the list, but the 1964 Studebaker Wagonaire "convertible station wagon" actually seems kinda cool   ( divider line
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2013-04-11 11:46:22 AM  

RJB: They're showy and expensive, and their chrome trim might not handle abuse as well as a lower-tier truck, but you can throw stuff in the bed, FFS.

My buddy has an Escalade pick up.  I show him no mercy.
2013-04-11 11:56:18 AM  

Cyberluddite: The Cadillac Catera certainly wasn't Cadillac's first major flop.  There was also this monstrosity, the Cadillac Cimarron of the 1980s:

[ image 531x274]

It was basically a 4-banger Chevy Cavalier with leather uphostery, though it clost to twice the price of a Chevy (probably the equivalent of somewhere between $30K and $40K in 2013 dollars, I would guess), and a complete piece of shiat.  Anybody who bought one (including my friend's dad, who bought the first one I ever saw in person) was justifiably pointed at and laughed at by all other drivers.


My high school car in 1986 was a 1977 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Brougham.  The father of the girl I was dating bought a used '84 Cimarron and was really weird about showing off his Cadillac to me.  He was sending off this "I'm as good as you" vibe, which was odd, because I knew I was just a punk kid with no money of my own--it was just my dad's old car he got used, as well.

I asked my dad what was going on, since they both worked at the same place I thought they might know each other.  Turns out both dads were hiding the fact they disliked each other for the sake of young love.  My dad was an executive engineer, and her dad was a lab technician who hated working for my dad and the rest of the engineering department.

It explained a lot of the "keeping up with the Joneses" thing going on with the guy.

/The Cimarron broke repeatedly--the Sedan DeVille went on forever with no troubles.
2013-04-11 12:24:34 PM  

KrispyKritter: Pointy Tail of Satan: BMW only made 2200 of the first model MZ3 Coupe. When I die, they are gonna bury me in mine.

[ image 400x275]

i've seen that model only three times. i was excited as hell the first time, looking forward to seeing many more. that is one sexy beast of a car. i love that car and i envy your ride. enjoy in good health you lucky farker you!

--- Chevrolet Chevette: a more miserable pathetic car i've never driven. simply horrible. i inherited one. the steering wheel was at a strange angle, it was made that way, very off putting. that car took five minutes to get up to highway speed and heaven help you when you needed braking power. simply terrible deathmobile. may they all rot in hell.

Ah, the Chevette.  My first car.  Can't agree with you more.
2013-04-11 12:48:20 PM  

Tellingthem: I've said this before but i kinda like the Aztek. I think it is because it's so bad...

My neighbor has one.  He loves it.  it is actually his second one.  The first one got totaled in a wreck.  Not a pretty car, but decent ride, decent gas mileage, tons of space, and very cheap.
2013-04-11 02:05:01 PM  
Aerostar doesn't belong on the list. They made 50 thousand of them in the final year.
BTW- the '97 with the 4.0 and five speed auto is the one to get.
2013-04-11 02:15:36 PM  
Utilizing the line "the Caddy that zigs," the Catera's commercial featured Cindy Crawford (already an old-school model) talking to a cartoon wizard duck. Really.

They probably had a specific market in mind.

bestofthe80s.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-04-11 03:49:35 PM  
I kinda like the Wagonaire. You take off the top and open the windows, and you have more of an airflow than just sitting directly in the wind-funnel thing. It's like opening a window on each side of my house to get the cross-current. Of course I'm a Jeep guy that still likes the bikini top on so I'm not driving under the blazing sun, but still have a lot of air movement, so there's that.

What I want to know is if that few Azteks and Yugos sold, how come I've seen so many of them? I must have seen half the run of each car at some point on the road. Yugos turned into rust buckets in record time, too... Aztek had 1 thing going for it, and that was the tent that was designed to attach to the back so you could sleep in your car while camping out. I liked that concept, and I've looked at tents like that for my Cherokee... Otherwise, I agree, it's uglier than a farker's mom...
2013-04-11 03:53:41 PM  

netgamer7k: [ image 280x190]

What about this abomination to our eyes?

Remember, this was Pre-Charger, Pre-Challenger, Pre-Camaro. It was the closest thing to a retro ride we had there for a few years(Well, that and the Prowler, which everyone has a love/hate relationship with, too.). I still kinda like them, but I think they should belong to the car-show crowd, they just don't seem cool as daily drivers.
2013-04-11 08:01:07 PM  

ski9600: markie_farkie: The sad thing is the concept that ultimately became the Aztek was 10000 times better looking.  I suspect some assholes in marketing stepped in and forced more BRAND UNITY IDENTIFIER changes onto the final design.

[ image 850x505]

I saw one of these today and was like "what is that?"  Basically the same car but with AWD and better looking.
[ image 640x480]
2013 Subaru Crosstrek

I ran right out to drive one of those but bought a Legacy instead. They can let me know when they can make it as quiet as a Legacy. That's the only way I'd consider it. After having my Legacy for two months, I don't really care for another crossover (I traded an Outback). Other car is a Baja, which is absolutely hated by everyone who doesn't have one. I don't really need a crossover anymore, and the Baja does everything it needs to.

Mr. Atomic has a coworker who used to be a cop. She got her nose out of joint over his car. Apparently, only the most abject of liberal scum drive Subarus, and we each have one. We are, therefore The Worst People In the Whole World™.

2013-04-11 10:50:59 PM  
If I remember right. you could buy a new Aztek for about 60% of the original price for a while... maybe we see so many because these numbers are not included?
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