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22885 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Apr 2013 at 12:40 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-04-11 12:43:11 AM  

picodenico: Ahhh memories. Good stuff from the years past...names, occurrences, and scandals. There's a few names that even the mention of a while back would get one banned.

something 84, perhaps?
2013-04-11 04:40:53 AM  

skinink: I still haven't gotten over the latest Deadspin redesign, which made the site very user unfriendly if you want to read the comments.

And I laugh everytime I see Reddit, who's webmasters haven't learned anything about webdesign past 2002.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I initially looked up Reddit on my cell phone a couple years ago and remember thinking "Wow, this site looks like shiat on my phone" Then I pulled it up on my computer....
The phone wasn't the problem. Neither was my computer.
2013-04-11 04:42:30 AM  

Oakenhelm: YoOjo: Ryker's Peninsula:
Man, I haven't thought about Gorgor in a while.  I'm sure he's doing fine and about 3-5 on good behavior.

What era was that? My memory is not so good.
I'm guessing '04 - '06 but could be out by a few years either way quite easily.

He was still kicking around occassionally in 2010...I remember because I saw some of his...unique posts during downtime while I was deployed.

I started coming around here regularly in 2007 as a decoy for staying employed (with my boss's covert blessing), and I seriously thought one thread he posted in was going to get me fired if IT ever got around to viewing my history. However, the fact that Fark wasn't blocked when things like Gmail were, was kind of an indication that the IT guys were in on it too. Didn't stay at the company long enough to find out long term if that was true though.
2013-04-11 07:54:30 AM  

Shanghai_Flyer: [ image 800x600]

Gone....but not forgotten...
2013-04-11 10:08:25 AM  

Mixolydian Master: Shanghai_Flyer: [ image 800x600]

Gone....but not forgotten...

[ image 800x600]

serves him right for openly being a christian.

*looks closer* That's an ankh! Well... serves him right for wearing pewter-plated brass ankh on a shoestring, and sporting a middleshed, like it's the 90's. Geh-hey.
2013-04-11 11:54:41 AM  
I could never get into FARK on the PC, because OMG so many tiny links! But then I started using it on mobilw devices and it's the perfect size for absorbing a few funny headlines at a time.

Slashdot, OTOH, has been notorious for having several incredibly terrible mobile interfaces to their site. The best was Avantslash, but it was third party and broke every time /. changed something.

Someone from FARK go tell /. how to build a usable mobile site, please! Actually I'm finding myself pointing to as one of the few examples of a fully-usable mobile adaptation with relatively few annoyances compared to all the other crap out there.
2013-04-11 04:38:21 PM  
I'd been lurking since the fall of '02, made the account spring of '03. I also forgot about gorgor until just now (thanks, you jerks). The memories still make me shudder.!HA!-guy-pictures-in -t his-thread-stop-threadjacking-rest-of-them has some more Jeff goodness, and was one of the few times I legitimately laughed my ass off while reading a thread. Sadly, most of the images are dead links now.

/barjockey, you cock
2013-04-11 04:52:58 PM  

Alfonso the Great:!HA!-guy-pictures-in -t his-thread-stop-threadjacking-rest-of-them has some more Jeff goodness, and was one of the few times I legitimately laughed my ass off while reading a thread.

When "cliche" was more of a meme than "meme" was a cliché.
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