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(Bleacher Report)   Can Michigan bring the NCAA trophy back to the B1G? Will Rick Pitino finally win one for Louisville? Is Kevin Ware resting comfortably? It's YOUR NCAA men's basketball championship thread, LIVE at 9pm Eastern on CBS   ( divider line
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2013-04-09 03:21:49 AM  
To clarify, I dont HAVE to see a championship in which a Big Ten team lost to know its fan base is going to blame the refs.

I knew that would be what was going on in here when I came in.
2013-04-09 04:56:21 AM  

Demonrats: Lt. Cheese Weasel: bdub77: Lt. Cheese Weasel: Popcorn Johnny: Now you'll really hear farkers biatch, The Big Bang Theory is on.

Canned laughter shows are like a slap in the face. That show is worse than explosive diarhea.

My colleagues at work insist it's hilarious, but I've watched it enough (maybe made it through 2 shows) to know it is terrible. The blonde is smoking hot though, I just want to go in there and...

...get a new job with people who's IQ are higher than a salamanders?  Just a guess.....

I just had the worst diarrhea ever and anything is better than that. I lost 10 lbs in 24 hours this weekend and my anus is swollen. Being afraid to fart or drop a load makes me not want to eat which makes life worse. Hopefully I can work tomorrow. I'm just going to lay here with my legs in the air and let out slow gas bubbles for the next hour or so...

Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco?
2013-04-09 05:39:09 AM  
Lots of whiny Michigan fans on Facebook.
2013-04-09 07:35:28 AM  
The MVP was on the bench taking a nap for half of the game.  It was their game to lose and they lost it.  Don't blame one bad call for the game.  Michigan was the better team.  Louisville wanted it more. I am a Michigan fan and I am pissed at Michigan.

They have the NCAA MVP and a bunch of NBA second generation royalty and they ride on the backs of three white unknowns making three point shots.  Everybody else forgot how to rebound and keep possession of the ball.
2013-04-09 07:50:56 AM  

JohnnyRebel88: Has anyone filled out the Bracket Challenge on
If so what is your %?  I am at 88.9 going into tonight and have Louisville.
I just am looking to beat Obama.

2013-04-09 09:21:34 AM  
To all the people complaining about the refs, do you really think Michigan only committed 4 fouls in the second half with after 17 minutes of play?

ramblinwreck: Lots of whiny Michigan fans on Facebook.

Lots of whiny Michigan fans period. I like how everyone is saying the refs helped Louisville. Does anyone really believe that Michigan only committed 4 fouls in the first 17 minutes of the second half and UofL committed 10+? Please. Cry moar.
2013-04-09 11:54:29 AM  

Coach_J: Congrats refs, you won the game.

...and every other basketball game ever played.

Like my coach said, basketball is a game of bad calls, missed calls and maybes - get over it.
2013-04-09 12:46:28 PM  

ramblinwreck: Lots of whiny Michigan fans on Facebook.

Not whiny here.  Just pissed. Michigan was the better team.  Louisville just wanted it more.

Michigan had more depth.  Louisville's top player was sitting in a chair with a couple of crutches leaning against it. The top player for U of M had the second best seat in the house for half of the game.

The rest of the starting line up had the best seat in the house being five to ten feet away from Albrecht, Huestes and McGary while they did their jobs.

 The rebounds were sloppy to nonexistent when they benched McGary over foul trouble.  He most certainly wouldn't have been in foul trouble if the other players would have stepped up and actually kept a solid handle on the rebounds.

The long bomb and no-look street ball passes were cute during the first half.  They turned out to be the undoing in the second.

Congratulations Louisville, your hunger kept you alive and allowed you to persevere.

Thank goodness that most of the Michigan standouts will be back next year.   Good luck to Burke and his NBA career.  Don't get too used to that bench over there or you will turn into Jalen Rose.
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