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(   When you're dancing naked in the middle of the street at 8:00 AM because you crashed your car after smoking a mix marijuana and embalming fluid, it's time to do some soul searching   ( divider line
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2013-04-06 04:36:16 PM  

ows: hey Isaac, give me another one of those "love boats"

points fingers......

Came here for this. "Loveboats" will frak you out of your mind. Sometimes they're dipped in PCP, etc. My first time ever partaking was a loveboat. Incomparable.
2013-04-06 05:33:09 PM  

nburghmatt: you're wrong. unless you watched it being prepared and know it was actually embalming fluid being used. "Water" is slang for PCP.

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 Angel Dust!  Do you know what this stuff does to kids?
2013-04-07 01:09:32 PM  

mafiageek1980: Personal story: Hubby got his masters in may of '11. We celebrated by splitting a bottle of Absinthe. I had never tried it before. I ended up dancing in the streets. Mind you, this was Odessa, Tx and in front of our house. Fun times.
/read the article//would have LOVED to witness this dude doing this

Wow, you crazy. DANCING in the STREETS?? Also, modern absinthe is not psychoactive.
2013-04-07 01:45:36 PM  

FDR Jones: Wow, you crazy. DANCING in the STREETS?? Also, modern absinthe that you can buy at a liquor store in the US is not psychoactive.

The Bohemian stuff is amazing. You become a hyper-aware ribald bohemian warrior for happiness.  Better if everyone else in your group is drinking it.  Not an experience you want to be the only one in the crowd enjoying, however, you still maintain a strange sense of control and equilibrium throughout.
2013-04-07 05:58:28 PM  

Dahnkster: That used to be very popular among the urbans in New Orleans during the 80's. They used to call them
'clickems' , 'sherms' or 'shermans'. Have also heard of this referred to as 'getting wet' or they would mix it with tobacco or mint leaves and refer to 'smoking mint'. It is Phencyclidine ( PCP) definitely. I've heard two different ideas avout the 'embalming fluid' thing. One school of thought was that formaldehyde sounded more reasonable than telling someone they were going to smoke PCP or 'angel dust'. The other school swears that true drug addicts intentionally referred to the phencyclidine as 'formaldehyde'. These days most common preservative used for tissue preservation is 'formalin' and would more than likely be very unhealthy to smoke.
Either way that shiat will fark you up worse than the March of Dimes. Full ass trippin' balls with visual hallucinations and often floating or hovering sensation.

What about people that actually moisten their pot with embalming fluid? Because it totally happens.
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