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(Huffington Post UK)   Lazarus, the "vampire" kitty with a cleft palate, is in training right now to become a therapy pet. Hopefully he will be out in time for Caturday to bite you with love   ( divider line 1216
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2013-04-09 12:48:44 AM  
Happy Birthday QJ!  & many more happy and healthy ones to come!  (((((((birthday hug)))))))
2013-04-09 12:53:31 AM
followed by, if it's possible,
Tho belated, 'tis a Truly Significant Birthday because it came within spittin' distance of not being able to happen!  Hippo birdies quantum_jellyroll  aka KB8NDF! It'd take into next week to find the Numbered Radiograms list once more (haven't handled amateur radio traffic in a very long time, thio bet I could just get the list from ARRL), so will just say Hippo Birdies. 73 de N8CGM & WD9HDZ
=  =  =
Very late coming home from chori.  Mine had noms after contest dress rehearsal followed by quartets on list to compete, 4 of the 5,  then more beating of chorus songs into shape for this coming weekend.  I don't need to Be There until late AM Fri (both quartet contest Fri & chorus contest Sat start at Hah! Noon! straight up).  Expect to have no access to either Fark or Caturday until I get home Sun daylit AM.  Do expect to make it in on Purrsday, so bid all y'all Adieu til then, & do best to find light to turn off.
2013-04-09 12:59:52 AM  
aaaaand cuz me furr-gots again ideo .htmlvideo runs 2:19

now furr darn sure, Good Night & Good Night FM!  Mayhap best leave light on after all, just turn it down to 40 watts
2013-04-09 01:05:25 AM  
Hippo birdies quantum_jellyroll aka KB8NDF!


Not everybody is blessed enough to live in Ohio,Michigan, or West (By God) Virginia
but thank you nonetheless!  ;-)
Thanks to everybody for a great Caturday.
See you again in a few days!
2013-04-09 01:17:32 AM  
They haven't closed the this down yet so I have a minute to say Happy Birthday QJ!!

Also, one of the regulars here adopted a cat from me. She'll fill next Caturday with photos of her new kitty. Beautiful cat, going to be spoiled for sure.

Hope everyone has a great week.
2013-04-09 01:28:26 AM  
Just sneaking in to wish the inimitable QJ a very very Happee Birfday!  And many more!!!  Sorry no time to find pic...
We love you!  :)
2013-04-09 01:32:26 AM  

tigerose: kevinboehm:

This was pretty funny.

Bwahahaha! Man, that looks like fun! I had a toy when I was very young. It was this popper thing that you pushed..clear dome, colored balls and it made a most satisfactory noise. I loved it! My mom hated it..noisy thing...these ferrets remind me of that toy!

And yes, I am that old!

Oooo. O remember that! I had one, it mysteriously lost the handle. Then, again mysteriously, the dome broke and the balls disappeared. Mom really hated that thing. LOL.
2013-04-09 01:35:59 AM  

lilyspad: NotSoNiceBunny: Ack. Hubby is now mostly healthy, barring some dental things he just found out. Now Mia is sick and we're waiting for the results of testing. She's on some anti-nausea and anti-runs meds, that we can crush and sprinkle over her food. Waiting to see if Felix also gets sick, and hoping the answer is 'no.'

Trying to wrap up filing my federal taxes. Gods, what a pain.Wading through all the legalese on the various forms trying to figure out terms that are clear to the IRS but totally not clear to me... *sigh*

On the other hand, it's a beautiful day outside and I'm thinking I should go enjoy it. Maybe wait to do the taxes until my headache is gone...

Oh thing after another, huh??  I hope Mia gets better, and nothing happens with Felix.  Take care of yourself!!!  :D

Yep. Trying to keep myself healthy and less stressed. And Felix is still looking and acting ok. *knocks on wood*
2013-04-09 01:39:45 AM  

quantum_jellyroll: Thank you everyone for the kind birfday wishes!

In a moment of reflection late last night, I realized that I came extremely close
to not having this birthday just a couple of weeks ago.

I guess that comes from being either tenacious or too dumb to give up.

Nonetheless, thank you all very much for the good wishes!
Now I need to find some caek and ice creams!

Happy Birthday Q_J!!!! May there always be a kitty to greet you. And may all your hushpuppies be fresh!
2013-04-09 07:16:40 AM  
Good meowning!
2013-04-09 07:19:31 AM  
Good Meowning! I am on my way to the field trip. Wish me luck!
2013-04-09 07:54:36 AM  

quantum_jellyroll: OlderGuy:
Very glad you have this one... is today the actual day ?

Fifty eight years ago today, it was actually Good Friday.
I was like 12 pounds and 26 or 28 inches long.
My fingers were so long that the delivering doctor made the observation
that my folks had a piano player

I never could suck my thumb because it would gag me.
That probably explains a lot of the quirks I exhibit.

Not going there..... and we do have something in common.. 68  years ago for me...  and spent the morning getting the stress test... haven't gotten the results yet... dropped by work later.. they had a cake ready..  and some friends took me out to dinner last night....  Happy Birthday to us, then....
2013-04-09 07:57:34 AM  

ArmednHammered: quantum_jellyroll: 26 or 28 inches long

Dang dude! You must have had a tough time learning to walk without tripping on that thing, I mean 26 inches, holy smokes! ;-)
Hope you had a good birthday and that you have many more!

Nickname was 'tripod'.....
2013-04-09 07:57:56 AM  
Good morning all, time for this:
Got up and could not find my glasses, seems a bomb went off in my room last night. The nightstands were cleared, remotes and pillows on the floor, and only one cat on the bed. Must have been a fun game of tag. Glasses were on the floor behind the nightstand and only slightly bent. I guess they like Max living with them.
Have a great day all.
2013-04-09 07:58:58 AM  
Happy Birthday Older Guy!
2013-04-09 08:00:51 AM

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