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(The Week)   Note to the GOP: as you try to pull off a party make-over to appear more cuddly, inclusive, and centrist, and less angry and batshiat crazy; Michele Bachmann is Not Helping   ( divider line
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2013-04-01 03:02:55 PM  
3 votes:
My MIL had a recent run in with Bachmann down in DC that she told me about over Easter dinner yesterday. My MIL was leading a tour group of elementary school kids and Bachmann was in the place they were touring. One of the kids asked Bachmann what she did for a living..... so in response she launched into a rant about Obama and the Democrats' agenda and how evil it was...

Let's just say that the kind of class she displayed didn't really change my opinion of her much.
2013-04-01 01:58:03 PM  
3 votes:
Bachmann, in a rare break from slanderous right-wing hyperbole, decided to push for something practical: highway improvements in her district.
Without getting into the debate of public transport vs. more highway lanes etc., I think there's a pretty decent consensus that the improvements she's pushing for are a good idea.

She can't, however, add them to an actual bill. That would make them an earmark, which the GOP has decided are always bad, even if disclosed.

The Democrats campaigned partly on earmark reform after the Abramoff scandals, I believe they helped force disclosure of earmark authors* - if you put an earmark in a bill, you had to put your name next to it. Then when the Democrats took the majority in the House, the Republicans loudly complained that there were still earmarks. It's the sort of gross simplification of issues that are all-too-common; e.g., the argument that climate change isn't caused by man-made pollution becomes "there is no climate change and the earth is not warming".

So, we get "no earmarks ever, Dems said they were bad but still had them, and now watch us - no earmarks ever, ever, ever". This was largely directed by the Tea Party, led partly by Michelle Bachmann.

Hence, the one non-ideological, non-hyperpartisan issue she pushes for, she can't actually ask for in legislation because of ideological, hyperpartisan concerns.

*can't remember if the Republicans passed it while trying to retain the House or if the Dems did it after taking it over, either way it wasn't a priority before the Republicans found themselves in trouble following the Abramoff scandal
2013-04-01 04:43:52 PM  
2 votes:
It's almost as if Bachmann were a Democratic mole embedded in the Republican Party with the purpose of chasing away a wide range of voters.

I love how Republicans blame everything - even their own lunatics - on Democrats. Ok GOP, let's say you're right. Keep in mind the plan would only work if crazy nutjob Bachmann was plausible as a Republican.
2013-04-01 02:49:46 PM  
2 votes:
Watching the GOP try to run away from the monster they've created is just way too satisfying. Full Size
2013-04-01 02:44:12 PM  
2 votes:
MB "Try to imagine it: Let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. Let's not do that. Let's love people. Let's care about people. Let's repeal it now while we can."

Because everyone knows that access to health care is the leading cause of death?
2013-04-01 01:42:47 PM  
2 votes:
Her name has repeatedly been splashed in headlines because of her sensationalist statements that destroy her credibility.

Which is quite an accomplishment for someone who never had any.
2013-04-02 11:51:03 AM  
1 vote:
PartTimeBuddha:  So here's the thing. Republicans have this terrible record of picking losing battles. Why?

Because of the nature of being conservative. It means, for good or for ill, no change from the status quo. If something is already 'good' (for various definitions of 'being good') then being conservative and opposing change would be a good thing. But few things start out being 'good' or, at least, can be improved upon and made better. These changes and improvements are resisted by conservatives that try to maintain status quo. Usually such resistance comes in the form of scare tactics, dis-information, partial or selective truths, and cultivating a yearning for a past that truly did not exist.

Change is hard for conservatives because the idea of not changing is in the bedrock of the idea of being conservative. Whereas being liberal, progressive, or in some fashion non-conservative leads more easily to the notion of change and ability to change. However, on that side of the spectrum, you must avoid the canard of change simply for the sake of change. Somewhere along the way you need a group of people in charge that can work out if change is needed or not, how much change if it is needed, and the power to effect that change without going too far. The GOP is not that group of people.

/it also doesn't help that a good portion of their core base want this country run under a literal interpretation of their version of the Bible
//it's easier to change a bad idea than change a bad belief
2013-04-02 12:10:44 AM  
1 vote:
One positive thing I can say for Bachmann is that she does not make women look bad. Time was, a crazy female public figure made every woman look bad. "Look at that crazy biatch," someone used to say. "This is why women cannot be put in charge of things."

But Michele? She has a crazy so very much her own that it does not reflect on other women. Just a faction of her chosen party.
2013-04-01 10:14:04 PM  
1 vote:
Bachmann will be easily defeated in her district in 2014. She won by a scant 1.2% in 2012, and all the news about her up here is negative, crazy and corrupt.
2013-04-01 09:26:49 PM  
1 vote:
blueollie.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

I can never get over the security guard's look of disgust.  "fark this.  I didn't sign up for this shiat.  Look at this stupid biatch.  15 years as a personal bodyguard, the recruiter comes to me with 'you'll protect a federal agent on the nation's intelligence committee.'  Then I end up following this biatch around to 'investigate' gay pride rallies.  fark, I wouldn't put it past this lying sack of crazy to make up some shiat later about how she got molesting by a couple lesbians in the bathroom, which she never even went into, then I'll have people breathing down my neck wondering how someone got accosted on my watch, even though it never farking happened.  Wouldn't put it past this goddamn harpie.  Oh great, photographers noticed her.  Not quite as ninja as you thought you were, Ms. Crazyeyes?  I hope none of them get a good view of my face.  That's the last thing I need; my buddies giving me shiat for the next 2 years because of this stupid biatch.  Yeah... watch out there, biatch.  Those gays might see you, or something.  fark this.  I'm gonna talk to my boss when I get back in the office.  I didn't sign up for this shiat."
2013-04-01 07:46:58 PM  
1 vote:
The GOP is like a 1974 Ford Pinto. It's an underpowered, unsafe, slow, ugly relic from another era. And instead of the changes necessary to make it a better car, the GOP is designing a new hood ornament. They can re-brand all they like, but the product still sucks.
2013-04-01 03:47:39 PM  
1 vote:
Not one mention in that article of corndogs...
2013-04-01 03:47:05 PM  
1 vote:

verbaltoxin: Would some farker over in Blaine, Anoka or St. Cloud kindly inform us as to what the f*ck your problem is?

[ image 635x379]


imageshack.usView Full Size
2013-04-01 03:29:17 PM  
1 vote:
The interesting thing to me about all this is that people like Bachmann and Santorum and Perry are going to make the GOP's attempts at rebranding fail pretty miserably. If half or two-thirds of the party decide that gay marriage is inevitable so they should stop talking about it, and the remaining fraction keeps right on proclaiming that God'll smite us for not shaming gays straight, the Republican party's image as the anti-gay party isn't going anywhere. If half the Republicans decide to push for immigration reform as part of an outreach to minorities, and the rest keep dropping rhetorical bombs about 'those people' stealing our jobs, then their image among their target audience isn't going to change.

If your rebranding strategy relies on having your party stop talking about unpopular things, you need an overwhelming majority of your members to be on-board or it won't work.
2013-04-01 03:12:51 PM  
1 vote:

rjakobi: Didn't the Dems receive the same advice in 2004 with Dennis Kucinich?

How'd that work out?

They won the next two presidential elections?
2013-04-01 02:56:48 PM  
1 vote:
Would some farker over in Blaine, Anoka or St. Cloud kindly inform us as to what the f*ck your problem is?

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2013-04-01 02:47:39 PM  
1 vote:
"Bachmann committed no major gaffe to lose that lead, no revelation of old affairs, like Herman Cain, or inability to debate well, like Rick Perry," says Joel Mathis at the Philly Post. "Instead, what seemed to put off GOP supporters was the same thing that's always alarmed the rest of us about Michele Bachmann: She seemed just a little crazy."

The power of understatement...
2013-04-01 02:40:17 PM  
1 vote:
1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

Don't ruin it for the rest of us!
2013-04-01 01:16:46 PM  
1 vote:
All they have to do is NOT call people "wetbacks"
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