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(YouTube) Video On this Easter edition of SMHMHC, holy unblack metal band Horde invites you to listen as An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight   ( divider line
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1549 clicks; posted to Video » on 31 Mar 2013 at 1:41 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-03-31 02:03:46 PM  
2013-03-31 02:13:56 PM  

Great_Milenko: Pointless.

I'm not Nathan Explosion, but that was not very Metal and sounded mostly like a death rattle put to music.

/C is for cookie...
2013-03-31 02:44:08 PM  
Does subby's keyboard have hiccups?
2013-03-31 03:00:06 PM  
Hahahahaha. Christian black metal. Hilarious subby.
2013-03-31 03:12:08 PM  
2013-03-31 04:23:48 PM  
So now we're back to the Video tab?  Make up your mind.

/submitted Rotting Christ for Easter.  Must have offended someone.
2013-03-31 04:34:40 PM  
Unblack metal.

Oh goodie, another pointless sub-sub-sub-genre for folks to argue over.
2013-03-31 05:38:43 PM  
I thought this was pretty good this week.

Listen to Gravlund

/is the extra M for bring your own metal?
2013-03-31 05:42:47 PM  
I haven't thrown up any recommendations in a while so here goes.  Clean vocal prog metal.

Disperse has thrown in some djent to their ambient prog rock sound for their second albums "Living Mirrors"

You can guess what Profusion is about from the name.  They've got a second album "RewoTower" and includes a cool rendition of a traditional lullaby "Chuta Chani" from the Laz people of Georgia and Turkey.
2013-03-31 06:09:07 PM  
i've always enjoyed the atmosphere on this Horde record. the concept is overall pretty silly and they are a darkthrone rip-off to boot, but it has its own unique charm that i appreciate.

As for recommendations, i finally got around to listening to Drudkh - 'Eternal Turn of the Wheel' after avoiding it for a year (i hated their previous disc ' a handful of stars') and it's pretty good, on par with 'Estrangement' and 'Microcosm' in their discography. I feel they are too predictable anymore, however.

also i have been jamming Kjeld's 'De Tiid hâldt gjin Skoft' EP from a couple years ago. they are apparently working on a full length now, but i havent heard anything for a while about it. their sound is a good mix of classic and modern black metal styles. Ivich Libben
2013-03-31 06:10:20 PM  
Somebody hijacked the term metal, and slipped in some sort of grindcore when the rest of us who like things like melody weren't looking.
2013-03-31 06:42:25 PM  
Christian black metal makes as much sense as pro-Reagan punk music. Establishment attempting to appropriate outsider music.
2013-03-31 08:44:05 PM  
This is crap. Playing every note fast and screeching lyrics is not black metal. I suppose this might be "unblack metal" or whatever.
2013-03-31 09:12:46 PM  

EdNortonsTwin: Somebody hijacked the term metal, and slipped in some sort of grindcore when the rest of us who like things like melody weren't looking.

2013-04-01 12:41:13 AM  
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