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(Daily Mail)   Doctor, I have stomach cramps. Doctor: No you have baby cramps   ( divider line
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2013-03-30 08:12:56 PM  
I'm 35 weeks preggo so I'm really getting a kick etc...

I know this happens, I just have a really hard time wrapping my head around it. Especially as it currently feels like someone is fung shui-ing my internal organs.
2013-03-30 08:27:28 PM  

AlwaysRightBoy: Bathia_Mapes: AlwaysRightBoy: First, I plead total male ignorance, but how can you not know that there is something kicking around inside of you? At that weight?

Some women don't gain any discernible weight. Some babies, even though they're perfectly healthy as this child is, aren't very active in the womb. And some women continue to have their period throughout their pregnancy.

Thanks, the "period" was the jist of my question.

Ah, something I can help with. PCOS can really confuse a woman, since we often don't get yer normal 12 periods a year (or whatever it is, I don't really know, ahem). Anyhow. My son was born early July. My last period was late February before then, and unlike whatever favorited!er insisted it was impossible on the DM site (and the doctor I went to later for an unrelated issue), I assure you it wasn't "spotting". More like hemorrhaging, which also sometimes happens with PCOS (light vs. heavy periods).

So yeah, lots of weird shiat can happen in a pregnancy (even without PCOS or other issues). It just doesn't come up because 90% of the time (made up statistic), things are pretty normal. But 10% of the time is a lot of the farking time, lest people forget.

Another fun fact that people don't seem to know. Morning sickness only strikes about 60% of women, regardless of how universal it's been promoted to be.
2013-03-30 10:28:30 PM  

FizixJunkee: AlwaysRightBoy: First, I plead total male ignorance, but how can you not know that there is something kicking around inside of you? At that weight?

When I was knocked up, most baby movements felt like gas.  If I hadn't known I was pregnant, I wouldn't have given any thought to any sensations in my gut region.

This. Definitely felt like digestion gurgles for a few weeks, and then it started getting more distinct.

And tall women tend to hide pregnancy better than shorter women, luckily I'm the embodiment of that. If I suck in just a teeny bit you can't even tell I'm pregnant just by looking at me, which I'm grateful for. She could be a tall lady, and some women just carry really internally. Everyone's different.

/am jealous of her not having morning sickness symptoms though
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