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8296 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Nov 2001 at 8:12 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-28 08:15:18 AM  
2001-11-28 08:18:31 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-28 08:18:42 AM  
One less Chinese person in the world? I think it's safe to label this one as cool.
2001-11-28 08:26:32 AM  
Damn. I think that guy should have counted to 100 first.
2001-11-28 08:28:40 AM  
someone send ninja burger after that man
2001-11-28 08:32:21 AM  
How come when I help my son with his Tae Kwon Do I get the crap kicked out me, like anyone will write a story about me if he kills me...
2001-11-28 08:33:43 AM  
"I only beat him because I wanted to help him, so he wouldn't grow up to become an underdog."

Well he won't grow up at all at this rate...
2001-11-28 08:47:17 AM  
This reminds me of a prank on Lowtax was talking to some parental guidance woman or something like that. He was pretending to be chinese or japanese or whatever and he used a box that he puts his kids in to learn, then he beats the box until the kid learns stuff!

The woman was horrified and hilarity ensued!
2001-11-28 08:54:36 AM  
That'll learn him
2001-11-28 08:58:57 AM  
oh god no! Not the box, pleeeeaasse not the box again daddy.
2001-11-28 09:00:10 AM  
Fb- someone oughta label you as farking half-wit arsehole. As if it hadn't already been done.
2001-11-28 09:00:28 AM  
I like the add at the bottom right of the article.
It reads:

" Avoid the Costly Mistakes of Downsizing"
2001-11-28 09:04:01 AM  
"I only beat him because I wanted to help him, so he wouldn't grow up to become an underdog."

Great plan. Now let's take you, shove babmoo shoots up your fingernails and throw you down for an extended caning while you're being castrated. After all, we don't want you yo become and underdog either.
2001-11-28 09:09:20 AM  
Albert: Thats the one! yeah! :)
2001-11-28 09:14:31 AM  
Where's the Children's Defense Fund on this one?! And Amnesty International?!

I forgot. Their primary goal is to torture Americans.
2001-11-28 09:15:47 AM  
Just ignore Fb-, he has proven his moronic-ness over and over, and apparently needs attention, no matter whether it's criticism or not, and unfortunately, I'm adding to that by even saying so.

A child being killed is never funny, and if you think it's funny or cool, you have more problems than anyone could ever adress here.
2001-11-28 09:18:14 AM  
Oops, make that "ever address here." Can't spell today, apparently.
2001-11-28 09:32:28 AM  
I always root for the underdog.
2001-11-28 09:35:54 AM  
This is not the first time shiat like this happened in China... and sadly, probably will not be the last...
2001-11-28 09:36:40 AM  
Wow that's 2 moronic comments from Fb- that I've read today.

I didn't know China had rednecks too
2001-11-28 09:39:26 AM  
Hate to tell you guys: This is Standard Operating Procedure in many, many Asian families. Also, in my family. My dad used to hit me when I didn't learn.
2001-11-28 09:40:21 AM  
It was only in the middle of the night that a strange twitching of his boy's legs alerted him that something was wrong.

I don't suppose the kicking and beating sent him any signals???

No wonder they monitor how many children they can have...
2001-11-28 09:45:09 AM  
AlfonsoTheBat: for that horrible misspelling... you get the BOX!!! You will be beaten!!!
2001-11-28 09:46:54 AM  
In China they don't have too many wussies complaining about the death penalty. This guy will probably get what's coming to him.
2001-11-28 09:51:37 AM  
Fb- is the father.
2001-11-28 09:53:23 AM  
Playa Hatah-
There are rednecks all over this great world.
In other news, Fb- proves that he's an idiot for the 9,000,000th time
2001-11-28 10:05:18 AM  
Bildo, thanks for not killing me for it.
2001-11-28 10:09:06 AM  
To everyone that's upset that people can joke about this... Shut up! Welcome to Fark. If you don't like demented humor, go get your news from

Can I laugh at jokes about this... Yes.
Am I glad it happened... No.
Do I think they oughta peel the skin off this guy and roll him in salt... Absolutely.
2001-11-28 10:22:04 AM  
Do we need a "Dead Baby" tag?
2001-11-28 10:24:37 AM  
Finkboy, there's a difference between laughing at jokes about something, and thinking that the thing itself is funny.

Can I laugh at jokes about it? Yes, if they're funny.

Can I laugh about the child being killed? No, there is nothing funny to laugh about, and again, if you think it's funny, you need help.
2001-11-28 10:44:01 AM  
france surrenders
2001-11-28 11:08:58 AM  
He was chinese, how could he count to 100?
ˆê•S perhaps, but 100?
A bit excessive me thinks
2001-11-28 11:09:44 AM  
Now instead of underdog, he's underground...this is farking sad....
2001-11-28 11:10:38 AM  
fark you, Fb
2001-11-28 11:15:39 AM  
The next headline like this will be "Man kills entire village for not being able to recite PI to the 100th decimal place".
2001-11-28 11:21:48 AM  
2001-11-28 11:24:36 AM  
Fb-, I already knew you were ignorant and foolish, I didn't know you were a racist as well.
2001-11-28 11:27:02 AM  
Throw the old man in jail and make sure he knows how to count up to 1000. I mean that's how many cocks he is going to get up his ass once the prison population finds out what he did.
2001-11-28 11:27:35 AM  
Hey, at least he freed up enough space to have another kid.
2001-11-28 11:30:44 AM  
the father should get a hunded kicks to the head... and then he must cut down the largest tree in the forest with ... A HERRING!!!!!
2001-11-28 11:31:34 AM  
Perhaps Fb- is just concerned about the high population density in China; attempting to find the silver lining in an dark cloud. Or, he's an idiot.
2001-11-28 11:38:33 AM  
Maybe the kid was really counting in hex, and stopped at 64.
2001-11-28 11:49:37 AM  
"I only beat him because I wanted to help him, so he wouldn't grow up to become an underdog."

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-28 11:54:53 AM  
After he learned to count to 100, he was supposed to remember which menu item corresponded with each number.

53..Beef and Broccoli?

Is that your final answer?


Wrong. You die now.
2001-11-28 11:56:28 AM  
"McOne..., McTwo..., McThree......"

Seems pretty straight-forward to me.....
2001-11-28 12:11:01 PM  
AlfonsoTheBat: So basically what you are saying is that anything _you_ don't find funny is morally reprehensible and the person that dares laugh at such a thing has problems and deserves to die and burn in hell for all of eternity right?

Not that I'm saying that this specific death (as referred to in this article) is funny, because it isn't; but I can honestly find myself guffawing at certain people's deaths. Not the manner in which they died, but rather that they are no longer draw breath.

Example 1: (Hypothetical situation)
A guy is driving around on the highway recklessly. Suddenly he crashes into a tree and fireballs. I witness the entire thing. Is it funny? fark yeah. Would I stop to help or even alert the authorities of a death? fark no.
2001-11-28 12:39:40 PM  
Nope, that's not what I'm saying. Read it again. Notice the part that says "a child being killed is never funny."

I've laughed at many a Darwin award story.
2001-11-28 12:44:31 PM  
i need to quit making assumptions... like the one i made when i read the title and assumed this took place in arkansas.
2001-11-28 12:52:45 PM  
Would I stop to help or even alert the authorities of a death? fark no.

2001-11-28 01:06:31 PM  
Back to my hypothetical situation.

Replace "a guy" with "A stoned, joyriding 14 year old kid".
Boom, instant funny child death.
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