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(Slate)   Adderall makes you smarter, but is it cheating?   ( divider line
    More: Obvious, Adderall, David Plotz, Nora Volkow, doctor's visit, ADHD  
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2013-03-28 04:09:59 PM  
Vyvanse 100% changed my life for the better.  It turns out I wasn't just anxious and depressed - I was anxious and depressed because I was having harder time forcing myself to concentrate on things then I should have.  I make fewer errors at work, I'm more productive, I'm happier, friendlier, nicer, I've lost 55 pounds and am almost down to a healthy weight. Partially because it makes me want to eat less, but also because I have the energy and motivation to go work out when I get home after a collective 11 hours of work and 3 hours of driving.

I'm not cheating - I'm just being the best me that I can.
2013-03-28 04:11:00 PM  
I had him at when he reached up and jerked out his front tooth - from there I just rolled my eyes and skimmed it as a semi-amusing fiction.

Yep. I was like, "ADHD? Your kid was farked in the head."
2013-03-28 04:54:53 PM  

Bad_Seed: /Remember kids, Adderall = speed

Hell yeah. I love me some amphetamines. I prefer about 120mg of the addies, if they're the long lasting type with beads in a capsule then you can crush the inner capsules up and get the goodies. You can shoot 'em but you want to use more heat than normal.
2013-03-28 04:58:47 PM  

Kingly Weevil: Vyvanse 100% changed my life for the better.  It turns out I wasn't just anxious and depressed - I was anxious and depressed because I was having harder time forcing myself to concentrate on things then I should have.

This was my experience exactly.  Once I was diagnosed with ADHD and was put on Adderall, my depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem went out the window.
2013-03-28 06:38:46 PM  

spentmiles: My adopted son had severe ADHD.  For example, we just sitting in the living room, watching television, when he reached up and jerked out his front tooth.  I tried to get him involved in little league baseball, but on his first at bat, he turned around and attacked the umpire, fracturing his skull to the point doctors had to permanently wire his ocular cavity to keep his head together.  We were riding home from a therapy appointment, doing highway speeds, when he just opened the car door and got out.  I watched him roll in the rear view mirror and then a tractor trailer crushed his abdomen and pelvis with its driver's side tires.  He was still alive when I finally got to him.  He was trying to stand-up, though his legs were severed.  His eyes were frantic.  I think he didn't understand what he'd done, either the act of getting out of the car or the consequences of it, which was typical of his disconnect.  I pushed his wet hair off his forehead and as I held him, he became clear for a moment, focused.  I thought he was going to say something; instead he reached up with his working arm and poked out my left eye.  Then he died to my screaming.

Maybe I should've have been so stubborn in my opposition to drug therapy, though I still don't think it's a good idea to poison our children with these laboratory experiments, none of which anyone knows exactly how they work.

That's a cool story, Zeus.
2013-03-28 08:18:22 PM  
They don't make you smarter. They help you focus and concentrate. It doesn't magically level up your IQ.

//is on Ritalin
2013-03-28 08:55:26 PM  

chocolate covered poop: liam76: willfullyobscure: Actually it was pre med BS(Chem) and a double English/History BA and I graduated with 134 credits, but got completely burned out and disenchanted with modern medicine. Might go like back into research when i stop making loads of money, but being a pill pusher? yeah, no thanks

Maybe it was my school, maybe it was unique to engineering, but you weren't going to graduate on rote skills.

Yeah, as someone who was tempted to try the pre-med route but ended up doing a BS in chemical engineering I can tell you at least from my perspective that it was pretty far from being rote.  Most of the exams we took were open book.  If you could not grasp the mathmatical concepts and reasoning required to solve a problem, you were quite farked, and memorization wasn't going to help you.  I suppose the aspect of knowing how to frantically page through a text book with 5 minutes left in an exam when you have 5 out of 5 questoins with no answers could be considered "rote".

  Also a huge part was working as a team on group projects and (implicitly on) homework.  You can memorize math to a certain extent, but I don't think the conceptual framework is something that can be learned by brute force memorization.  You can memorize the derivation of the Bernoulli equation, but that does not mean you "get" what the equation means and how it can be applied practically.

\only time I considered trying adderol was when I was taking a molecular bio elective and studying for finals til 3 am, rarely studied for actual chem e exams - but the actual coursework was another story...

Okay, maybe rote was a bad word. Of course you learned process, like math and engineering methodologies and thinking skills like interpretation and logical argument,  that's a big part of the educational process through undergraduate. And I'm not putting that down- its easy to forget how much we have to earn to perform certain tasks. But everything you learned, so did everyone else.

What I am trying to convey, is that with nearly 100% certainty, barring the exceptional teacher or classroom situation that is actively selecting students for their brains, putting the work in is vastly more important than actually possessing a superior intellect. Anyone with average to slightly above average intelligence- IQ of 100-105, say, can get straight As throughout any undergraduate curriculum simply by working hard and following directions. It says next to nothing about their eventual career, contributions to the field, personal success or whatever. This is on purpose.

how smart you are, your innate intelligence, ability to make connections and gain insights and further your field, only kick in when you start doing self-directed research. that's why its wrong to say Adderall makes you smarter. Its another reason I was disenchanted with pre med- I looked around and was like, "holy shiat, they're going to let these dunces cut people open simply because they're good at following directions. yikes"
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