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(CNN)   The internet is really just one big junior high school. Now quit whining, and take your wedgie like a man, nerd   ( divider line
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2013-03-28 11:46:35 AM  

Pangea: Phineas: If the Internet is junior high, then Fark is the group of wanna-be hippies playing hacky-sack in the hallways and putting Grateful Dead stickers on their trapper keepers, without understanding what they represent. They're eager to embrace new ideas, without fully comprehending them, but it angers their parents so they get on board quickly. They quickly become a mindless clique of drones, eager to satisfy each other, without actually contributing anything new of their own.

And you're one of the non-conformist, alternative types who projects a negative attitude as a substitute for your true emotions. You represent everything with a facade of apathy because it hurts you to accept the fact that nobody really cares about your opinion in the first place. It's difficult to realize that despite all importance you place on yourself, you're actually completely insignificant.

Wow that post right there just cinched the internet as jr high theory.
2013-03-28 12:34:21 PM  

mikefinch: Agent Smiths Laugh: That's a nice notion, but sadly not true.
The cliquishness, bullying, abuse of position and power, cults of personality, and aggressive ostracism never actually leave for many people. They just diversify into wider venues.
I've met, or seen others suffer, far too many people who never outgrew that phase of their lives to believe in your optimistic viewpoint.
If anything, it has taught me to despise mankind.

idk -- on one side i agree. The whole "it gets better" anit-bullying campaing is such bull. Adults perpetuate the exact same behaviours they discourage in their kids. Gossip and vitriol are the adult tools of bullying. It all stays the same. People are terrible. No empathy. Maybe they have a sense of empathy, they just dont like the way it makes them feel when they use it...

But at the same time school does NOT matter. People can change. I'm different. I was bullied in school and i also bullied people in school. I changed. I hope i changed. I try every day to be different than i was. I try to be mindful -- to be wary of how i talk about people when i'm not there. I have been, for the last 10 years -- more than a third of my life -- trying to live kindly.

I know one other guy i was knew in highschool. He was a big nerdy dork. Like coke bottle glasses and not an ounce of muscle and his social skills weren't great... but after high school he just started looking so -- normal. His glasses changed, he went from scraggly teen stick boy to a tall regular (if thin) fellow, and his former social awkwardness somehow translated into a smart quiet and incredibly polite man. He got a hard time from ladies and the more athletic crowd. He's gotta be one of the nicest guys i know.

Some people never outgrow their petty ways. I think being aware that they wont change is important. I also think its important that we always believe that we ourselves CAN change.

I can be different. I can strive every day to be the person i want to. Other people can be garbage ...

Well, crap. That was well spoken enough to make me reconsider destroying humanity.
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