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2013-03-25 12:01:48 PM  

Fubegra: dickfreckle: StarshipAngel: Also, in this era of 5000 watt (on the box it says so!) home theater package units, its pretty nice to be able to rattle the neighbour's windows and say "Oh, its only 35 watts RMS per side"

Lol - I have an old Marantz (one of my several dorky stereo rigs around the apartment) pushing 25RMS. She's hooked to some vintage JBL monitors and that sh*t can get painfully LOUD with no danger of clipping. Nobody ever believes me that I'm pushing that 'little' power. Granted, my speakers are efficient as all hell but even then, the ratings they put on equipment these days makes me laugh.

 1.21 gigawatts!

/all for $199!

I had the same sort of thing happen to me ~30 years ago with my first car... I popped in a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette unit with a massive three watts RMS per channel, and a pair of Jensen 2-way (NOT Triax!) 6x9 coax speakers in the rear deck. That farker would CRANK. My buddies asked how many watts I was running and freaked when I said just 3 per channel. They just couldn't believe that I didn't have an amp stashed in the trunk.

Protip: "peak music power output" ratings should be considered fraudulent, and even RMS can be fudged ("oh, it's 1000 watts RMS with speaker-smoking amounts of clipping, never mind the THD").

When I go to festivals, before the main power comes on, I run a 2.8Kw amp feeding about 2K of speakers (1.2k subbass, 400wx2 full range boxes) from a 300w inverter connected to a leisure battery (with another one connected to a 200w solar panel). It can run nicely on less than 100w total including a laptop and can be heard cleanly 200m away. Dynamic range and fidelity are amazing with realistic and large but not overpowering bass and if I set it up as stereo then on a 30ft wide soundstage from about 35 ft away the stereo positioning is pinpoint. Close your eyes and the orchestra, singer or band is right in front of you. It`s all F, Q and wave cancelling enclosures. Couldn`t get the boxes to be small but damn they sound good.

The best watts are the first ten or so...
2013-03-25 10:24:55 PM  

Driedsponge: So after scanning most of this thread and doing a little digging, if I want to find a pair under $100, it looks like I'd have to choose between the Grado SR-60i, the Monoprice 8323, or the Sony MDR-V6.  If I feel like going a bit higher in price, I should be looking at Sennheiser's of various models.

For anyone still reading this thread, is this a pretty fair assessment?

Right now I'm using a set of Skullcandy I had to pick up at an airport when my last pair of Walgreen's Maxell's crapped out mid-vacation.  As you can clearly see, I need help.

If you're deciding between the Sonys and the Monoprices, definitely get the Sonys.  The Monoprices are only the best ultra-low budget option.  The Sony's sound is a class above and will probably be a lot more comfortable for extended wear.
2013-03-26 01:15:14 AM  
Those of you considering Grados try and seek out a pair before you buy.  They definitely have a particular sound.

I also had both the MDR-V6s and the Sony 7506 - and I believe the 7506 is a better phone.
2013-03-26 11:19:43 AM  

HotIgneous Intruder: vicejay: This is all you need to know.

[ image 640x443]

Comes complete with its own douchebag?
Is that what that is in that picture? A nice vinyl douchebag?

This is the latest retail rip-off thing: $150-$200 earbuds and designer headphones, a-la Dr. Dre beats and etc. Suckers born every minute and getting paid every Friday.

Wow, what a freakin' genius
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