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10033 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 22 Mar 2013 at 12:45 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-03-22 11:00:02 PM  

liam76: exparrot: [ image 180x270]

I woudl say that only failed because of some easily correctable script problems.

Well, if you tossed the entire script and started over, maybe
2013-03-22 11:56:46 PM  

mafiageek1980: TheLopper: The one guy has it right, nothing will ever top The Room. It is the end all be all of train wreck awesomeness.

I agree! That movie is horrible on sooo many levels. It's WORSE than "Troll 2", lol!

I still rate it not as terrible as Birdemic. But it's very close.
2013-03-23 12:08:45 AM  

MyKingdomForYourHorse: This obviously

2013-03-23 01:16:55 AM  
The Room wins because it was trying to be a serious, good movie. The people who made Birdemic knew they were making shiat.

For at least a year back in 2005 or so there was a billboard for The Room on La Brea near the heart of Hollywood...

...but we get a lot of weirdo self-promoters around here with more money than talent, so this schlocky billboard was just another oddity. I never heard anything about it, had no idea it had grown into a cult film. Years later I was on a trip to New Zealand to screen a film at a little independent theater, and I saw a poster for The Room in their lobby. Total WTF moment. So I ask the manager and she gives me the rundown on how they do one midnight screening per month, and the audience interacts with the film like it's Rocky Horror. For example, they bring plastic spoons with them, and when this painting of a spoon appears in the background throughout the film, the audience yells "spoon!" and they all throw plastic spoons at the screen. She also said their contract with the filmmaker was crazy -- had all of these requirements for how much they were required to promote it, and some other weird shiat.

It is funny to see this guy trying to call it a comedy now. It's like how the producers of the terrible "The Tourist" called it a "comedy" so it would get nominated in the comedies and musicals category for the Golden Globes.
2013-03-23 07:17:35 AM
2013-03-25 07:39:55 AM  

kingflower: The Axl Rose Projects "Chinese Democracy"

totally worth the wait...

Its not a bad album, its just not a good GnR album
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