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(via AICN)   Ian McKellan's thoughts upon seeing "The Fellowship of the Ring" on the big screen.   ( divider line
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4579 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Nov 2001 at 9:38 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-27 09:41:18 PM  
2001-11-27 09:44:37 PM  
Sir Ian is cool.
And gay.
2001-11-27 09:45:59 PM  
I never see movies in a theater, though I love movies and have spent a tiny fortune on my wee home theater. Not with how rude and obnoxious some movie goers can be. But I will definitely make it a point to break my self-imposed cinema exile and hunker down in a theater to watch this film. If ever there sounded like an instant classic, this is it.
2001-11-27 09:59:50 PM  
this movie is going to rock, i've read the books about 6 times and i wondered why hollywood had passed up such a ripe book. turns out that some guy owned the movie rights and refused every offer until now, he was waiting for the right director and for technology to be advanced enough not to embarass everyone and ruin the whole thing.

george lucas, take notes.
2001-11-27 10:01:29 PM  
After all it wouldn't do, would it, to give away any details of the plot of the most-read book of the twentieth century!
2001-11-27 10:05:09 PM  
I have been waiting for this to come to film ever since I first read the the series when I was 12 (a rather long time ago). I am tittering with excitement.

That and I have $50 riding on LOTR outdoing Harry Potter for its first week in the box office.
2001-11-27 10:09:19 PM  
Fry_sauce: I think the guy who owns the rights couldnt care less if it gets made well, just that it is made and he gets money. It has taken so long because it would need a very crazy film maker (Peter Jackson) to put it on to the screen and a huge risk to put up the money for the amount of screen time needed to tell the story(New Line).

It still is a big risk, I know I will love it. I dont know about any of my non-Lord of the Rings reading people.
2001-11-27 10:19:10 PM  
I wasn't such a big LOTR fan first read through (about 16 years ago, admittedly) but working here on the project has really been enjoyable.

I think it should be pretty accessable to everyone...
2001-11-27 10:33:10 PM  
I doubt that "waiting for the right technology and director" stuff -- there were animated versions of The Hobbit and the first half of The Lord of the Rings. (If anyone cares, the guy who owns the film rights is Saul Zaentz, inspiration for John Fogerty's song "Zanz Kant Danz." Aspiring Tolkien licensees should check this out.)
2001-11-27 10:34:30 PM  
Excuse me while I scrounge the couch cushions and car seats for the $ to get me and the kids in. I can't wait to see something I've loved since I was a kid to come to life.
2001-11-27 10:38:10 PM  
I'm no Tolkien fan, unless the cartoon version of the Hobbit counts. But as a film buff, I'm just psyched that a GOOD movie is going to come out. Probably the first good movie in wide release since Memento, which didn't really even get a wide release.
2001-11-27 10:38:41 PM  
This is like a trekkie convention!
2001-11-27 10:43:16 PM  
Apparently, he does his own web site too. That's something I find really cool.

He's like, up there with Wil Wheaton and Asia Carerra.
2001-11-27 10:44:08 PM  
Get bent, Sauswage. If the best you can manage is an insult, please, feel free to refrain from posting in the first place. And if it's not the best you can manage - wtf are you doing posting an insult?
2001-11-27 10:45:14 PM  
Have you read the books Sauswage?
Can you read?
2001-11-27 10:47:36 PM  
peter jackson is class.
I sincerely recommend that you all check out some of his early movies...

'Bad Taste'
'Meet the Feebles' &
'Brain Dead'

Obviously he has entered a completely new league with LOTR but he was always on track for greatness...
2001-11-27 10:49:34 PM  
I just calls em like I see em.
No harm...
2001-11-27 10:56:13 PM  
Actually sombeody in the Wil Wheaton thread brought up an interesting point. Sauswage comes on to this thread to call us losers and point out that we have no life.

How little of a life and how much of a loser must a person be to actively spend their day seeking out people so that they might call them losers, and so they might say they have no life.

No Sauswage you are the loser because you actually took time out of your small insignificant life to to make fun of some body extoling their enjoyment of something. I have pity for you and your pathetic measly little life in which the only enjoyment you can find is by throwing uninspired insults at people who can actually still find wonder and enjoyment in life.
2001-11-27 10:57:47 PM  
My how the humor goes away when the target hits home!
2001-11-27 11:03:02 PM  
Who exactly posted humour? It certainly wasn't you, Sauswage. And if you think you're close to home with your comments, well, it just shows how narrow-minded you are.

Your weeners about Sir Ian McKellan - at first glance it could almost be taken as a commentary on gay empowerment. Except that your subsequent posts suggest homophobia and personal blinkeredness instead.

The folks here are real people, actual living, breathing entities and most of them demonstrate that they actually have a clue.

It's a pity that there are moron trolls here, too.
2001-11-27 11:07:27 PM  
Sauswage: Go to your local used book store, spend a few bucks and buy them. READ them and if they don't make your heart pound and set your mind on fire I will concede your right to badmouth them.
2001-11-27 11:11:26 PM  
Jayzeus! I'm just playing around. I love to read, honest. My man tells me all the time I read too much...I just don't dig that stuff. Chill the FARK out!
I'm just playing around!

2001-11-27 11:12:58 PM  
That may not be the best suggestion Bogey, as Tolkien's style of writing is a little dificult for those who are lacking in mental prowess.
2001-11-27 11:12:59 PM  
I once swore to myself never to see an LOTR movie. Then I went to see, hmm, was it "13 Days"(?) and there was a preview for LOTR, and I was blown away. I said, "These people are not out to make a few bucks on a cheap movieizing of a great book; these are fans who have caught the fire Bogey is talking about. There are no warning bells going off for me even now...I definitely hope this blows HP's totals out of the water. I certainly will be doing my part to help.
2001-11-27 11:15:18 PM  
Oh my, I've seen "Meet the feebles". Sick, but humorously so. The check-out girl gave us a disapproving look when we rented it.
2001-11-27 11:15:34 PM  
Im not scared to be a 'geek'
2001-11-27 11:16:39 PM  
I always found a little irony in anyone on a fark comment board calling others nerds/dorks/losers etc...

If you're not one of those things, you don't belong cruising fark.
2001-11-27 11:17:18 PM  
That includes being an etc...
2001-11-27 11:18:51 PM  
Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a big ass dork!
2001-11-27 11:22:00 PM  
Yes we realize that Sauswage... you made this fact abundantly clear.
2001-11-27 11:23:14 PM  
Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a big ass dork!

Truer words have never been said. At least not without the aid of adult beverages.
2001-11-27 11:24:37 PM  
Sir Ian's last 2 roles that I saw him in he was really good("Gods and Monsters" and "X-men").
I can't wait until LOTR comes out. I'm going opening day.
2001-11-27 11:28:33 PM  
"...Americans, lacking tradition, need theory but have little time for philisophical argument-so they are usually inclined to accept whichever new theory comes around and give it instant tenure."

Alexis de Tocqueville

That's me, I have a theory that you guys need a sense of humor. However, I am too tired/lazy to argue so I will bid you all a good night!
2001-11-27 11:34:40 PM  
Good night Sauswage,
If you really are a reader, give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.
2001-11-27 11:40:17 PM  
Heh, I have a sense of humor, I just get a lot enjoyment ripping apart people who get my attention.
2001-11-27 11:46:36 PM  
I just read the trilogy a year ago, and loved it. It was my first foray into ever reading any fantasy/sci-fi (except for Stranger in a Strange Land a long time ago), and I haven't read anything that topped it yet. The movie looks awesome from the trailers... I only wish I had the time to read the books again before it comes out in theatres.
2001-11-27 11:51:22 PM  
Katmbca is cool.
and straight...

Can I get flamed too?
2001-11-27 11:57:28 PM  
Katmbca: No... its no fun if their willing. Its like a sadist whipping a masochist, the sadist just has no fun.
2001-11-27 11:59:59 PM  
Katmbca is dumb.
2001-11-28 12:00:20 AM  
Nope, still fun.
2001-11-28 12:02:40 AM  
I'm half way through re-reading LOTR. Anyone who's ever read this book knows that it simply can't translate to film. The joy of this book is the world that you create in your head while reading it. Reading it takes many, many hours. Having it presented to you instantaneously on a screen removes most of the magic. Just because some technology exists to represent a scene from the book visually doesn't mean that you're going to get anything like the experience of ACTUALLY READING the book. The Onion sums it up well: "New Harry Potter Film Turns Children On To Magic Of Not Reading".
I'm already beginning to hate this film.... Tolkien is turning probably turning in his grave.

Interesting note: my mother actually taught one of Tolkien's grandchildren, someone by the name of Piers "Crumblehome" (I can't remember his actual surname, but it was something like that, the Piers part is right). She said his mother looked like she'd been pulled directly from one of Tolkien's books. There were other rumours involving the words "spoiled bastard" and "alcoholic" that I wont go into here.
2001-11-28 12:16:59 AM  
Skizza: You make a very good point. My hope is that the movie will encourage people to read the books and I get some eye candy after having read them multiple times over the years. The idea of seeing Gandalf and the Balrog acted out can't suck for you...
2001-11-28 12:59:03 AM  
Films and written works are two very different mediums.
In a book you are the one who creates the picture of the scenes in your mind. In film the visual scenes are placed before you.

This does not lessen the art that film is. In written works it is sometimes difficult for the reader to get through all the descriptions. Some people are unable to truly experience the scenes in the book and be able to identify with the characters. In film, the visual scenes are secondary to the experience of those scenes. When you go and see LOTR you have to remember to put away the details of the book and instead enjoy the experience of being there with the fellowship on their journey. This is something you have imagined before when reading it, now you have a chance to put yourself in the middle of it as it happens.
2001-11-28 02:52:07 AM  
Hey Sauswage,
That's Trekkers, goddamit! Now you've gone and upset me, too! You're a big meanie...

(kidding, of course. I pretty much hate all things Trek. [ducking].....)
2001-11-28 07:15:18 AM  
"Fellowship" looks great, I cant wait to see it. I just bought the book, it seems worth checking out according too what I've heard. Hope it doesnt spoil the movie for me, but I doubt it.
2001-11-28 08:53:50 AM  
Well, the trilogy being released in theatres inspired me to read the books so it can't be all bad. Personally, I can't wait. The trailers I've seen look really good. Who cares if it doesn't translate exactly onto film? It's not the book, it's a movie--different experience entirely but not one that can't necessarily be enjoyable.
2001-11-28 10:47:34 AM  
In defense of Sauswage:

It IS like a trekkie convention in here. Books (especially fiction books) are just another escape from real life. If you need to read fiction to make your life exciting, then you are a loser. You are all losers. There is nothing in any fiction book that will replace experience, and dreams hold nothing for anyone. There is only action. And another thing: Everyone else is wrong unless I say they're right. There can be no other solution, all that has come before is irrelavant, and all that comes after is a dream. There is only now, and now is the time for action. Do you think that the constitution protects you? The constitution is a farking piece of paper, only you and those loyal to you can protect you.

That said, I have read the series, and it was great.
2001-11-28 11:39:57 AM  
I had this hippie freak 8th grade teacher that made us read
The Hobbit. I hated to read, but read the LOTR & Silmarillion on my own and was pretty bummed when I foud out
that that was about all Tolkien wrote besides some short stories.

Tom Bombadil where are you?
2001-11-28 12:45:51 PM  
Tom Bombadill was a toy Tolkien's son Christopher owned - Tolkien put the toy into his stories as a charactor for the sake of his son. Also, Tolkien's fellow teachers (he was a professor) called his published work his "transgression" - I think he wouldn't be too upset by people getting all excited about it, especially if the movie makers are as concerned with detail as Tolkien was himself. I.E., if he misspelled something a character was saying, he wouldn't just correct the mistake. He would instead figure out why that character would be saying that word wrong. ^_^

The detail was so carefully done in this movie, I think it won't ruin it for anyone unless they decide to make it ruinous. Statues were carved and then weathered, runes were inscribed into walls (runes which could not be seen well enough to read anyway in the shifty shady light - but that spelled out real stories based on all of Tolkien's works.)

Also, if you want more to read, there's the Lost Tales, which have other versions of stories from the Silmarillion, and some other things besides. :)
2001-11-28 02:33:52 PM  
Man, this comments thingy is full of troll-feeders.

Anyway, fanboy stammering, red-facedness and non-stop hyping is setting in with me. My wife has told me to "shut the hell up about some stupid movie", I've actually caught myself refreshing to see if I missed anything and I've alienated all of my friends.

I've never done this with any other movie, but I've been waiting for this one for close to twenty years. I'm not a purist, I don't sive a crap if some elf's name is pronounced right. I'm just excited to see what PJ can do with it.
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