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(NHL)   20 years of NHL 94, or as it's better known: the Tecmo Bowl of hockey videogames   ( divider line
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2013-03-20 08:32:21 PM  
That was awesome.
2013-03-20 09:14:31 PM  

Rev.K: That was awesome.

And how!

Great stuff.
2013-03-20 09:27:18 PM  
Neat.  I didn't play until the first N64 one (97ish?) but it looks like that would have been largely based on this.
2013-03-21 12:42:03 AM  
I thought that would have been Blades of Steel.
2013-03-21 01:06:49 AM  
NHL '93 was better.
2013-03-21 01:52:00 AM  
Ah, the reason I almost flunked 8th grade. Holy shiat, has it really been 20 years?
2013-03-21 02:01:55 AM  
I never played that one, but I remember playing the shiat outta NHL '96. I'd play for hours, till my brother would whine to my mom and she'd tell me I had to let him play for a while.
2013-03-21 03:18:11 AM  
Man, I miss those games. '93 through '95 on the Genesis, IIRC... great stuff.
2013-03-21 03:29:02 AM  
I have '93 and a genesis in my closet but it uses one of those old coaxial cables and I don't think my tv has one of those.
2013-03-21 03:34:07 AM  
Excuse me, '94 and IIRC you could check people through the glass and there was a fighting mode. Madden had the ambulance that would run over your own players.
2013-03-21 03:48:15 AM  
The first NHL game on PC was the first I played of it. Good god do I ever play the hell out of that game.
2013-03-21 03:51:54 AM  
2013-03-21 04:07:41 AM  
The Blackhawks were unstoppable in that game but it was more because of Eddie the hooker slapper Belfour.  I'd outshoot my older brother 5-1 and he'd still beat me by a couple goals.  I'd beat him by 3-5 goals if he was any other team.
2013-03-21 04:08:40 AM  
One of my favorite memories was playing as the Penguins and having Ulf smash people all over the place.
2013-03-21 04:11:54 AM  
So much pot in my youth was smoked during ridiculously long NHL 94 marathons.
2013-03-21 04:34:51 AM  
Remember fondly the wraparound/shoot to the far side move that always scored. My friends and I had to move because it was 99% successful.

Game has more play balance when they instituted manual control for goalies, so you can take over and stop the cheat moves from always working (was it NHL 95 that they put that in?)
2013-03-21 04:36:04 AM  
I have the Sega CD version, which only had Ron Barr giving audio previews (long-winded) ... but it had much, much better stadium music.

Brass Bonanza, Saints Come Marching Home, Here Comes the Hawks ... and that synthesizer the LA Kings used at the Great Western Forum. Only wish I could put "I Love LA" after the goals.

NHL 95 or 96 was the first one I got on PC, and I recall you went through a closet full of hockey jerseys to pick the teams, and it had a PA announcer on the goals. NHL 2000 and NHL 2004 were pretty decent I recall, but EA got more stale and I hated the switch in controls in later NHL games on the consoles.

BTW, saw this message in NHL 2000, Steve Yzerman retiring after one year with the Kings, winning the Conn Smythe, Stanley Cup and Hart -- "Retiring. Reason: Career fulfilled -- Dream Season." Kinda pissed me off because the f--ker took his sweet time in contract negotiations in the offseason before signing a 2-year.
2013-03-21 04:46:30 AM  
Also, f--k the Canucks in NHL 94. Forget Roenick -- putting Pavel Bure with Cliff Ronning was just pure evil. Friend came back from a 13-4 deficit in the first period to beat Patrick Roy and the Canadiens 16-15 in OT. For that, I bought him the ugly-ass yellow V jersey of the Canucks years later when I saw it on clearance sale at a hockey shop in Anaheim.
2013-03-21 06:42:31 AM  
NHL94 didn't come out until october of '93. That would make it 19.5 years old. Why celebrate prematurely?
My cartridge still has all my old user records from beating up on my neighborhood friends and older brother.

94 was great, but NHLPA '93 had blood, and NHL 95 was the first to have the 82 game season mode. I think NHL 96 was the pinnacle of the sprite based hockey game.
2013-03-21 06:56:29 AM  
I was poor, only had a used copy of Brett Hull Hockey.
2013-03-21 07:00:35 AM  

xcv: I was poor, only had a used copy of Brett Hull Hockey.

Coulda been worse: Full Size
2013-03-21 07:08:48 AM  

unyon: NHL '93 was better.

This.  Sorry, you lose my interest in Hockey video games when you can't see blood on the ice and some asshole twitching.

/that sounded a little darker than I meant it
2013-03-21 07:30:12 AM  
Sorry, Subby, Tecmo Bowl was kinda meh.

Tecmo Super Bowl was the shiat!  Although around the time I think I enjoyed Madden too.

In fact, have a Genesis replica controller that plugs into the TV via RCA and has Madden and NHL 95 on it.
2013-03-21 07:32:20 AM  
Best way to end a friendship is to throw this game on.
2013-03-21 07:42:46 AM  
Anyone remember which year it was you could pretty much always score a goal from just past the dot at center ice? It was either 98 or 99, just skate to center ice and flip a shot, it'd arc way up in the air, and because the goalie was out so far, it would either land behind him and go in the net, or bounce off his back and in.

My dad hated that move so much.
2013-03-21 07:53:13 AM  
i171.photobucket.comView Full Size

Good news: Has NHL 94 on it
Bad news: not the original rosters

/Blackhawks because Roenick and Belfour
//Red Wings because Probert
///NHL 94 was the beginning of my Penguins hate
2013-03-21 08:00:54 AM  
img217.imageshack.usView Full Size

2013-03-21 08:17:29 AM  
As someone who grew up in the south never watching a hockey game, I hated that game because I could not stop icing the puck, and didn't have any clue what icing was.

/watch it religiously now, as an adult in the north
//games are more fun when you know the rules
2013-03-21 08:20:21 AM  

Robo Beat: I'm going to make Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for superfan #99 over here

2013-03-21 08:26:39 AM  
Best video game evar. I can still remember hearing that ref whistle sound coming from somewhere in by brother's dorm complex, and once we tracked it down and saw what it was, it was all over.

For some reason Detroit was the team we always killed with
2013-03-21 08:30:44 AM  
I always used the Bruins and my friend always used the Penguins.

I couldn't tell you how many times I caved Ulf's head in with Neely.
2013-03-21 08:31:12 AM  
still my favorite opening sequence to any game:
2013-03-21 08:55:22 AM  
lh4.googleusercontent.comView Full Size

"I'm gonna make Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super-fan #99 over here."
2013-03-21 09:21:02 AM  
Mostly played Bruins, Devils & Blues.
2013-03-21 09:26:59 AM  

elguerodiablo: The Blackhawks were unstoppable in that game but it was more because of Eddie the hooker slapper Belfour.  I'd outshoot my older brother 5-1 and he'd still beat me by a couple goals.  I'd beat him by 3-5 goals if he was any other team.

They were unstoppable. Jeremy Roenick was Bo Jackson in that game.
2013-03-21 09:41:18 AM  
I played every game of a full season with the Buffalo Sabres, got them into the playoffs and lost game 7 of the Cup Finals.  I took out the disc, snapped it in my hand and left the pieces on the floor for over a week.

God I loved that game.
2013-03-21 09:50:28 AM  
I miss Techmo Bowl. Four plays, that's all you get. Simple, brutal, endlessly competitive. I spent a lot of allowance money replacing controllers that got smashed, spilled on, and just plain worn out during marathon sessions of that game.

//Bo Jackson
2013-03-21 09:52:30 AM  

toetag: still my favorite opening sequence to any game:

THANK YOU!! I've been looking for this.
2013-03-21 09:52:35 AM  
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega.
2013-03-21 09:53:43 AM  
Wayne Gretzky Hockey '98 is my go to hockey game. 3 on 3 with pucks that catch the net on fire.
2013-03-21 10:03:41 AM  

toetag: still my favorite opening sequence to any game:

Dammit Pronger!
2013-03-21 10:15:16 AM  
Many lols were had when we'd hit someone so hard that they slid around the perimiter of the rink on their back.
2013-03-21 10:40:59 AM  

fruitloop: [ image 256x363]

Good news: Has NHL 94 on it
Bad news: not the original rosters

/Blackhawks because Roenick and Belfour
//Red Wings because Probert
///NHL 94 was the beginning of my Penguins hate

Yes!  This!  I still dust off the PS2 once in a while to play that game!  (NHL '94, that is)
2013-03-21 10:45:41 AM  
Ah yes... I would refuse to play as any team except the Bruins. Didn't always win those arguments as my college roommate was also a Bruins' fan. I can't even calculate the hours we wasted...

Luckily we were both Communications majors, so, it wasn't like we had a heavy course load anyway. : )
2013-03-21 10:51:41 AM  
NHL 94 was cake to score in, between the north to south walk across the crease, the one-timer, and the easy breakaway goals.  Still a ton of fun to play, especially 2P.  But NHLPA 93 was superior--not for the blood, but the sound meter.  We would play games with the sole intention of maximizing the sound meter.  Ah, the days of the 123db hockey game (which no doubt, some of you old fogies beat).
2013-03-21 11:02:23 AM  

exparrot: [ image 400x266]


More like: Full Size


The Whale?

They only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice, in a lifetime!
2013-03-21 11:04:50 AM  

kumanoki: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega.

My bad...I deserve a stinkpalm for my transgressions
2013-03-21 11:11:55 AM  
Hubby STILL plays this game after all these years.  My 3 year old is starting to take an interest in playing "hockey" (that's what he calls the Genesis)  It's a pretty good hockey game IMO.  My favorite thing (other than to make Ladaceuor out for the period) is to score with the goalie.  Riendeau shoots...he scores!

/Why does Gretzky have a 99 rating?
//Seriously stinks in the game, Lemieux also
///Gretzky flop FTW
2013-03-21 11:22:03 AM  
Buddies came over a couple weekends ago after some day drinking and we busted that out for a few hours. So awesome to play it on a big screen. Not a hockey guy, but that's one of my favorite games ever. The music/sounds haunt me to this day.
2013-03-21 11:32:55 AM  
FTA: Many believe the 1992-93 NHL season was among the finest staged in the League's history. From the addition of two teams through expansion, to the sudden prominence of European players, to the heroics of Pittsburgh's Mario Lemieux, to the crowning of Montreal as Stanley Cup champions, the season was full of memorable moments. On its 20th anniversary, will spend the year looking back at the key moments of that '92-93 season to see if it may indeed be the NHL's Greatest Season.

That's also the year the leafs we're robbed of a Stanley Cup Finals appearance and an epic showdown with Montreal. Farking Gretzky.
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