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(The Daily Beast)   The verdict is in: courting the hipster "creative class" only serves to improve the lives of hipsters themselves. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to be at the artisanal cheese chop in 26 minutes   ( divider line
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2013-03-21 07:42:54 AM  

jso2897: Spiralmonkey: What constitutes an artisanal cheese chop?  Do they use hand made guillotines lubricated with the armpit secretions of 80 year old French nuns?  Is it somewhere you can take your own home-made caboc and they'll cut it into daisy-shaped rounds that fit exactly onto your hand-pressed oatcakes seasoned with lavender?  Do they make motorbikes out of matured Wensleydale?

Actually, in my experience, they seem to be utterly bereft of any cheese at all.

You have misunderstood. The shop is owned by Mr Wensleydale
2013-03-21 07:45:23 AM  

nickerj1: spicorama: So did anyone actually read all that BS and care to summarize it for the rest of us?


Trickle down economic theory of a Hipster-based economy (one where everyone is creative, an individual, and paid a lot for doing almost nothing) doesn't work as originally thought, due to the cost of living increases and having to pay a lot for "unique" goods and "unique" services in these areas.  This was compared to the trickle down economic theory of a MegaCorp-based economy, where you don't make as much money as an employee, but your cost of living is relatively less because the goods and services are megacorped.

Except it is not because the megacorp has realised that as the competition has gone they can set the prices so they set them as high as they can get away with so now the relatively low cost of living has gone and you just have low wages.
2013-03-21 08:05:55 AM  
Pro tip: don't use that word around a guy named Art.
2013-03-21 08:33:17 AM  

Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Artisanal Snake Oil Salesman.

2013-03-21 09:57:14 AM  
One group certain to be flustered by this new perspective will be many of the cities who have signed up and spent hard cash over the years to follow Florida's prescription of focusing on those things-encouraging the arts and entertainment, building bike paths, welcoming minorities and gays-that would attract young college-educated workers. In his thesis, the model cities of the future are precisely those, such as San Francisco and Seattle, that have become hubs of highly educated migrants, technology, and high-end business services.

They would only be "flustered" if you think the goal of the cities was to bring up the working man and not to increase their tax base and prestige by tearing down the projects and pushing the poor through gentrification out to the burbs.  It's been a complete win for cities like Chicago, LA, and Atlanta who tore down their projects and increased both their cities relative incomes and white populations.  I think even Houston managed to pull this off.
2013-03-21 10:53:48 AM  

poot_rootbeer: DarkSoulNoHope: due to the housing crash (and the fact that many companies are hoarding cash, instead of hiring and giving raises) they replaced those destroyed historical buildings with *NOTHING*!

"Nothing" is an improvement over a lot of what had been standing in Asbury Park -- for example the 11-story skeleton of an unfinished condo building that sat rotting on Ocean Ave from when work was halted in 1992 to when it was finally demolished in 2006.

(And then developers laid a foundation and one story worth of concrete and rebar on the same site... which was quickly abandoned when the next crash happened and money ran out.)

Yep, don't have to remind me at least about that, I see that horrendous foundation each time I head to Silverball. John Oates was supposed to have a place at that super condo building (they did a press conference there too) for every time his band with Daryl toured in the general area of Asbury Park, but that never happened.  I personally would rather see the skeletons of old buildings there than the boring looking condo they put between Lake and Cookman Avenues. (that thing is an eyesore in itself and looks nothing like what was promised in the 2007 conceptual art they waved in front of the city council back then to get approved. Especially since in that concept art, the Asbury Amusements building was still supposed to be standing and in use, it was a pure lie) Thank G-d they didn't put up the structure girders up, otherwise it would have been the same thing all over again.
2013-03-21 12:03:12 PM  

BarkingUnicorn: spicorama: So did anyone actually read all that BS and care to summarize it for the rest of us?


Hipsters only move to Detroit if you pay them.

To Summarize: The author hates gays, bike lanes, and minorities.
Real America is in the suburbs and hard-working oil/manufacturing towns.
Those "cool city" Hipsters and their advocates are nothing but "a neo-liberal recipe of "biscotti and circuses."

Here's exact quotes from the article:
-encouraging the arts and entertainment, building bike paths, welcoming minorities and gays-
Burning money trying to become "cooler" ends up looking something like the metropolitan equivalent to a midlife crisis.

One particularly sharp critic, the University of British Columbia's Jamie Peck see it as little more than a neo-liberal recipe of "biscotti and circuses."

New York has seen the nation's biggest rise in homelessness; the number of children sleeping in the shelters of Mike Bloomberg's "luxury city" has risen 22 percent in the past year.

The author essentially blames the millennials for not fixing the Great Recession.
2013-03-21 12:37:53 PM  
Thinking about it, why didn't this headline get the "Obvious" tag? The only real thing that Hipsters improve is the lives of themselves, other people in their neighborhood are eventually either priced out and forced to move, if you're not hipster than it just is a tourist trap to go for people watching.
2013-03-21 01:17:22 PM  

toraque: I dunno, I was actually kind of thinking about getting into cheesemaking as a hobby, not really as a hipster thing, but kind of an insurance policy in case of full financial meltdown.  I mean, most people will be scavenging the wastes looking for spare ammunition, but I'll be set being the official cheesemaker for Lord Humongous. Even post apocalyptic strongmen recognize the power of a good mozzarella, you know.

The same trend happened in the 70's, during another time of economic uncertainty.

/It's all the same
2013-03-22 06:11:26 PM  

ColdFusion: HoratioGates: It's nice that the great lakes can be thought of these days as water.  There was a time when they were really nasty back before those pesky environmentalists got ahold of them.

Indeed.   Anyone else remember this?

Lol.  I'd never seen that.  My mom was pretty strict with what we were allowed to watch.  I don't think I got to watch SNL until high school.
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