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(Opposing Views)   Father takes pic of 11-year-old son with gun, social services shows up at his door demanding entry into his home and access to guns or else they will "take his kids"   ( divider line
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2013-03-21 05:52:41 PM  

Firethorn: NightOwl2255: Go back and read your proposed new laws. Now, do you think for one second that the NRA would not fight tooth and nail against any law to such end? The NRA's stated position is they are against any new legislation regarding firearms, and in fact, would like to see the repel of almost all laws regarding firearms.

You're going to have to be more specific here.  Keep in mind that I am a 'Gun Nut', owning a dozen firearms-5 handguns, 7 rifles, and 2 shotguns.  I'm a lifetime member of the NRA for a reason, I agree with them better than 90% of the time.  My viewpoint is alien to yours, I've gone back and I don't really have a clue as to what you're talking about.

Hmm...  Perhaps this was it:  Part of the reason that NRA seems to oppose improved gun control checks isn't so much the checks themselves.  It's that legislators proposing said improvements always seem to put a 'poison pill' in said legislation.  Remember my talking about the background check bill?  NPR spent over a minute talking about the bill, only to spend a second at the end mentioning that a magazine restriction was part of said bill, at which point I went from mild approval to intense disapproval.

At this point the NRA isn't going to 'approve' of ANY bill with such restrictions - 'Assault Weapon' bans, magazine restrictions, biometrics, ammo purchase limitations, etc...  Are all poison pills.  The NRA will oppose ANY bill with them in it.  Might they approve of a bill that featured fixing some known problems with NICS?  Probably.  Would they support such a bill if it had a rider granting CCW licenses recognition in all states much like driver's licenses enjoy?  Almost certainly.

Give and take.  Most of the bills are like 'give me that cake', 'but it's my cake', 'then we'll compromise, I'll take HALF the cake'.  Then, after getting half the cake, they demand the other half, then offer to 'compromise' again for half the remaining half cake.  Nope.

The NRA isn't going to approve of any 'gun ...

You'll get nowhere on here by being reasonable.
2013-03-21 11:50:57 PM  

Frank N Stein: bingo the psych-o: Guns:  more important than children.

NRA for ever!

Cry more.

For what, his guns?

NRA for ever!
2013-03-22 12:22:52 AM  

ZeroCorpse: People_are_Idiots: EvilEgg: Ow! That was my feelings!: sbking: I am not antigun and i believe in the 2nd amendment BUT COME ON...

If those parents let that kid, who is not even a teenager, hold that gun then they have no business being parents.  Foster homes are bad but they would be not cause as much damage to the kid as that home and they would probably save another mass shooting down the road.

I know, i know: guns don't kill people: bla, bla, bla.  How would you feel if he was holding a bottle of bourbon (legal)???

So, an 11 year old holding a .22lr causes you to piss your pants?  Geezus, I have no words.

It's black and has a clip, that's an assault weapon.

So does this...
[ image 480x360]

And this...
[ image 640x390]

Even this...
[ image 300x301]

They has full auto capabilities, can fire 100+ rounds, some have clips... are they assault weapons?

/hint: they're -all- BB guns.

So, can it fire those deadly armor-piercing BBs?

With a good enough aim, you don't NEED armor-piercing. Muahahaha
2013-03-22 12:27:04 AM  

wambu: People_are_Idiots: They has full auto capabilities, can fire 100+ rounds, some have clips... are they assault weapons?

/hint: they're -all- BB guns.

They are "assault-looking weapons" so yes, the gun-hater people get to go full derp on that. These things kill innocent children AND MUST BE STOPPED!

That's the problem with the term "assault weapon." ALL guns have the capability to assault someone, Even a BB gun (you can put someone's eye out!). All weapons are made to assault someone, period. If you feel that a gun that causes less than 5% of the crime in the US is a deadly threat, you really need glasses... and a brain transplant.
2013-03-22 12:59:52 PM  

Firethorn: You're going to have to be more specific here

You say you read the thread but you don't seem to have missed this.

feckingmorons recommended the following new laws

If you want to hunt you should take hunter education
If you want to carry it around you should take carry it around education.
If you only want to use it in your house or store and never carry it around or hunt then maybe a 10 minute video at the gun store.
All guns when not in use should be locked up.
Making a gun accessible to an unsupervised minor should be a criminal offense

I simply pointed out, correctly, that the NRA would brand anyone proposing such laws as a gun grabber. To the NRA you either oppose any new gun laws, or you are a gun grabber. There is no gray area in their demagoguery.
2013-03-22 06:09:24 PM  

NightOwl2255: You say you read the thread but you don't seem to have missed this.

feckingmorons recommended the following new laws

Ah, this would indeed be the 'more specific' part, though I'll point out that those are feckingmorons's proposed new laws, not mine.  As they weren't mine I didn't associate your pointing them out when you said 'your proposed new laws'.

Hunter ed - Acceptable
CCW/open carry ed- Acceptable
Home/store use - I'd actually make it about 30 minutes, not 10 minutes.  You need some scenario based stuff in there to clarify what a 'reasonable threat' is that justifies lethal force(on average).
On Education in general - I'd have firearm safety in school, at least up to the open carry level.
Safe Storage - I oppose; it's a good idea, I have a safe myself, but I want people to have flexibility, and the question of what qualifies as 'not in use'.
Unsupervised minors - Opposed, though I could get behind a 'you're responsible if anything goes wrong, but it's not a primary offense' rule.  IE if you let your 14 year old have unrestricted access to your firearms, if nothing happens, you're fine.  If he ends up shooting an intruder in the house and it's justified, you're clear.  If he shoots himself or a visiting friend while you're at the store, you're in deep trouble.
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