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(CBS Detroit)   The new Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit owes $16,000 in back taxes and has two liens on his house, which is pretty good for Detroit   ( divider line
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2013-03-19 06:41:25 PM  

ClavellBCMI: ringersol: Walker: "Detroit, why you so f*cked up? Can't you do anything right?"

To be fair: this clown was handed to them by the Governor.
Seems no-one in Lansing thought through that part of the EM law:
When you take over Benton Harbor, Flint, Pontiac and Detroit, you can no longer feign outrage at further fark-ups.
And you already used "how bad it was" and "we can do better" as your justification for taking over.
So you're pretty much out of wiggle-room to disown mis-steps, the lack of results, or to biatch about the media not being 'fair'.


To be honest, Benton Harlem (err, Harbor) is so farked up it needed a financial manager. They were merely thankful that the emergency manager didn't live in the town right next door (Benton Harbor has been called the darkest town in Michigan... and St. Joseph, Michigan, right across the river, is, quite possibly, the *whitest* town in Michigan (and is one of the homes of the Michigan Militia)).

SJ has their stick jammed way too far up their ass to host the militia.
2013-03-19 08:11:25 PM  

FlashHarry: i'm pretty sure he was hired by the republican governor because he's blah.

Bingo!  And like all of Michigan's great saboteurs before him whenever his mission of wrecking things as much as possible is complete he will be waved off to retire in Texas with a nice fat off-shore bank account for services rendered.
2013-03-19 08:55:00 PM  

BMFPitt: Claude Ballse: Enough already. Why fight it any longer than we need to?

When kids in Detroit see Robocop, do they ask if Detroit was really ever that nice?

Nobody believes that was Detroit in the '80's, the cars drove for more than a block without breaking down.

Watch Alex Cross, I was surprised it was Detroit.  They took time to sweep, it was surprisingly clean.
2013-03-19 08:55:23 PM  

Spare Me: Detroit is a shining success story for a Liberal/Progressive Utopia.

Spare me
2013-03-20 09:04:24 AM  
The liberal utopia that we can all aspire too!

Yay Obama!
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