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(MassLive)   How long does war keep costing America? The government is still paying benefits for service in the Civil War   ( divider line
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2013-03-19 09:40:05 PM  

socoloco: The gov isn't paying for shiat. We are.

We are the government.
2013-03-19 10:52:34 PM  

OK, check it out, here's the no-shiat way to get the system to work for your buddy.

First and foremost, he needs to make an appointment to be seen IN PERSON at a VA clinic. He's not going to ue his own doctor's records for anything, he needs to go to the appropriate VA facility. And here are the key words he's going to need to use: "service-connected" and "compensation and pension". As in he needs to go to a clinic to be seen for a service-connected injury, for which he is seeking compensation and pension.

While taking that step, he also needs to insure that there will be X-rays taken as part of his appointment. I can't stress that enough- there MUST be a radiology consult if he wants to show that he's missing something.

Finally- and this is slightly less important- the night before he goes, he needs to drink. Not enough that he won't be functional the next day, but some. And it needs to be something very specific: cheap gin. There will be a certain aura about him the next day that will add to his gravitas. And yes, I'm dead serious on that.

If you have any other questions, EIP. In case it's not, it's my name at ultrafark dot com.

He did try that. In the early years after vietnam.  They still classified it as a scar.  Granted, I don't think he specifically got smashed in order to walk in and convince them. He tended to get in drunken brawls.

He's been happily married for several years, and alcohol free.  The only thing he wants is to get a good prosthetic.  The red tape hassle is slowly being waded through.  He just has to wade long enough to find a few more good people to try and help him without suggesting drug or alcohol help
2013-03-20 01:21:29 AM  

Gonz: While taking that step, he also needs to insure that there will be X-rays taken as part of his appointment. I can't stress that enough- there MUST be a radiology consult if he wants to show that he's missing something.

When I was first getting into the VA I had a few items on my list to claim disability on. One of those was my knee I screwed up while in the AF. (I farked it up bad on the track during PT. Went to the hospital and the doc told me to stop by the BX and just buy some aspirin and it will get better. No doc note/exemption, brace, absolutely nothing, and my sergeants forced me to keep running on it since there was no doc note or else I'd get paperwork.  Even though I had excruciating pain and could barely walk on it.) The office the VA sent me to for the initial disability claim had a doc do a general look at my knee. He had me lay back and bend it, checked the reflexes and such but told me if anything it was a degenerative problem that every gets as they age. 8 months later I was service connected for but with 0% compensation... So I entered it back into the system for another claim. A year goes by before I get an appt to see Comp & Pension for me knee. The lady I saw there was wonderful and could immediately tell something was wrong with my knee because of the way I walked, and how shaky my support was just trying to stand on my right leg. She said that she would put in an order for X-rays and give me a call in the evening after she reviewed them. It turns out that the injury gave me a misaligned kneecap and that since the problem was never fixed it is creating wear outside the grooves / gives me pain and swelling the more I use it.

/It's been 6 months since she sent in her recommendation for an increase in compensation
//Still waiting for a reply
2013-03-20 01:44:52 AM  
How long indeed...
2013-03-20 12:12:49 PM  
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