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(Opposing Views)   CNN host Candy Crowley and reporter Poppy Harlow are almost in tears over the "ruined lives" of the two Steubenville, Ohio teen football players who were found guilty of gang-raping a 16-year-old girl   ( ) divider line 659
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2013-03-19 03:13:34 AM  

Popcorn Johnny: I've yet to see any evidence that the two kids convicted were guilty of anything other than being douches. Another kid took the widely distributed photo of the girl being carried around and testimony in court said that the one teen stopped any sexual advances once he realized that the girl was unconscious.

Just so we're clear, the tweets talking about "you are so raped" were not sent by one of these two. One of these two did distribute a nude picture of the girl, so the child porn charge is warranted. Doesn't make him a rapist though.

I'll change my stance if somebody can show the evidence against these two.

From the CNN article  Genevieve Marie linked to;

The teen also told the court Mays later attempted to have the girl perform a sex act on him in the basement of a home, where they ended up after the initial alleged incident in the car.   "She didn't really respond to it," he said

A second witness, 18-year-old Evan Westlake, told the judge he saw Richmond digitally penetrate the girl in the basement of the home where they ended up after the parties.

A third witness, 18-year-old Anthony Craig, testified he saw Richmond digitally penetrate the girl in the basement.
"She wasn't moving. She wasn't talking. She wasn't participating," he told the court. Craig was identified in as a Steubenville High School wrestler and friend of Mays and Richmond.

So we have 3 witnesses, friends of the defendants, testifying that they saw them commit acts that constitute rape under Ohio law,  after the parties where there is photographic evidence and a ton of witness testimony and tweets from third parties that she was incapacitated. You planning to change your stance now as promised, or will you just move the goalposts some more?
2013-03-19 03:24:14 AM  
Oh. And we have the words of the charming Mr. Mays himself:

Some of the messages were between Mays and the alleged victim.

Mays responded that "nothing happened last night," but he told her in the message she performed a sex act on him, Gibb testified.

In some of the messages from Mays, according to Gibb, he writes that he had sex with the girl. In others, he says the girl performed a sex act on him.

One message asked Mays: " Did u do it?"
He responded, according to Gibb: "No, lol. She could barely move."
Still another graphic message from Mays to a friend appeared to detail his anger over being accused of rape.
"I'm pissed all I got was a hand job, though. I should have raped since everyone thinks I did," the message said, according to Gibb.

Face it. These two geniuses barely stopped short of posting notarized pictures of themselves on Facebook with the caption "lol look at us raping this drunk chick." And even if they had Popcorn Johnnyand his posse of rape apologists would still be screaming "There's no evidence! biatchez be liars and whores! Duke Lacrosse! Durrr!"
2013-03-19 03:56:24 AM  

BarkingUnicorn: wickedragon: You're thinking short term. If the U.S. managed to get a recidivism rate equal to the Norwegian prison system the number of prisoners would drop by at least 25% (Recidivism being 20% in Norway and 60% in the U.S) as the first cycle of inmates leaves prison.
This would also mean that crime drops by 25%.
"The Aggregate Burden of Crime" published in 1999 in Journal of Law and Economic pegged the annual cost of crime at 1.7 Trillion dollars, meaning that a 25% drop would save 425 billion dollars annually, before adjusting from 15 years of inflation.
That means that you save every penny by building and running the 10000 Haldens, AND fewer people get their loved ones taken away, get raped or has their car stolen.

I think that would be nice.

Harden opened in 2010; it has contributed nothing to Norway's recidivism rate.

Reducing competition is a good thing for the surviving criminals.

I  can save money by buying a house, but that is not a good thing if I can't afford a down payment or maintenance.  It's a trap.

Norways other prisons isn't exactly much "harder". Bastøy is a holiday camp compared to us prisons, and spending the extra dough to avoid overcrowding and do a little damage control on the lives of the criminals through education (including social education) does seem to be worth it. You don't get as much sweet revenge from it but you do get a safer society.
2013-03-19 04:43:29 AM  
I long for the days when reporters and news programs reported hard news without putting any spin on it or predigesting it for us. They trusted that the viewer was smart enough to sift through the information presented and use it to form their own opinion of things. We also got more news back then. Now each piece has to be fluffed up and waxed and buffed and packaged for sale. News stories that should be thirty seconds long stretch from commercial break to commercial break. Frankly, it's pathetic. There is a time for journalistic fluff. It's Sunday morning. The advent of the 24 hour news channel has killed news. They don't even do news anymore as they're all competing for ratings. They do this by making news into soap operas and by sensationalising every damn farking thing.

Nancy Grace: I farking hate your smug face and the stupid little nicknames you come up with. Also: I don't give a sh*t about your crotchfruit.

Geraldo: Long walk; short pier: take one.

Bill O'Reilly: Can you crawl up Rush Limbaugh's ass? Please try.

Local Action News 5 guys: please rumble with Channel 4. I'm pretty sure I heard they're planning to scoop you on the new mall opening AND the first "Left in the van: Disaster strikes dehydrated at daycare!" story of the summer. Kill those farks!
2013-03-19 06:46:48 AM  

angrycrank: So we have 3 witnesses, friends of the defendants

3 witnesses that were granted immunity. 3 witnesses that others claim were sexually assaulting the girl.
2013-03-19 10:23:11 AM  

Popcorn Johnny: angrycrank: So we have 3 witnesses, friends of the defendants

3 witnesses that were granted immunity. 3 witnesses that others claim were sexually assaulting the girl.

You must really be having fun playing the idiot, but I will play along. The immunity agreement only holds for any acts they have already admitted to. If new information comes out about them regarding their participation or if they lied, then the deal is off and they will be prosecuted. Given the high profile of this case, I have a good feeling their stories are credible, though as you do point out, they may be getting off easy. Your argument does not disprove the case against them.
2013-03-19 12:18:20 PM  
A couple girls wanting pats on the head from the rest of the football team, in exchange for throwing the victim under the bus. There's a term for this shiat:
2013-03-19 12:24:01 PM  
whoops, my last post shoulda gone to the latest Fark thread about Steubenville assholery: ct im/

Ah well, it probably applies to this story as well.
2013-03-19 01:14:44 PM  

Popcorn Johnny: angrycrank: So we have 3 witnesses, friends of the defendants

3 witnesses that were granted immunity. 3 witnesses that others claim were sexually assaulting the girl.

As I predicted - goalpost moving. Evidence that you chose not to believe, even though a judge did, and the defendants' own texts, which you chose to ignore, isn't "no" evidence, as you've been ranting for days across several threads.
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