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(The New Yorker)   Eric Cantor: "What if you're having a conversation with your kids and it turns out they're in favor of raising the capital-gains tax or banning assault rifles? Do what I do: block their calls"   ( divider line
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2013-03-17 10:25:41 PM  
So add a 2 oz spark plug on your line and top it with a 1/16th chunk of Spam? Surely you overestimate their chances.
2013-03-17 10:27:36 PM  
First sign of a cult: Separate your minions away from friends and family who might be inclined to rescue them, then imbue them with a with-us-or-against-us mentality.
2013-03-17 10:40:37 PM  
2013-03-17 10:44:42 PM  
that is just what the puppet masters want. don't talk to your own children, friends, neighbors, co-workers, stay close minded and ignorant. watch TV, sports, stay drunk, be stupid, let those in power do as they please without interference.
2013-03-17 11:12:40 PM  

dababler: Oh goddamn I didn't read the comments, I read the article, and I got smacked in the ass with Poe's law hard.  I literally had no clue this was satire.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was thinking that until he saw it was the Borowitz Report.

Sometimes his satire seems so real it's scary.
2013-03-18 12:03:01 AM  
Hey, they love their kids just like you do. They'll often conveniently backpedal when their daughter needs an abortion or their kid is gay ala Cheney. They aren't monsters, discounting  psychopaths like Bachmann and such or course.
2013-03-18 12:10:23 AM  
Borowitz is painful to read. He isn't highbrow either. I guess both sides suck at comedy.

/So vote Republican
2013-03-18 12:21:38 AM  

Snapper Carr: This is unsurprising since young turtles are rarely cared for by adults once they're hatched.

I hate my Dad.

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2013-03-18 01:03:58 AM  

Darth_Lukecash: We need a satire tag, even if the satire isn't that funny.

We have one, but what we really need is a Poe's Law tag.
2013-03-18 01:17:25 AM  
The New Yorker should drop the Borowitz Report. It is not funny and it just makes them look foolish.

And Fark Mods should stop greenlighting them. Bleh.
2013-03-18 01:22:56 AM  

pxsteel: I would say that we just raised the capital gains tax 2 1/2 months ago, those one the left want you to forget about that.  And assault rifles are banned for all except a very few with a special license.  If you are talking about daddy's M4, it is not an assault rifle, I know it may look scary to some, but in reality, it is no different than daddy's Glock and is far less deadly than my 357Mag revolver.  Some people are trying to distort the truth to get their way, but I know you are smarter than that.

Now THAT'S satire.
2013-03-18 02:26:21 AM  

MyEnamine:  I guess both sides suck at comedy.

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2013-03-18 04:33:54 AM  

Wolf_Blitzer: powhound: JesusJuice: Darth_Lukecash: We need a satire tag, even if the satire isn't that funny.

It's not satire...  it's in The New Yorker, they don't do satire.

Is that satire? I can't tell by the tone of your voice.

Satire ought to be banned with regards to the GOP. Who the hell can really tell the difference?

The Borowitz Report is, and always has been satire. You can't accuse him of being an Onion knock-off either, they both started at about the same time.

Topical satire has been around quite a bit longer than either of them.

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2013-03-18 08:41:35 AM  

quatchi: Curious: quatchi: "Fortunately, none of my children want to talk to me."

[ilol'd.jpg] + [ohyou.jpg]

it certainly is believable.

Which makes it funneh!

coco ebert: That was pretty funny for a Borowitz piece.

Agreed. He'shiat and miss for me mostly and that was a definite hit.

+1 Filter!
2013-03-18 09:06:22 AM  

JesusJuice: Darth_Lukecash: We need a satire tag, even if the satire isn't that funny.

It's not satire...  it's in The New Yorker, they don't do satire.

I double-checked that it wasn't the Onion.
Poe's Law in full strenght.
As a lefty, I should be cheering, but this is a bit too sad
"Fortunately, none of my children want to talk to me."
2013-03-18 12:14:20 PM  
If you're incapable of understanding how your actions or policies affect others, and only understand the difficulty and pain that your actions and policies cause when they impact you personally, that doesn't make you a better person, it makes you a psychopath.
2013-03-18 01:11:53 PM  
add me to the list of those who didn't think it was satire
2013-03-19 12:46:15 PM  
Ugh well there goes the argument that conservative humor is automatically bad. That was exhibit A on why pretensous liberal db humor can be just as forced and humorless.

/ go read an Onion lamewad
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