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(Uproxx)   Five more beloved nerd series that could be on their way to crowdfund movies   ( divider line
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2013-03-14 06:02:38 PM  
This NEEDS to be funded :

i291.photobucket.comView Full Size

Star Wars Anime (clicky pops)
2013-03-14 06:09:25 PM  

Dingleberry Dickwad: Flint Ironstag: Gunny Walker: Flint Ironstag: chewy milk: Bring back terminator: sarah conner chronicles!

This. I so want to see what happened next, with John a nobody, Cameron missing her brain, Alison alive, Weaver on John's side and Sarah trapped in the past.

Don't forget both of the Reese boys still alive.

And John Henry running around doing whatever the hell he was doing, with Cameron's brain. And my pet theory was the new leader of the resistance will be Weavers daughter, now grown up, who remembers past events and has had Weavers company and tech to play with.

Honestly I'd rather they retcon the slapped on ending with John ending up in the future with John Henry and Weaver. They were already going in an interesting direction with John Henry and everything else going on.

IIRC that ending wasn't a thrown together one because they knew they had been cancelled, I think they actually had a plan for the following season.

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Movie. Now,
2013-03-14 06:13:29 PM  

enry: This. I watched the first episode of The Cape and gave up on it.

SMarter man than me, I gave it two.
2013-03-14 06:24:57 PM  

Stile4aly: devine: What is built endures and what is loved endures. And Babylon 5? Babylon 5 endures.

/It's the fragging 20th anniversary. DO SOMETHING WITH IT, WARNER BROTHERS!

While I was a big fan of B5, I think it would be best to let that one sleep.

Oh, and it is the 21'st century.

At the very least, they could redo the CGI for the DVDs and release Blu Rays.

I'd rebuy the whole thing in BluRay if they actually did this.

/of course, then I'd have to buy a BluRay player....
//excuse to finally buy PS3
2013-03-14 06:33:57 PM  

big pig peaches: big pig peaches: How does kickstarter work? If the movie goes on to make a profit, does everyone who contributed get a return?

Nevermind, just read TFA.

Please donate to a worthy charity instead.

At the end of the year the new crowdfunding exemptions will be released by the SEC. Startups will be able to raise up to $1mm through crowdfunding. THEN you'll be able to make a return. Not till then however.

/my startup Patch of Land is crowdfunding real estate when the regs are released.
2013-03-14 06:50:29 PM  
Kickstarter can eat a cock
2013-03-14 06:53:05 PM  

Thanks for the Meme-ries: This NEEDS to be funded :

[ image 800x451]

Star Wars Anime (clicky pops)

That shading appears to always have exactly five tones... Otaking's behind this isn't h- yep.
2013-03-14 07:21:35 PM  

My_Other_Handle_Is_Taken: [ image 600x261]


i.ytimg.comView Full Size

That hashtag is Abed's response when Jeff tells him that The Cape won't last...

//List fails without Chuck
2013-03-14 07:56:54 PM  
I would empty my bank account for a Defying Gravity wrap up.  That would mean I would have to skip pizza and beer this weekend (oh who am I kidding.  I can only afford one or the other) but it would be worth it.
2013-03-14 08:44:56 PM  
cdn.uproxx.comView Full Size
(Complete reboot, or just do Animal Man instead) Full Size

(Movie could catch up with Brisco later in life. New adventures in the early 1900s, maybe?)

2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

(The suit was buried when Hinkley/Hanley got old. It gets passed on to someone else after he dies.)

cdn3.sbnation.comView Full Size

(Restart on the world where Arturo was stranded. He finds that world's Quinn, they begin anew.)
2013-03-14 08:57:16 PM  

ZeroCorpse: [ image 299x390]'
(Complete reboot, or just do Animal Man instead)

Speaking that era, you know what else could use a reboot?
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

If they went for it right now, they could ride Tron 2.0's tiny little coattails.
2013-03-14 09:25:05 PM  
Although a Freaks & Geeks movie reunion would be interesting... I am semi-surprised that Cougar Town hasn't had an episode where Laurie goes to her H.S. reunion and everyone there seems very "familiar".

/Especially since they already did the mini "Scrubs" reunion on the show
// maybe they have and Franco, Siegel and Rogen think they are too big now to do that.
2013-03-14 09:25:44 PM  

dletter: // maybe they have and Franco, Siegel and Rogen think they are too big now to do that.

Meant to say "maybe they have thought about it..."
2013-03-14 09:56:50 PM  

deadspace: please please please bring back Better Off Ted

BoT is the only one on there I would care about.

A Terrible Human: Still waiting on a Transmetropolitan movie.

Here's some interesting casting possibilities.


Sam Rockwell as Spider? That could work.

Maybe Christina Ricci as Yelena?
2013-03-14 10:08:47 PM  

Dixon Cider: Let them fund their own movies!

Right, because look how well that's been working out.
2013-03-14 11:47:36 PM  

A Terrible Human: Still waiting on a Transmetropolitan movie.

Here we go. My vote for the Filthy Assistants.

i46.tinypic.comView Full Size
2013-03-15 12:05:20 AM  

ModernLuddite: I've seen this before.

1) Get investors on board.
2) Make cheapest movie possible.
3) Profit.
4) Profits outweigh crappiness or hatred of movie.

It's the Uwe Boll School of Creative Arts strategy.

Except the "investors" in this case make absolutely nothing.

Kickstarter donations are NOT investors.  No one in their right mind thinks of them as investors.  In regards to entertainment media specifically, if a kickstarter gets made, it's probably for a property that will absolutely, never, ever, happen otherwise.  So it's equivilant to all those 'I would totally go see it, please make it' petitions except people put their money where there e-signature is if it reaches it's goal, and if it does SOMETHING actually happens other than the VP of communications chuckling as he tosses the petition in the petition bin.  Also, Uwe Boll's films got investors BECAUSE it would be a loss and a tax write off for them, and then any kick back from walmart 5 dollar bin DVDs would be pure profit.

So, yes, it's like you said.  Except completely different.
2013-03-15 12:21:16 AM  

SpankyPinkbottom: I would debase myself in unspeakable ways for movie versions of  Better off Ted and Pushing Daisies. I still harbor bitter resentments about how those shows were treated by clueless execs.

deadspace: Better Off Ted

So BoT and PD were particular favourites of mine.  I have a buddy at work who has just discovered BoT on the 'Flix and he's been heckling me with quotes ever since.

If there could be another method of getting more episodes for these I would be all for it.
2013-03-15 12:45:26 AM  
2013-03-15 07:19:42 AM  
You know what's deserving of a crowdfunded show?  The last episode of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.  Hell, they even have the voices recorded doing a "Radio Show" of the last script, they literally just need artists to draw up the cartoon to go with it.
2013-03-15 07:26:15 AM  
Or we could just be crazy and do it like this episode of Portlandia....
2013-03-15 01:21:14 PM  

LowbrowDeluxe: Kickstarter donations are NOT investors.  No one in their right mind thinks of them as investors.  In regards to entertainment media specifically, if a kickstarter gets made, it's probably for a property that will absolutely, never, ever, happen otherwise.

Or which no major investors can imagine has support, or fit outside their way of thinking.

For instance, the Lohan movie. She's too high risk for studios, but Kickstarter can get that sort of money. People will throw $20 at a project, in the way that a studio won't throw $500K at it. If it gets burnt, so what?
2013-03-15 05:27:13 PM  
Xena Warrior Princess
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