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(CBS Chicago)   Dennis Rodman visits another totalitarian regime infamous for destroying lives   ( divider line
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2013-03-14 10:10:29 AM  
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Arumat: Taylor Mental: Rodman is a washed up old athlete trying to earn a living. In that respect he's still a success. I wouldn't call him shameless unless you expect him to just collect food stamps and welfare so nobody has to hear about him anymore.

No, I'd be fine with him keeping himself employed in the media in some form, or working as a basketball coach or something along those lines.  What bothers me is his buddying up with the dictator of a country with a long history of human rights abuses, and now whoring himself for a gambling outfit running bets on who would be the next pope.  According to a few sources at least, he didn't even know the name of the guy he was supposedly there to cheer for.  I didn't think it was possible, but I'd say he's actually sunk lower than a Kardashian because he actually has marketable skills and has chosen this route instead.

Perhaps your mistake is taking Rodman and Kim Jong-un too serious? Oh, I know some people don't get that world leaders often put out propaganda that's meant for internal consumption while knowing full well nobody else gives it a second thought. Personally, I'm more concerned with the statements of former US government officials like Josh Bolton, Dick Cheney and the rest of the Chicken Hawks, who think it's really a good idea to get us involved in protracted military conflicts and quagmires than what some stupid basketball star thinks.

But that's just me.
2013-03-14 09:32:45 AM  
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Arumat: From what I've seen he's been utterly shameless pretty much his entire life.  Can't really pretend I'm shocked by his behavior at this point.  I think it would be hilarious if his shenanigans in NK got him put on a watch list and he got detained next time he tried to come into the U.S.

Not really. The guy was a wall flower and a Momma's Boy as a kid. His two older sisters were collegiate basketball stars, and he was ridiculed in their circles when he tagged along as younger siblings do. He was only 5' 6" until hitting his growth spurt at 19 or 20 years old when he blossomed to 6' 7". He had absolutely no basketball skills and flunked out miserably the only time he went to college. But he had a work ethic and got picked up by the Pistons.

At the end of his stint with Detroit he decided that his basic problem was that he was too introverted and shy and vowed to change that personal characteristic. When he got traded to the Spurs he started all his bizarre antics, like dying his hair and getting facial piercings for each new game. None of which would be given a second thought today. He also dated Madonna for a couple months. Something that really messed with the Spur's front office image of wholesomeness. But then he head-butted another player or referee (can't remember which, or was it both?) and kicked a court-side cameraman among other things that made him look worse than just a Bad Boy.

In the end he had an NBA career that included being instrumental in winning more consecutive titles than any other team, as well as setting defensive records that have still not been surpassed to this day. He's had a few legal problems with domestic violence and DUIs, but he's certainly not the violent psychopathic criminal many other, far more privileged, professional athletes have been.

Rodman is a washed up old athlete trying to earn a living. In that respect he's still a success. I wouldn't call him shameless unless you expect him to just collect food stamps and welfare so nobody has to hear about him anymore.

/old Spurs fan who hated rodman then
//got old and mellowed out
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