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(CBS Chicago)   Is Wisconsin known for cheese or sleaze? A dealer is in hot water after selling a $42,000 SUV to a blind, dying, 90-year-old man on morphine in hospice   ( divider line
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2013-03-14 07:53:28 PM  

sloshed_again: I've dealt with Palmen many times. They are not out to rip you off.

Dude was a sleaze trying for a truck for free

I politely disagree.  Palmen will do anything for a filthy dollar.   The only one worse was LeMay.

But yes, the main culprit was the worthless excuse for a son who decided to scam his parents.
2013-03-14 09:59:32 PM  
This.  I sold Chryslers very briefly after leaving the Air Force, and finally quit after I was told to repo a car from a 71 year old lady in the hospital - she had never missed a payment, as it turned out, but our finance manager was skimming from cash down payments and it turned out that due to a paperwork screwup on his part, she never should have gotten the car in the first place and he was afraid that outside attention would expose him.  (It did, soon after) Right after this, when Daimler bought Chrysler, the Germans sent their own auditors to every dealership, not some good old boy the owner could bribe/intimidate.  They took the a**hole owner aside and told him, "We want to see your real books, not the ones you show everyone else."

/Cost him almost $2.5 million to keep his franchise
//He wasn't the only one
2013-03-15 12:28:07 AM  

EvilEgg: irgunner: I don't find the car salesman morally wrong of anything. The brother is the sleaze who is taking advantage of dying old people and the banks are morons for approving loans their customers can't logically pay off before death. The salesman has to feed his family, too -- and if some young guy comes in and says he wants a $42k SUV and that his parents are gonna sign for him -- that deal is getting done. Is it the salesman responsibility to be a family councilor and look for red flags other than legal ones? Fark off, everyone wants to blame salespeople for their horrible judgement. Like they extort people.

/former salesman
//current government employee

I agree the salesman was blameless. If he refused, you would hear shouts about freedom and such things. He doesn't know the family history, he isn't a councillor, he sells cars.

Ditto.  And when the dealer was made aware of the situation, he made the family whole.  Basically, he bought a used car for the price of a new one.

Wish we had a pic of the slimy brother; I bet I'd recognize him from "The People's Court" or "Judge Judy."
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